What Was Happening for Lightworkers Aware of Ascension in the 1970s?

Gilbert Williams' depiction of Atlantis

When Pam Miller sent along this very interesting email, I asked her if I could post it and she’s agreed.  Pam is in Hawaii, which she describes as the remaining mountain tops of Lemuria.

Pam gives background on how it was for lightworkers back at a time when I was reading Games People Play. Background information on what lightworkers have been going through who were awake as early as the 1970s is, in my view, invaluable. Thank you, Pam.

Hi Steve,

You’ve asked readers to share portions of readings from archangels or ascended beings that might shed more light on the process of Ascension. I remember a reading that I had when I was 23 that might have something of interest that I could add. I don’t have a transcript as the reading was put on a reel-to-reel tape which I don’t think that I have anymore. I will have to rely on my memory.

I had a life reading with Col. Arthur Burks, who was considered to be one of the best people doing life readings at that time. This was when Archangel Michael first introduced himself, although at the time he did not say that he was an archangel. I was told that there was someone named Michael who was very close to me and helping me at all times. I did not know of anyone in Spirit named Michael but thought that perhaps he was a distant relative. Little did I know! I thought “Oh, that’s nice. Someone in Spirit is helping me”. As your recent article described, we all come in under a deep and heavy veil.

I don’t think AA Michael said more at that time as I had just learned that I have a higher Venusian body, that when Atlantis sunk I went to Venus with 14 other priestesses, as well as learning quite a few other unexpected things. He probably thought that was enough for one reading.

In regard to the trip to Venus, Col. Burks said that we made the journey in a small type of spacecraft that was not really designed for interplanetary travel but could be used in an emergency. He also said that there was a chamber on the ship where we were able to raise our vibration to be on the same frequency as that of the Venusian civilization.

It might be that for people who have already reached a certain level, the Galactic Federation could further assist them to reach the required vibratory level through the use of their advanced technology.

From all that we know from SaLuSa, Denise LeFay and others, the light continues to increase with greater intensity everyday. Most Lightworkers are aware that they were already ascended beings before they agreed to be of service on the Earth during this time of transformation. Therefore, it seems to me that it is not so important when we each might individually ascend, but rather how much we can be of service to others during a time, that at best, is going to be a confusing situation to many of those around us.

It seems that there are many possibilities as to what the Ascension will be like for Lightworkers/Starseeds. Some, as was recently explained by AA Michael may ascend and then return to help others as “gatekeepers.” Others may stay as long as possible to serve in whatever way that they can. There is also the possibility that some Lightworkers may go “home” to other planets, at least for a while, and then return to an ascended Earth.

I was told, in another reading, that at some time I might go to live on another planet. Although I would love to have this experience I don’t think I would want to leave as long as there was still work to be done.

In the past, the Master Teachers did not say very much about Ascension, but I believe that this is because the greatest probability, at that time, was that we would have had First Contact at a much earlier time, and as a result, would have gradually learned that we were preparing for this momentous event.

Then with the schemes and various forms of manipulation by the Cabal we were shifted into a different probability. In 1974, Lady Master Nada gave our Light Group a message saying that our work had greatly changed. It was like studying not just for years, but lifetimes, for a type of work, that it seemed was no longer going to be possible. This was shocking and discouraging but was something that we had agreed to accept before coming into this life experience.

For a long while, it seemed as if the dark had the upper hand, and instead of uplifting messages from space people representing a higher consciousness, we were deluged with endless accounts of abductions by the Grays. I remember hearing a lecture by Budd Hopkins, who told the audience that the idea of beautiful space people was just a screen image created by the Grays. Needless to say, I did not agree with this at all!

So essentially, you might say that the positive time line that we were on heading toward Disclosure, First Contact and Ascension was derailed by the Illuminati.

When gradually the light on the planet increased, the Galactic Federation of Light began to once again communicate through various channels. Then things needed to be speeded up, much more than before, and the Galactic Federation with the Ascended Master and those from Agartha intended to bring forth NESARA in September of 2001. As we know, on 9/11 everything changed again and we were now in a new paradigm that was intended to end in world domination by the Illuminati.

Over the last ten years we have seen the Illuminati apparently successful in gaining control of many areas that effect our lives. At the same time, the light, working quietly and more subtly, and now like a great martial arts master, throwing the Cabal off balance, only to fall with a huge clunk. The cabal is being surrounded by all of the peaceful protesters, who like the people in Gulliver’s Travels, are determined to keep the monster on the ground.

I think that the point AA Michael made about allowing us to do all that we can to defeat the Illuminati is important. Although we have received a great deal of behind-the-scenes help from the Galactic Federation of Light, the Ascended Masters and people of the Inner Earth, the determination of people all over the world to end the oppressive controls that we have lived under reflects our great desire and belief that we can have a better world for all.

By doing all that we can ourselves before we meet our galactic family, people are less likely to feel that beings who might be thought of as elder brothers and sisters, or even parents, have rescued us at the last moment from the jaws of the monstrous Cabal.

With light and many blessings,


In a second email she added:

Now I wish that I had asked more questions about the trip to Venus.  I wonder why we did not go to one of the Atlantean colonies like Egypt or Mexico instead?

There is no way, in this life, that I would get in a small spacecraft and try to go to another planet.  I recall that Col. Burks described the
craft as an “Astro-Car.”  To me, it sounds like getting out on the highway in a Smart Car.  My Honda Fit is small enough!

Also, I have a fear of heights.  Just last week I was terrified when I flew in a helicopter over Maui and Molokai in Hawaii!

I think that the reason that AA Michael gave the information about Venus, in the reading, was because, from an early age, I was
fascinated with Space People, especially Venusians.

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