An Awakened One’s Mind-Blowing Ascension Experience

Thanks also to Wes Annac.

An awakened one’s mind blowing ascension experience

By FatherMotherGod… – Posted on 26 October 2011


I had to share this. Like many of you, I am a lightworker who has been following these channelings for years. I have been going through the sometimes painful, sometimes extremely pleasurable physical changes and experienced the tranformation of my energy body into a pillar of light. This weekend I had an experience that blew my mind!

I had extremely bad headaches. Lasers of light were cutting new neural pathways in my brain. The light was digging tunnels and making new connections, and I could feel this! It started from the crown tunneling to the middle of the brain, and then moved toward the frontal lobe/third eye area. Then the light dug thousands of new pathways from the third eye to the base of the skull. It was so painful I ended up in the emergency room twice for pain medication, which did very little to ease the pain. At first I didn’t want to take pain meds, because I knew what was going on and didn’t want to thwart the process, but the pain was so powerful I couldn’t help it.

Finally, I put away the pain meds and decided to power through it. I went into a deep meditative state. I could feel a protective energy wrap around me and I had a powerful thought, “This is your cocoon. When you come out of it, you will have ascended.” I waited a few minutes, and I saw very clearly in my third eye 11 11 11. The numbers seemed to be made of a platinum/crystal material. Then I saw thousands of rows of 11 11 11. They lined up and started shooting into my brain in rapid succession. This lasted for a couple of minutes while my body was shaking and trembling and I heard a voice in my head, “Downloading the crystalline matrix.” How awesome is that!!!!!!! 11 11 11 is a code. It is THE code for our transition into the crystalline matrix.

When the download was complete, I caught my breath, completely amazed. Immediately thereafter, I saw in my third eye a red and black suited powerful being driving a huge red military machine with all kinds of destructive weapons. I had another powerful thought, “Releasing the metatronic death matrix.” And I could feel the energy of that red being escaping through the crown of my head. I heard another voice in my head, “You just deleted all of your self defeating programs. Congratulations. You have ascended.”

Notice the voice didn’t say, “Your ascension is complete,” because ascension is an ongoing process for eternity.

I gathered my bearings after that mind blowing experience, and closed my eyes again. Immediately, I was in another dimension. Armored guards were standing outside the annex of a castle which seemed to be from the medeival period. They opened the doors to the stone building and out came a huge worm that filled the entire door frame. The worm was made of billowing clouds of black smoke, and I could see the smoky forms of human bodies floating withing the worm’s body and surfacing as if trying to escape. I had another powerful thought, “It’s time to release this.”

And I could feel that cloud of black energy exiting through my crown. I knew immediately that my soul had been harboring that dark smoky energy, which had accumulated over the last sixteen billion years, and I was finally releasing it!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH MY GOD! This is so much bigger than I had ever imagined.

Surprise, surprise. My headache was completely gone!

I have since been playing with the new software that was downloaded and can tell it came with some very distinct upgrades. My imagination is much more vivid. It’s easy to go to different dimensions while remaining in this dimension. I have the strong feeling my guides have left me and I have a direct connection to Source. I know exactly what to do at the moment, although I don’t know what I’ll be doing ten minutes from now. I feel incredible!!!!!!! I feel like superman. I can’t wait to see where this leads us!

There’s more to share, but I don’t want to overdo it with my first post. If anybody relates to this, please post a response and I’ll keep posting.

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