Jesus’s Christmas Message, Dec. 17, 2011 – Part 2/2

In the second part of his Christmas Message, Jesus discusses many aspects of Ascension and dimensionality. Towards the end he walks us through an Ascension meditation.

Notice the the triple flame curling into one. Sanat Kumara took me and three others through this meditation as well and I greatly benefitted by it (Shaunie says she did too). Definitely a very valuable message.

Deepest thanks to Eliza for transcribing it for us. I know we’ve posted a lot today but I wanted to get this up before tonight’s radio show with Jesus.

Jesus’s Christmas Message through Linda Dillon

Saturday, December 17, 2011

(Part 02 of 02)

So many of you have been asking me, Yeshua, what is going on, how do I ascend? What is the mechanism? What is the lift off ? Why do I not feel differently? How come it didn’t happen? How come it did? Cause you are not hearing from those who have left. Well, those who have left earlier without us.

My friends it makes me laugh, not at your expense, but it reminds me so many times you would say “How are we going to do this? How did you do that?” And I would turn to you and say I didn’t really do anything. I used the Mother/Father’s love and it seemed to work! Why don’t you try it ! Because you will do this and more. Far more.

Before we begin this, I wish to share with you a vision that I have been sharing with this Channel, because I think it will help you understand, and I want you to understand. Yes, you can go on faith, but your conscious, your unconscious, your ego, your personalities want to know. I get it.

I want you to think… I’ll go back a little bit…

The reality that has been open, always open, before human experience, is twelve dimensions, and within that, twelve steps for lack of a better word. Yes, you are in a twelve step program, that is correct [laugh] and that is why sometimes you have confusion with people talking about multiple dimensions.

So think of this, only for purposes of demonstration, as a tower or a spiral. So within the 1st, the 2nd , the 3rd, the 4th , there are twelve layers – that is where the 144 that is keeping you up at night comes from.. So, think of it this way. Think of Gaia as a small globe, & on this spiral of many layers she has been anchored, heart anchored, moored, to the 3rd dimension.

And initially she was moored quite high in the 3rd dimension but as the darkness fell that sank, but this globe is very big. Now this is for you visually to understand. So it has occupied, although she is anchored in the 3rd , the top of her has often been in the 4th , some of her what you would think of as the bottom of the globe, has touched the 2nd and sometimes the 1st .

Do not forget my beloved ones that the 1st is the dimension of ideas — no form. It is a wonderful, wonderful place to be. But it is without form. So that is why even within the 3rd dimension you have had experiences of magic, of alchemy, of seeing the Fairies – all the time, the Elves, the other Kingdoms, the Elementals.

Now Gaia, for years now, has been working her way up that spiral. Do you understand? So now, because you asked me these questions, what do you mean we’re 3rd,, 5th , 7th, , 9th, 11th,, 12th,, 13th octave, you ask me all the time ! [laughter] So this is the answer, she is rising up, she is spinning up the spiral, and she is anchoring or about to anchor, because let us face it, a year is a very, very short period of time.

We have been friends for over two thousand years. One year is nothing. So she is going up and she is going to anchor her heart in the 5th, but as she has spun she has also grown. Just like you have expanded, so has she and her field.

So now, her heart, is and will be anchored in the 5th , but she is huge so she still stretches to the 7th dimension and above, touching the 8th. And the bottom, certainly incorporating the 3rd so that you can have an experience of physicality, and brushing the 1st, the place of ideas. And that will shift because you are going to find different ways of co-creation.

The rules of the 3rd dimension do not apply in the higher or different dimensions. So you will be having inspiration directly from each other, from yourself, from your higher self, from us, from the Universe, from your star brothers and sisters; but the “boat” is moored in a higher realm.

Now, having given you that explanation, I also want to contradict myself, [humorous tone] and you say, well, Lord, you are always doing that ! First you tell us one thing, then you tell us another. Which is it? Well it is both, because we do not think of the dimensions necessarily as a hierarchy. So we are using the tower/spiral as a visual, but it is not an ego arrangement.

So many of the Star Seeds, in fact, 99% of the Star Seeds, come from the 9th dimension, now they are in the 3rd . They are going to the 7th, maybe the 5th, exhibiting, manifesting in the 3rd; but really living in the 5th, because they want to stay and to be really close to the heart of Gaia. They basically want to be on Earth. You want to see the fulfillment, the return of the plan of being in physical form, and knowing love and joy.

Alright. Now some of you have begun this transcendence with Gaia on October 28th [2011] and you know it “took” because you’ve been sitting and chatting with me and the Universal Mother, Kuthumi, Maitreya. And we’re glad to have you! Some of you have come on the recent 11/11 [2011]. Some of you have come and are coming on 12 /12 [2011]. But I suggest to you that this is a great day to travel with me! If there is no food I will feed you. If there is no water I will quench your thirst. If you are cold I will warm you. I will take care of you.

