Jesus’s Christmas Message, Dec. 17, 2011 – Part 1/2

Shaunie L. has transcribed Jesus’s Christmas Message through Linda Dillon. What I want to do here is simply to excerpt from it those passages most relevant to Ascension and related events. The whole of the message can be found here: here.

This is an excerpt of Part 1 of that message. Shaunie will be sending me the rest of the transcript later. In Part 2, Jesus actually recreates what it will be like to ascend so hold onto your hats for that one – or listen to the mp3 version, below. Thank you, Shaunie.

Jesus’s Christmas Message through Linda Dillon

Saturday, December 17, 2011

(Part 01 of 02)

I am Jesus/Sananda… Brother of your Heart and Brother of your Soul… Brother of your Journey. And I welcome you. I welcome all of you upon this beloved planet. I welcome you to this time of unity, of connectedness and balance. I welcome you Home. I welcome you Home not only to the 5th Dimension, but the 7th if you choose. I welcome you Home to my Heart.

I wish to tell you and to speak to your Hearts… about this up coming year. And I can hear you saying to me, “Lord, please? What ever you do, do not tell us that this chaos and turmoil will continue.” Shall I remain silent? Shall I not tell you the Truth? That is not possible for me. So let me speak to you.

My beloved friends, this is it. This is the time… when our beloved sweet Gaia… ascends on her journey Homeward. She spirals up into the Heart of One… then down… into the 5th Dimension. Which is exactly what we will do with you today. It is miraculous… and it is also the fulfillment of the promise made between us… particularly the Mother, the Divine Feminine… when Gaia volunteered to do this.

It is her Sacred Journey, and for millions and millions and millions of years she has nurtured you. She has held you. She has taken care of you, even when there were times when she shrugged or adjusted. But with the work of all of you… and yes, us, the work of your Star Brothers and Sisters… and planetary assistance which you have never thought of. For there are other planets, also sentient Beings… that are assisting Gaia in this undertaking, you know?

But she wants you to be with her in this Sacred Journey, in this journey of Oneness of Love. And when I say you? I mean all of you, the trees, the water, the mountains, the air, the oceans, the snakes, the spiders… and each of you, my beloved friends. She invites you to come along.

And each of you before you came to this planet, entering this reincarnation have said, “Yes, I wish to do this. I have waited so darn long for the return of Love, for the fulfillment of the Plan on Earth… I am going, nothing will stop me.” And you have turned to me, and you have pledged… and you have said to me, “Yeshua, this time we will complete the Journey Of Love. We will anchor this Journey within our Hearts and when the time is right and the activation occurs, we will be ready.” And you are. You are more than ready my Beloved Ones. And although you do not see me yet… (although some of you do) in form, I am with you… as is the Archangels, my Blessed Mother, Yahweh, the Company Of Heaven, the Legions Of Light. We are in this together.

So you say to me, ”Yeshua, Jesus/Sananda, what does this look like? What does this unfoldment look like?” So I speak to you in global terms, and as I do so I also embed within your Heart what your individual journey looks like.

There will continue to be what looks like elimination or dislocation of some of the institutions, practices, environments, ways of doing business that are not of Love. This has not changed… this has not changed. There is a place for commerce, for the exchange of what you create and trade. That is not a problem. There is a place for those who wish to engage in politics, but is politics that are based on the 13 Blessings and Virtues. It is societies that are based fundamentally on Love, that do not include the paradigms of old earth, of greed, lust… ah, we do not even want to talk about it. So that will be fading away, but at the same time things will be coming on. The new is already emerging. You see it all around you.

Sometimes you go like this and are afraid to look and afraid to hope… just in case it isn’t real. Because you do not want to be duped or disappointed again. Turn and face it, because this is your time and your creation with Gaia, with Us. The Light grows.

The energy that you hold, your Crystalline Body, all of this is coming online. It is all well, well underway. New institutions, new understandings of what this means will also emerge and that is important.

You do not arrive in the 5th Dimension as if you are going to a resort, a Club Med or a Club Galilee. It is not all service, but it will feel that way because the ability to create, to manifest, to build what you wish to build is simple because the illusions and the density of the 3rd Dimension is gone. It is already over. Some cling to it, but that does not matter because they are clinging to an illusion that is disintegrating even as they do so.

And so, the mantra for this year is to let it go and to embrace the Wholeness of your Being, to embrace the Wholeness of your Community. And Dear Hearts, your community is the human collective and everything else that is upon the Earth. It is not simply where you live, the star technology has taken care of that. But it is necessary during this time of transition… that you also make peace with the 3rd Dimension. And you say, “Well, what do you mean? How do I do that?” And you do it by Blessing everything you have known in that reality.

It is not that physicality or the experience of physicality disappears, but what you have thought of as the 3rd Dimension as duality/polarity. All of that is gone. It simply will not exist. But if you really wish to continue in that struggle, then we will take you else where. You will not be harmed or die, but you will taken else where.

Our Plan, our Request, our Mother’s Plan is to invite you all… each and every one of you on this Journey, on this adventure. Because Dear Hearts, it is exciting, it is playful, and it is fun. It isn’t drudgery. It isn’t something you are working at! Remember, when have sat together and laughed and played and broken bread… and created bread.

That is what this Journey is about. So we invite you. Do not attach and do not judge.

For we know the trouble that can cause! So do not judge what you see dissolving, disintegrating. And what ever you do, do not judge your fellow human beings. For each and every one of them are Bright Angels on a mission.

This is a time of Co-Creation like never before. We have done a great deal of Co-Creation, as have your Star Brothers and Sisters. But it has always been in the reality that you were occupying. But the rules change as you shift dimensions. Now one of the wonderous qualities of the 5th Dimension is the ability to manage change, to bring forth change. And your societies, your planet is so ready. You have seen the forerunners of this.

There is resistance in some sectors. Do not judge them. The key to this is to send them Love. Send them Michael’s Blue Flame Of Truth. Send them my Sacred Heart. Send them the Magenta. Send them the Blue Diamond Of The Mother. But send them and Bless them and help them to understand… the world has changed. And it has changed for the better.

Before I go into this meditation of my Sacred Heart, my Christmas gift to you… I wish you to know how much I Love you. You have not only persevered, you have not only hung on, but you’ve had Faith and Hope… and you have lived this… even in what you felt were the darkest nights. I honor you, I respect you… and please… come walk with me.

(End of Part 01)

Transcribed by Shaunie L with Joy and Blessings to you All for a Merry Christmas (Christ Mass) and a Transcendent 2012 New Year!



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