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What is Produced When We Serve?

I’m just watching Gerald Celente’s conversation with Alex Jones. Gerald is often regarded as one of the world’s top trend analysts and yet he has been victimized by the fall of MF Global to the tune of  hundreds of thousands of dollars.

He was about to take possession of his physical gold in December and, before he could, his brokerage firm, owned by MF Global, told him that all the money in his account had been transferred to the bankruptcy trustee and, as a matter of fact, if he wanted to maintain his gold position, he would have to pay more money to cover his positions. (Where would that money go?)

As far as Gerald is concerned, the bank robbers, having emptied his account, are now demanding his car to make their getaway. He is livid. His entire strategy for seeing himself through hard times just evaporated overnight.

We’re all suffering financially, there’s no doubt. We here know this is a temporary condition and will be met with a phasing in of NESARA even as the old system is phased out.

I remember using a financial adviser at one point in my life, I think in the very early Nineties. I personally am not into investments, etc., but I was persuaded to go. At one point in the conversation I asked the adviser what would happen if the entire economy went down the drain and he laughed. Well, of course it is going down the drain.

I have always relied on Providence, as has Ellie Miser. I accept what I’m given and make sure to keep my attention on serving. I remember well turning to God on some day in my life and saying, I’ll make you a deal. I’ll spend the rest of my life serving You, with no attention on money, and You look after the finances. And to this day it has worked.

The only job I ever had with a pension plan was my last job. And in eight years I earned enough to keep me pedalling along. I’d say things have worked out.

I never thought that I would be wealthy. I would not know what to do with money, except use it to serve.  I’ve had severance packages and inheritances and they’ve all gone to the same place – someone else – and I’ve felt delighted every time I had an opportunity to contribute. At the same time, I’ve always had enough to live on. Modestly.

Nonetheless, like you perhaps, I’m also lasting out this time before NESARA – in my case, not worried, and certainly not needing much of anything, but just waiting along with everyone else.

What can we do as we wait out this time? Let’s leave aside the possibility of bridging programs, because we don’t know very much about them for the moment and we can’t really factor them in. If they happen, fine. If they don’t, they don’t.

I can’t say a thing about finances as a subject.  I know nothing about it. Everything financial is Greek to me except how to give.

But what I’d like to suggest is that we, who are spending these next weeks and months waiting out this drama, perhaps can look at our situation together from the standpoint of the new paradigm. I’m fairly sure that, all things considered, what our attitude is at this time goes a long way toward determining how things will be for us in the short run. (Not certain, just fairly sure.) The long run, we don’t need to think about. That is laid on and, as SaLuSa and Saul regularly say, will wipe away all our tears.

Many of us may have lived out our lives from the zero-sum model, where if someone wins, someone else loses.  Of course believing is seeing so, if we live life from that model, life may very well show up for us in the way we believe.

We’ve lived out our lives in a competitive model, where others are looked upon as competing with us for scarce resources. They are  “sharks” out to “eat our lunch,” according to the captains of industry.  We’ve bought the notion that only the tough survive and when the going gets tough the tough get going and to win in life, we sometimes have to look out for ourselves and make the tough decisions. In a nutshell, we’ve spent our lifetimes, some of us anyways, looking out for number one.

That is generally known in lightworker circles as the service-to-self model.

It hasn’t worked.

Perhaps it’s time now to explore another model.

We know that the new paradigm says that all of us are one and to feed another is to feed ourselves.  We know that the new paradigm is based on cooperation, not competition, sharing, not hoarding, helping, not hindering.  We also know that what goes around comes around, or, if we want to put it a tad more elegantly, that it’s wise to do unto others as we’d like others to do unto us, because what we do unto others is precisely what the natural law will see is done unto us. We know that service, love, and compassion fulfill the law, whereas the old paradigm invokes the law.

This is generally known in lightworker circles as the service-to-others model.

We’ve also heard that the Law of Attraction says what we desire we draw to ourselves, but also what we fear. This would persuade us, it would seem, to want to remain cozily ensconced here in the center, in the middle, avoiding the extremes, not drawing very much to ourselves by rampant desire or rampant fear, but perhaps allowing the universe to decide. What is that phrase that’s so popular in some circles? Letting go and letting God? Or how about this teaching from the Buddha: avoid craving and aversion?

In the new paradigm, we’re building a world that works for everyone, with no one left out. How does a world work that works for everyone? Without judgment. Without control of domination. Without being right and making others wrong.

We know that there are millions of interdimensional beings present here, helping us from higher dimensions, on the lookout for any sign of awakening and wanting to lead us, guide us to the best possible resolution, all the more so if we are either conscious of them or else act “as if” we know they’re around. We’ve been promised all assistance that can be given under the circumstances, not like I know precisely what that might be. … although, having listened to the Boss for some months now and seeing how what he told me months ago is coming true around me, I get a vague sense that some hidden,  invisible mechanism is operating to weight things towards a positive outcome for those who come from the new paradigm of unity and service.

Let’s return to Mr. Celente.

