AAM to the Bridge Fund Team

Depiction of Archangel Michael

I had a reading with Archangel Michael yesterday and will be publishing his comments on Saul’s advice regarding this time of clearing in a following article. But here I’d like to post that portion of his comments about the Bridge Fund that can be shared publicly:

Steve:  Can you give me an update on the Bridge Fund please?

Archangel Michael: The human obstacles that we discussed when last we spoke, of greed and fear of letting go, of breaking through have just about been taken care of so you would have that money very, very shortly. Yes, there was a bureaucratic transfer in your realm that needed to take place.  …

[He gives more details of timing – not prudent to post.]

S: Ok, well, that is very helpful. Any last word to the members of the Bridge Fund team?

AAM: Put on your running shoes. Spread your wings. Get ready to fly. You have been tasked with, and you have built the task of, spreading goodwill, of being the errand people for hope, of assisting those in need in a way that truly has not been done on Earth in a very long time.

Do not underestimate your role. Yes, keep your head down and your eyes up. No, it is not that you are in danger. You are mightily protected. All of you are. But it is a time to be prudent and vigilant and to be very clear, acting as checks and balances, acting as encouragement, acting as the voice of reason. You are an excellent team.

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