Now when you come with me this day, and I mean when I say “you come with me” I mean with all of us. For the airwaves, your house, her house, is filled. So you come with us to anchor in the 5th. It is a process – yes. Think of it as moving house. Gaia does. And think of it as moving house and leaving where you live right now in the 3rd dimension, exactly as is.

You’ve won the lottery, and you are going to another home & it will be perfectly furnished with everything you want & need. And then from time to time, you will be bi-located is the best explanation I can offer. Reaching down into the 3rd dimension, most of you, to do your work of preparing others for this glorious event. For this gift. Gaia’s invited you to her ascension. That is a gift beyond. Yes it is the Mother’s Plan, but it is a tremendous gift.

When I ascended, I ascended home. Yes, I took form, so that people would understand. I was not dead in the ground. I did not die. But this is not about dying. This is about living.

In a beautiful new reality, where you will create Nova Earth, because you are Nova Beings. Where the Cities of Light will emerge. Where your Star brothers and Star sisters will walk with you and there will be peace & harmony. Equality and freedom. So you can go back to the 3rd to help your friends out, to invite them to come along with you having made peace with the 3rd, but you will live in the 5th, and that is why as you adjust to this you may feel a little dissociative, a little schizophrenic ! But dear heart, you have occupied the universe You can do this.

So. If you are ready, I would like to begin. Close your eyes, and go in to that heart of yours, and feel that beautiful Tri-Flame burning brightly. Deeper. And breathe Pink, breathe the pink diamond of your wholeness. Deeper. And you are taking my hand, or the hand of your most beloved Master, your favorite Archangel, your favorite Guide, or maybe it is someone who has passed on to this side. Take the hand of the one you love and come with me as we journey across the starlit sky, looking at the Aurora Borealis, the Northern Lights. Further & further away, unto you feel just the essence of being with us, and the brightness of your Tri-Flame.

You do not do this journey alone, it is a group undertaking. So as you travel, if there are those you wish to come with you, your partner, your daughter, your son, your mother, your father, your best friend. Barack Obama? You choose. Call to them to join you in this journey of oneness and see them arrive right now, next to you, holding your hand. There’s room! Take their hands, and if it is a long chain even better; and yes that includes your four leggeds as well. You would never travel without your friends.

You are at the foot of a golden spiral. Yes, located somewhere throughout the universe, in this beautiful midnight sky and it is the spiral of Archangel Gabriel, it is the spiral of the 13th octave, it is the spiral of dimensions & inter-dimensions. It is the spiral that takes you home. And you stand there, in wonder. Are you ready my friends? Take my hand, and let us begin, to travel up this spiral, right thru the center, flying free, faster, faster. Hear the angelic hosts. Hear the hosannas, the hallelujahs.

Let go. Let go. Look at your wings. You are soaring, higher & faster. Let it go. All the chords that have connected you to old earth fall away, there is nothing holding you back. Higher. Keep going. Through the Central Sun, into the blinding white light, into the heart of One. Into the heart of One. Mother/Father/You, as One. And feel that love & wholeness, and that knowing of divine perfection that you are.

Now feel yourself drifting down the golden spiral, as if you are a piece of white feather down and you are just drifting gently down, down thru the 12th , down thru the 11th , the 10th , the 9th , down gently, gently, softly, smoothly. Feel the qualities of the Masters, the 11th – the creation. The 8th – the love, the Christ Consciousness. Now you are at the 5th, and you are stopping, and there sits Gaia, your stem connected still to her, and she is pulling you towards her, to your new home. And simply allow, all you need to do is allow, allow yourself to be here for the rest of your life. Here, at home in the 5th dimension. Free to travel to the 7th, the 6th. Free to travel to the 3rd to help out, but anchored with Gaia, with I, with your beloved Yeshua, here in the 5th.

It is done. Allow yourself time to adjust. I will help you. Gaia will help you. Stay firmly anchored to her. This is the fulfillment of our dream. Of our journey. No not the completion, for there are lots of adventures that lie ahead. But I will be there with you waiting, guiding, laughing, playing. I am with you my beloved ones. I love you deeper than any ocean. Any sky. Any universe. You are held so dear. So allow me to help you with this period of adjustment. Turn to me. Turn to your Masters. Turn to all of us. We are with you. Go in peace. Farewell.

Linda Dillon: Whoooo! When you’re ready, just allow yourself to drift into your body. You may well feel a little spacey; this is not the time to get in your car & go somewhere. Take the time to let the energy & these gifts really anchor within you. You may feel that you’re kinda living in two places for awhile, and you are, and that’s the good news!

I’d love to hear how this went for you. I’d love to hear the miracles that we can share together. So you can always send me messages on the Council of Love website.

OK. And Jesus is reminding me that he will be on blogtalk radio, at 9pm [est] on Monday night [sic 12.19.11]. So tune in.

I love you and Merry Christmas.

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