Mr. Celente and all others like him relied on gold, bonds, this investment, that investment. They prided themselves on being informed, shrewd, and wise. But all their protective strategies have not saved them from the dishonesty of the market system. In the end, they’re right here in the soup with the rest of us. So perhaps being a smart invester is not going to save our skins. What have we to lose then by letting go of all that and giving the new paradigm a try?

We have one month, perhaps two, and maybe even three I honestly don’t know) to wait out together in this situation of a plunging market on the down slope to be met by a new prosperity on the upslope.  I have a sneaking hunch that it isn’t the case that one needs to absolutely crash before the other begins. I think the upslope starts before the downslope ends but it’s just a guess.

Since we must wait out this one-three months, why not start working in a new arena. Why not start exploring the “science” of sharing. Why not look upon all we have now as what we have. I have a garage full of bedding and clothing, books and appliances. That is what I have to share. I also have some NESARA money put away, which was going to tide me through the changeover to NESARA. But that is likely to be gone before NESARA because of bills that are coming up so to all intents and purposes I have just the material stored away that I just named.

How can I share that? What is involved in the science of sharing? How does it work?

What can we learn, what can we devise, what can we come up with that will make this time together, as we huddle by the fire and wait things out so to speak, worthwhile. What will benefit us all, equally?

This is not downtime. Serving others takes our attention off ourselves, allows us to feel that our time is being well spent, and brings up the love in us, which we know is expanding and will ignite or switch on other nascent capacities. How can we take our love and translate it into action? How can we share, all of us, such that our attention is on the other and not on ourselves?

Investment creates individual capital, but service creates social capital. What does that mean?

If we have no money to give another, can we donate our services? Can we exchange goods, barter, instead of asking for cash?

Werner Erhard used to say something that sounded radical and unbelievable, until I tested it out and found it was true. He would say that my wellbeing depends upon you being in good shape, not on me being in good shape. But I won’t spoil the fun for you in testing that conundrum out and discovering how it works and why it’s true. My wellbeing does depend on you being in good shape, not on me being in good shape.  The new paradigm lurks in this puzzle.

What is produced when we serve? What is produced when we’re compassionate? Does that which is produced when we serve and are compassionate leave us in good shape?

I’d like to start a conversation on beginning to put into practice the new paradigm now. What the heck. We’ve nowhere to go, no money to burn. Perhaps we can’t even afford a movie these days, at $16 a pop. Time we have on our hands, even if it’s going faster. How can we put that time to best use? What can we do that will make a difference to us and to all those around us? How can we serve?


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  1. Great article! I find myself in a position with severe hearing loss where I cannot work as a therapist anymore since listening is essential……yes I know……I hear on a different level now where my intuition is sharp and so accurate… I hear the ‘truth’…..even when it is not uttered.

    To get back to the subject matter of your so well articulated post……I am now reduced to a disability allowance of €188 euro a week. My mortgage takes €102 of that each week……I have never felt so abundant! Abundant in time, health, claity, creativity, joy, laughter, nurishing food, the gift of choosing my attitude in every moment, the gift of awareness, and on the list goes.

    I have always used barter throughout my life but now it is the mainstay of my survival…..and I don’t mean ‘survival’ in the context of ‘hanging in there’ but rather the supply of ALL my needs in the most amazing and miraculous ways. Sometimes at the 11th hour when I am tested to trust once more, but it ALWAYS works out in ways that I couldn’t even imagine if I tried to.

    I too have committed to service many many years ago and I give and share whatever I have.

    I swop treatments like relexology, Reiki, massage. I do the ironing for my brothers household and he looks after my large garden(the heavy aspects of gardening). I cook meals in return for books that others may be discarding, I keep chickens and bring eggs as gifts when visiting friends and family, I give free teatments to people with the understanding that I won’t hear them very well. I often get a box of the most delicious organic vegetables in return! I babysit in return for homemade organic bread or cakes. There are many more examples.

    I have learned to adapt recipes to accommodate my lower budget and still turn out delicious meals. I feel an excitement in all of this that I have never experienced before in my life when I had plenty of money. The blessings are multiple and multifaceted.

    It reminds me in many ways of how it was for my mother when we were children. There were 9 of us. She was so creative with a tiny food budget and still she managed to bake for the neighbours and share whatever she had.

    I’ll finish by saying THANK YOU for making this site available. It connect me with what’s REALLY going on…….it has been the catalyst for my ‘awakening’ to the political and financial and all the rest of injustices meted out the 99%.

    Bless you.

    • Wonderful share, Liz.

      Great suggestions and inspiration here.

      Don’t forget the Hope Chest if you find yourself in real difficulty. My fondest hope is that by sometime next month we’ll have greatly-expanded revenues and can help in ways that we cannot at the moment.



