Relax and Allow

Do as the cat does

How can we picture the process we’ll predictably go through in the weeks and months ahead?  How can we peer into the looking glass and see our future?

Will it be a case of slowly simmering in the rising energies? Or dynamically releasing the vasanas? Or moments of transformation in which we discontinuously travel from point A to point B without being aware of how we covered the distance?

First Process

I’ve certainly been aware so far of the first process – slowly simmering in the energies. Over the last few months, I’ve felt increasingly limbered up, relaxed and aware of slow emergence from unknown, unnamed circumstances that formerly bound me. I’ve felt increasing freedom and enhanced capability gradually emerging over time.

Second Process

There have been moments as well in which I found myself in difficulty and actually released a vasana dynamically. For instance, when under attack, I’ve had to use the upset clearing process to emerge from an awakened vasana. I’d imagine that’ll happen much more frequently, given that at some point we’ll be meeting new species of human beings, learning the truth of certain unbelievable situations, and being released from confining circumstances such as the impact of unjust laws and restrictive social situations.

Third Process

And, though I cannot point to any circumstances so far in which I rapidly and discontinously experience an alteration of consciousness which leaves me dissimilar to the way I was before and manifestly more expanded and capacitated (if that’s a word), I’ve had many such experiences in the past and can imagine this happening as well. This latter experience may attend enlightenment, or the vision of an angel, or the meeting of an ascended galactic being. It certainly will attend Ascension itself.

* * *

Of the three, probably the one that will chiefly challenge me is the second, where I encounter a viewpoint in myself that proves problematic to me and others if I remain with it but which I may not recognize in the moment as something that needs to be released. Allowing a gradual simmering will not be needed. Simmering means that it will be unnoticeable and inoffensive. A transformational moment may involve the need for immediate acceptance as with Ascension or a period of adjustment after as with a lesser alteration of consciousness but of itself will not require any facilitation. I’m led to believe that even Ascension itself will require a period of acclimation. Only the second process would seem to involve a possibly-difficult birth process.

So perhaps I can restrict my attention to the process of encountering a situation which does not fit my pictures and which awakens potential resistance in me. The difficulty of the weeks and months ahead boils down to a difficulty in releasing or letting go of viewpoints that no longer serve me, along with all their trappings such as the feeling of comfortable familiarity, the ties of habit, and the troublesome need to feel right and worthy.

The admission that a way that I was approaching matters was mistaken, insufficient or problematic may prove difficult, at least at first. Developing a gracefulness in yielding would be advisable and perhaps will quickly arise. The fewer judgments I have about myself and others may expedite the process.

Will our curriculum include the learning of how to quickly and painlessly let go of the old to accept or allow the new? Will we learn a respectful silence in the face of new information and a rapid release of confining perspectives? Will we become masters of the process of what Werner used to call “getting off it”?  Will we become accustomed to amazement and masterful at trying on a viewpoint and testing it out?

How to predict the future and know what will be valuable to us? How to prepare for the inevitable and overwhelming newness of our experience and the noticeable lack of knowledge to fall back on? How to get ready for cognitive slippage and paradigm shift? Always the inner voice replies: Relax and allow.

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