In the Midst of Creative Chaos

How life is these days

Well, I suppose I need to share and I probably will need to share more and more as events unfold.

There is much going on behind the scenes and much concerns things that I can’t talk about yet.  They have to do with people getting clear indications that they will be ascending soon, situations that resemble everything that has been in the past inexplicable suddenly coming together and becoming explicable, and matters that I can’t even refer to obliquely.

And part of my job is to be able to hold it all and carry on with some semblance of normality. And not only to carry on, but to continue to run this blogsite, complete with finding the time to issue articles, etc., etc. In other words, to do existing tasks while the whole background shifts and changes around me and adds even more tasks to the mix. More in fact than I ever considered humanly possible.

Various people who had no role before are discovering they have a role. Various people who thought their role was one thing are finding that their roles are much greater or different.  I’m meeting people I never knew before and we’re needing to act as a trustworthy and fully-cooperating unit right from the get-go.

All of us are seeing that unseen hands are either guiding actors or actually orchestrating events and we’re all amazed at how matters are being taken from Point 1 to Point 2, in some cases without us needing to actually do very much.

Some things that Archangel Michael said in earlier interviews, that seemed cryptic to me, are now happening in spades and demonstrating that he wasn’t being metaphorical or esoteric, but that he was just describing what will be occurring. But without my seeing the materialization of events, I had no idea that this was or would be the case.

I also see that some things that have been happening are simply seeds and the tree sprouts later and then continues to grow – and grow very rapidly.

The people I’ve been speaking to seem to be required simply to take a deep breath and get out of the way and let things happen. We also seem to be required to get bigger and bigger and bigger.

And I think that’s the reason I’m writing this, to share about what it’s requiring to get bigger and bigger.

By now, I hope that our continuing discussion of vasanas – of our leftover habit patterns from the past that shape our character by going off when triggered and determining that we’ll behave in certain predictable, automatic ways – are the real opposition we face to all that will be occurring. I mean this to refer to us playing our roles and to us smoothly ascending. All of the events that will soon be occurring will be hard or easy depending on whether we’ve found a means to get out of our own ways or not. And that means not to be totally up-ended when our vasanas go off.

I, as one example, am needing to stay sane and calm while – and here I speak metaphorically – it’s as if a big building suddenly sprouts out of the concrete in front of me, taking my breath away.  I stare at this structure that suddenly arises and ask myself what is it? How did that happen? What should I do? And all the time I know deep inside that I’m meant simply to allow it to happen, remaining calm and alert, and serving in whatever capacity is demanded of me, without fanfare or drama.

And the capacities demanded of me are not by any means simply writing articles. I’m being asked to engage in matters that don’t draw on my best talents. Whereas I have so often in the past disliked being super-busy, I’m being asked to be in the middle of super-busy things. All is creative chaos as events start to move. And in the midst of it, the task remains to be calm and sane and allow.

Vasanas are what don’t allow us to allow. Vasanas are like having a crowd of screaming children that distract us and take away from our ability to function in a sane, consistent, and tranquil manner.

So we now face a time when we need to have an approach to vasanas that doesn’t even depend on this process or that process. In a sense we need to know what to do in the midst of creative chaos that pulls us every which way, period. Because that’s what life is going to be in a shorter time than I think we may conceive of: creative chaos with no time to prepare, plan, etc.; just time to respond.

So what is basic to an attitude that allows us to remain calm and sane in creative chaos, which we know comes from the Company of Light working its magic on us and the world?


The prerequisite to making any matter and all matters work is trust – trust that things are working out as they should, trust that the Company of Light is orchestrating events, that there is a Divine Plan that is unfolding, etc.  Dave Schmidt has been helping me see this. I’m getting fairly quickly and dramatically that I absolutely have to trust that all is unfolding as it should or I could not remain calm and sane in the midst of what is happening around me.


The second thing I need to do is to allow what is happening to happen. I have a vasana of panicking and thinking that I need to do something. And there are situations that I could very well get into panic about. This site may be without a webmaster in just a few weeks. I may need to find additional help for the Hope Chest if and when Dave takes on his own bigger role and now that help may need to be within the same city as me. (I don’t know yet.) I’m not sure how I can write and continue to have so much happening around me. These are all invitations to panic.

To date, I’ve had a certain way of writing, which involves taking research and turning it into articles. I have a vasana that says keep writing in the way you’re used to; don’t change. But I may be nearing the end of that era. And I may not even be able soon to update the First Contact website upon which I’ve depended so far for my rough material.

I’m watching CNN announce that all Oakland protesters are being cleared from their central location and my mind is saying: “Report it.” But I can’t. There’s too much I’m handling. I cannot stay on top of the news anymore in the face of what else is occurring.  My mind is going wild with all the tugs on me to change, to adapt.

