Saul on Archangel Michael: Source on Source

Saul's Channel, John Smallman

Last week we heard Archangel Michael comment on Saul. This week we hear Saul comment on Archangel Michael. What an interesting development!

Sources very seldom mention each other so the following note from John Smallman is  what spiritualists call “evidential.” “Evidential” means providing evidence that supports the veracity of something.

John asked Saul to comment on the interchange between Archangel Michael and I on Saul’s recent discussion of the time of clearing.  Some people have disputed whether I’m actually speaking to AAM. You can see that Saul accepts the source implicitly. That’s reassuring to me. I’m always open to evidence.

It’s also interesting to learn that channels and sources chat with each other about events.

Moreover Saul explains why many sources use different words to discuss the same subject, something I’ve wondered about, and tells us that they are nonetheless in agreement.

My thanks to John for sending the exchange along. I foresee a time in the future when Saul, SaLuSa, Wanderer, Sanat Kumara, and AAM all address us together.  If we could tolerate the light-filled emanations from such a gathering, what a celebration that will be!

Hi Steve,

I found your conversation with AAM when you asked about Saul very interesting, and I mentioned it when I spoke to Saul yesterday. Below is the pertinent part of my chat with him FYI.


Good evening dear Saul.

It was interesting to see the brief interchange today between Steve Beckow and AAM where they discussed your message about people’s issues coming up for release. Anyway I am ready for some more dictation, please proceed.

Good evening John.

Needless to say in the spiritual realms we are all basically on the same page because, being constantly aware of our oneness with God and with each other, there is and can only be one Will, God’s, and naturally ours cannot be different or separate from that.

However, we do not use identical text (although we could) when addressing you, our dear friends in physicality, because you have so many differing perceptions and points of view due to your varied ethnic, cultural, national, philosophical, political, scientific, and religious backgrounds.

You imagine yourselves as separate and different from one another, and for us to get through to you and have you resonate with the messages or guidance that we offer we have to take account of that.

Consequently our messages, while often appearing different in form, are very similar in substance — our aim is to help you, not to confuse you.

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