  2. Hi Steve,
    Wow, what an insightful and thought-provoking article. I wish I had written it myself! I’m still not quite sure what to believe about NESARA…my idealistic side certainly embraces the concept, and would celebrate if it actually came to pass. But at the moment, my analytical side won’t let me go “all in” until I see more progress in that direction.
    But I find the true beauty of your article lays in the notion of committing to a life of service to others, and letting God handle the financial details. I am in that mode right now, with a family, and without a paying job, and yet still somehow sensing that everything is going to work out just fine.
    Thanks again – always enjoy your work!

  3. Today I watched a video on the police brutality and the 99%. I sat pondering how human beings can be so mean to each other. I looked out my window. My front yard was filled with young people and a few adults with blowers and rakes, making short order of the many leaves on the lawn, on my roof, and in my gutters. Of course I went outside to see what was happening. It was a youth group from a local church performing Labors of Love on this Saturday.

    What serving others does to the recipient is to remind me that I am a valuable part of the Universe … that someone, somewhere intuitively heard me worrying that my newly planted grass would die before my lawn contractors arrived to blow the wet, heavy leaves away. The Universe, in the form of a Youth Group, heard my concern and arrived, unbeknownst to me.

    Being served feels good! It reminds me that I COUNT!

  4. I love this. I have been doing this sharing for many years, and can tell you the river runs through you when you do. Stuff to share just keeps appearing.

  5. Steve
    A wonderful article and it helps everyone to know how much their serves helps the Universe. I am not able to do much physically, but I send Love and Light to all of God’s Creations every day. I believe that as I am able to touch one Soul, I touch all of God’s Creations and raise everyone’s Unity of Consciousness thus helping as all as One. If everyone could do this much we will Raise Mother Earth with all Life on Her faster….. Awesome!!!!!!!

  6. Thank you, Steve for this message!

    I was thinking about an analogy to illustrate “my wellbeing depends upon you being in good shape” — an idea very contrary to the scarcity/competition world-view.

    Imagine a great big cylindrical house of many stories with a huge cylindrical water tank in the center and rooms around and adjacent to the perimeter of the central water tank. To get warm water, the occupants of each room must heat the water tank. The heat applied to the tank from any room is eventually evenly distributed throughout the whole tank. So, the more individuals apply the heat, the warmer the water gets. If no one bothers to heat the water, no one gets any warm water. One can also heat the water for a while and immediately turn on the faucet to get the warm bit of water that has not diffused away yet, but obviously this is an endless and exhausting procedure, and you always have to work your ass off to get a tiny bit of lukewarm water.

    The builder of the heating system never bothered to put the instructions in the rooms because they are so self-evident — any child can figure out that only by concerted effort of all the occupants, can you have constant and abundant supply of warm water, with relatively little effort from any one individual — and once the whole tank is warm, many individuals can take a break from heating with no discernable effect on the temperature of the water.

    In the scarcity/competition paradigm, the occupants of the house have forgotten how the heating system works. No one is encouraged to heat the water tank for the good of all (including self), and since almost no one is doing it, the few individuals who try to help others and self end up being exhausted and taken advantage of. These experiences then reinforce the belief that “no good deed goes unpunished,” and the water remains cold and everyone is faced with the reality of competition created by the belief based on incorrect information.

    Thus, as a mechanism of exit from the old paradigm, “my wellbeing depends upon you being in good shape” works perfectly. I need to wake you up to the fact that you can get warm water so much more easily if your neighbors also do the heating. I need to give you whatever I can to get you healthy and happy and thus spending time to heat the water, so that I don’t have to keel over and die just to have a hot cup of tea now and then.

    I think this is an OK analogy of how the energy of wealth and well-being works. But actually, the system works even better because it is not passive but synchronistic. The turbulence (resulting from the combined heating) in the water tank is intelligent, just like the universe.


  7. …you know buddy, I read so many writings of yours, I really do feel as if I know you? I wonder how many of us there are out there subscribing to your words like I do? I hope its a good number of us, and I hope that number is increasing every day, you know? This was a post that just really stood out to me, not solely for its content which was wonderful and very thought provoking but rather, I could just sense you were really having a very “human moment”, Steve? The humility and the honesty written just instantly connected with me, you know? I could relate to so much of what you were saying, but I don’t want to make this comment about “I, I, I” or “me, me, me”, yeh? This is a very tough road we are all choosing to believe in and to follow. So many hopes and dreams of us like-minded light-workers are still just that, hopes and dreams. So many people around us all the time are so oblivious to what’s really going on around them, and honestly sometimes for a very short brief moment, I wish I didn’t know all I know, and believe all I believe, you know? It comes and passes quickly but, your writing tonight just made me feel as if you could totally relate too? It “humanized” you in a way I have not seen of you before, in a good way though. I know you and me are in this struggle together, Steve and I know we are not alone, both on this planet and beyond it’s atmosphere, yeh? I’m not sure how well you and I will get to know each other, as you have quite a responsibility laid upon you with your channelings and your entire website however, you became more “real” to me tonight more than before and I can entirely relate to the many tasks you have at hand buddy. I feel I am love, and I love you too. Good luck and sleep well, and you can write to me whenever you wish, ok? Timothy, an American in London