It’s clear that I have to simply allow, and allow, and allow. I may be pulled in more ways than the Pilsbury doughboy but I have to get out of the way, trust that all is for the best, and just allow things to happen as they seem to want to happen.

Remain Centered

The very worst thing I could do in the face of whatever occurs is to veer off into arrogance (I’m such a good boy) or shame (I’m such a failure).  I need to observe those tugs as they come up and do no more than take note of them. I cannot grab hold of them and pull them over my face like a mask and be those attitudes. I can do no more than watch them or I’ll leave my center.  Remaining in the center is not a luxury any more. It’s a necessity.

Remember: “Who I am” is the Work

(Good Gawd. It’s already 12:00 and I’m not aware of having done anything but make a few phone calls today. This is how it is these days.)

It used to be that we’d represent ourselves as being what we do. “Hi, I’m Steve Beckow and I write.” “Hi, I’m Doris and I sell life insurance.” “Hi, I’m Bill and I fix cars.”  Our work would be to write things, sell insurance and fix cars. Now the work is to be who I am. The work is to be.

Being who I am is not simply a nice adjunct to things any longer. It lies at the heart of things. Being now assumes a much greater importance and doing assumes a much lesser.  Most of what is being done is being done by invisible hands or so it seems.

You can see I’m struggling to find the words here. I may not be putting the matter well and so I’m really hoping that you get my drift rather than having your understanding depend on my choosing exactly the right word and not using one word that isn’t right.

There’s no longer time to argue over: “You used the wrong word here.” All the arguing has to go. We all need to cooperate in what’s going to be a global transformation in all our lives.  What I’m seeing is that it’s already happening. That became real for me in the last two days for reasons which I cannot describe yet.

A sidenote: SaLuSa in one of his last two messages (I haven’t the time to look it up) said that we would be seeing an incredible jump in the number of people turning to Internet sources for information.  Just so you know: This blogsite yesterday entered the 40,000 range. We had just short of 42,000 hits a day (if I remember correctly) which is a very large jump for us and comes hot on the heels of SaLuSa saying it will be happening. I imagine that’s because of the Australian interview; I don’t know and haven’t the time to find out. I just need to be with that and keep speaking from now, and now, and now.

I can’t even plan around that.  The response will have to be what it is. By the way, this makes it all the more desirable that you now become the eyes and ears of this site. Keep sending me what you regard as important for us to post, but make sure it’s game-changers, tipping points, trim tabs, and deal-breakers. Not special-interest themes. Not matters we don’t report on (medical, legal, artistic, scientific, the curious, the strange, etc.). Not news of fresh disasters like Elenin approaching or fresh rumors of the end of the world.  All of you are now deputies in this posse. Domine, domine. I appoint you.

I can say this: it is happening. I know people are looking for the big markers like Disclosure and NESARA. But all the background events needed to have the big markers show up are happening, if what I’m seeing is any indication. It’s like a window that is freezing over because the temperature is dropping outside. The ice on the window closes in, covers more and more surface, making the free area a smaller and smaller hole, and then gradually covers the whole window.

So here too, the background events are closing in, joining up, producing a more and more consistent pattern that will cover the whole window – when it does. But the process is happening quickly.

Don’t be surprised if you too suddenly start to see events begin to happen around you. If you’ve offered yourself for service in the transformation that’s occurring in society as we speak, if you think of yourself as a “Lightworker” or “Starseed,” time to get your internal house in order and be willing to be drawn into the web of activity which is beginning to occur.

Trust, allow, and remain centered. And remember that being you rather than what you do is fast becoming the essence of the work.

To the people who are still attempting to carve out a reputation for themselves by criticizing other lightworkers: Please stop.  That’s no longer appropriate. Time to join hands and work together. Self-serving behavior identifies you as part of the problem and not part of the solution, no matter what you say about yourself and your supposed role in things.

Yes, we need to have discernment and to identify sources which look like they’re disinforming us. The dark are still at work, even if disorganized and haphazard. But, no, we don’t need to fight with each other, lightworker against lightworker. And in fact we have no more time for that. George Bush once said: “There is time for politics.” No, there is no more time for politics.

And another favor: Please don’t write me and say “You never responded to my first email.” In the days and weeks ahead, that may very well be the case.  For me, the ordinary rules are very close to needing to be suspended. I may be responding to emails only fitfully. Please just know that, if you’re contacting me, that is itself service and is appreciated, whether I’m able to respond or not.

That doesn’t fit with what I’d like to be doing and may not with what you’d like ordinarily either – I understand. I appreciate you all. I love you. I know that you can be depended on to play your role and do your part.

Discussion groups, same thing. I’m entering new territory and I just have to meet all these new events as sanely and calmly as I can, just being me and hoping that’s what’s wanted and needed. I can no longer keep current with what is being said. You now need to take over responsibility for the discussion and the group.  And I can’t be the one organizing you as and when you do assume these responsibilities. That’s just how it is by the nature of the times.

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