Reading List on Vasanas? You Bet!

In light of the articles on my shadow side, Terry just asked if there were any articles on the site on vasanas (our automatic, archaic reaction patterns). Wrong question to ask!

Yes, there are dozens. Let me just list them here. These articles can all be found in the righthand column.

Vasanas are needle scratches on the mind. They are our aggressive, angry, violent and hateful ways of responding to attack, invalidation, etc.  They are the parts of ourselves that only an ascended master could love.

Getting rid of our vasanas is the same as completing our unfinished business, emerging from what holds us back from Ascension, calming down, becoming present, etc. So, yes, completing our vasanas is a very useful activity as we approach Ascension.

Become your local expert on vasanas and save the human race a great deal of sorrow and grief! Applications accepted.

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