Archangel Michael on What Occurred on 11/11/11

Many thanks to Linda S. for transcription of this interview. Thanks as well to Ellen who also sent in a transcription. And many thanks to Philip for converting the MOV file into an MP3 file.

This interview was a short one called mostly to discuss 11/11/11 and to answer some pressing personal questions.  The next interview is on Nov. 29 and I’ve asked to spend the whole of the time discussing the angelic realm. I’ll schedule a further interview shortly after that to discuss general matters.

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Archangel Michael November 16, 2011 through Linda Dillon

Steve: Many people were disappointed that 11.11.11 was described by SaLuSa as a tidal wave of love, but many people seemed to have felt nothing. Can you take a moment out, please, to discuss what did happen on 11.11.11, and why many people would not have apparently felt anything?

Archangel Michael: Yes, I would be pleased to talk about this. Now the 11.11.11, as you know, is an opening, a gateway, but it is also the continuation and part of the completion of the original 12.12 [Dec. 12, 1993]. I have spoken of this a great deal, but I will make this brief.

When your original 11.11 [Nov. 11, 1992] occurred, it was the opening of the human hearts to love and to expansion of love. In the following year, in 1993, you had the opening of what has been known as 12.12 [Dec. 12, 1993]. That was the opening of a portal for balance, but people forgot because the opening of the portals was so close together. They thought that they [teh portal openings] had ended, but they had not.

It was not just a year-long event. It is an event that has continued on and will continue on to 2012. So, that energy of the opening of the human hearts to love and opening of the human hearts to be back – well all of the human being – into the place of balance has been going on for a long time.

The portal of 11.11.11 was an intensification of that flow of love. That portal opened wide. Now it was a two-way portal, and, by this, I mean that some were permitted, prepared anxious, eager, volunteered to go through that portal into the fifth dimension. Most of those who volunteered and went through, which was less than anticipated, were those who are acting as what we call gatekeepers, assisting those who are in the next wave.

What people were expecting, and this may feel familiar to you, a complete shift in the planet to love – that tidal wave of love.

Depending on where people were anchored, and we do not mean geographically, we mean within their heart and their consciousness, some received it and felt it very strongly. Some did not feel it at all. What they felt was what you my friend have also experienced: disappointment, frustration, emptiness, anger. That was good news because the tidal wave pushed that right through them to the surface and washed it away.

Now what you are going to be seeing and what many will be feeling, and I will be interested to hear back from you on this…. Well, I am actually listening in. Do you know I read your columns every day? [Laughter.] They will begin to feel the love. They will begin to feel the difference. They will begin to perceive differently. They were hoping for a very quick open and close, a take off, but it is very much like a wave. It is the wave that is covering the earth, and far beyond by the way, and it is sinking into the people.

Some have sought high ground, some are still in the doldrums, but all are receiving – not only the cleansing washing, but the beautiful love. So, if there was residual, can we say, to be cleansed away. Well, it certainly came to the surface.

This is also part of what the humans love to do. They choose a date, and it is only one day, but it is not. It is like a wedding day. You have a very special day, but then the truth of the divine union, that sacred partnership, truly begins to grow, to anchor, to blossom, to flourish. So, my guidance and my prayer for those who are feeling that they have not received their just dues by 11.11.11 is continue to open and receive.

S: Wonderful. You said 11.11 and 12.12. What do those numbers translate to as dates?

AAM: 11.11 was November 11, 1992.

S: And 12.12 was December 12, 1992?

AAM: 1993. That was the opening. It truly started in 1987 with the harmonic convergence. Now this is your period building up to the conclusion that you are really in the middle of right now. That is why these dates or these portals are re-emerging.

S: OK, well, that’s very good, Lord. Thank you very much for explaining that.




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