I Give Up. Can’t Wait for the End of the Ice Age

I give up. I can’t wait any longer to ascend or transform or shift or whatever.

Can’t fit into someone else’s schedule or agenda, even a divine agenda. Have to do it now.

This is such a rich learning time. I may not have ascended, at least not this time around, but there’s a part of me that’s busting out to behave that way even if I haven’t crossed the bridge yet. Who cares if I look silly?

Everywhere I look are people, and teams of people, awakening, taking their places, doing what they came to do.  Communications are straightening out, things are getting done. In an almost unconscious way, as if someone were ironing out the wrinkles, things are working and ways of being that confused us since forever are dropping away.

And it’s all so natural. And it’s all so loving, empowering and ennobling.

It isn’t like it’s all happening as a result of something. It’s all just happening.

Not like someone tapped her stick on the conductor’s lectern. The orchestra just started playing.

In the last twenty-four hours, for instance, I’ve watched other people work their magic and take a convoluted situation and provide a clear space and voila! The truth emerges, the maze is navigated, age-old knots are removed and the whole shooting match is allowed to get underway and go forward.

And life itself these days has that quality. It isn’t something I can quantify or easily describe, but it’s a lived reality and I know it is.

Anyways, far be it from me to try to figure it out. It’s just a pleasure to be living it. It’s all working despite our best efforts to gum up the works for so many years. The need for drama, conflict, complexity, self-aggrandizement and all the other old ways of doing things is just melting away. The good side of global warming.  The end of the Ice Age. The faintest whispers of the Golden Age.


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