As For Me and My House

I find myself in a difficult position at the moment and it always helps to communicate so here I go.

There’s a lot that’s happening right now that’s heart-breaking. The Hope Chest has paid the rents for several people or couples who stood in danger of being evicted. It has helped people to put food on the table and pay for utilities and propane that was running out.

I have Ellie’s permission to tell you that she’s feeding five mouths (1) on a social-security cheque, after being knocked for a loop to pay for a hospital visit.  (I especially regret this because hospital visits are free in Canada. But then “universal medicare” such as we have here is a socialist plot to rob the rich and shore up the undeserving poor, isn’t it?).  I’ve sent her money personally. Others are and the Hope Chest just did.

Alex Collier who inspired so many of us years ago is living in a pup tent in the middle of winter – and he ain’t occupying anything. He also has his family to support.  I receive email and other messages constantly detailing the dire position that people are in. It’s all just plain heartbreaking. I’m in tears as I write this.

There’s a lot that’s also happening that’s challenging. People are at different places with all kinds of events that are (or perhaps “aren’t” would be a better word) happening right now. Disclosure, NESARA. Ascension – so many people seem agitated and are voicing grievances against the Company of Light. And the Company of Light, in the shape of Wanderer of the Skies, just pushed back this week. It’s all so saddening.

I find myself in disagreement with some lightworkers. I think we swallow a lot of Illuminati propaganda and the bilge they publish about President Obama is a really obvious example of that. I personally believe that if we see a lie repeated often enough we allow it to affect us and determine our outlook.  I’ve called this the “lightworker lemming” syndrome.  We often operate as a herd and often without a great deal of judgment. And then we get annoyed when others don’t join us in condemning what we’re attacking.

We can also be fairly judgmental and call it “lightwork.”  There is a brand of “lightwork” that consists of simply name-calling. I remember leaving an anti-neocon discussion group because it was largely that. The members master a vocabulary that includes words like “fascist,” “nazi,” and so on and then away they go. I’m not much attracted to that personally.

Blossom’s recent request to be released as a channel brought up a great deal of judgmentalness among lightworkers. How is this lightwork? I don’t consider it to be.

Or we pile on each other because we have different points of view.  Alex Collier disagrees with me so that means I should tar and feather him. Again not lightwork as far as I’m concerned. Granted that we have to discriminate, we don’t have to destroy each other.

I’ve taken a stand on myself. At first I felt enrolled in the general upset. But that doesn’t do anyone any good. I’ve been criticized for  blindly accepting the galactics, a Pollyanna voice and so on. Initially that was a bit hard to take. But I’ll tell you where I’m at with that too.

I may emerge at the end of this looking like a guy who led an awful lot of people down the wrong path. But I’m risking all of that because, out of a lifetime of research, everything I’ve read, everything I feel tells me that what’s happening is real, authentic, beneficent, and valuable, even if we lack the proof of it.

We humans have suffered for millennia because of our short-sightedness and servility. I want neither to be shortsighted nor servile.  I will not be fooled by Illuminati attempts to sic us on each other, such as they do with us and President Obama. I will not allow myself to be subject to irritation and agitation because the Company of Light is taking longer than we’d like to bring in Disclosure and NESARA.

I’m not concerned with sounding like a Pollyanna or risking betting on the wrong horse. Nor am I hedging my bets by putting some money on this square and some on the other. Here is my net worth and I’m betting it entirely on the Company of Light.

I won’t come crying to you if it turns out this is a sham. I’ll take my lumps and go sell pencils on a street corner. But so long as things look credible but simply tardy, I’m going to beaver myself into the ground supporting this scenario.  This is not some run for the Presidency or selling you shampoo. This is our future and we’re learning every day the skills to make that future glorious.

I can’t show you results. I can’t show you one penny having come from NESARA to date. I’ve never met a galactic and yet I still hold the space for their arrival and for infinite good coming from that.

There is work to do. There isn’t time to complain and there isn’t time to think of ourselves. You can join me in that or not. Either is fine. But, however it’s received and however it looks, I follow the words of the prophet: As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.


(1) I originally said “3” but I just reread Ellie’s note to Dave Schmidt and it actually says 5, because her daughter’s family has no money either.



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