One Brave Man

I’ve gotten into a rant elsewhere, but writing is what I do and this rant is so important to me that I post it.

I’d like to say that I have a certain difficulty with discussions of what the President did or didn’t do, what Sara Palin would or wouldn’t do as President, Mitt Romney, this one, that one.

There’s something I’ve wanted to say for a long time on this subject.

A huge amount of power in America … huge, huge, huge … does not reside with the President, will not tomorrow, and may never.  As long as the President is not the leader of the largest party in Congress, as long as the President does not sit in the legislature as the leader of the largest party (as in the British parliamentary model), as long as Congress itself is divided between two houses that share power, neither one of them having the decisive say, so to speak,  I think it highly probable that the American governmental system will continue to have deadlock and gridlock.

And that’s just one “as long as.” I could make a list.

The American bureaucracy also has a huge amount of power and, in the American context and probably in the context of most governments around the world, is largely uncontrollable and can take a President’s policy and turn it into mush by many means – one of which would be to simply do nothing about it.

The American national-security apparatus has grown by huge leaps and bounds and exercises incredible control – I would imagine in part because it is secret and doesn’t make its actions known.

The American military is probably largely uncontrollable except to rotate some of its heads.  One has to rely on it obeying officials like the President but there would probably be little one could do if it refused.

And I could go on and on listing the organs and organizations of state all of which bring their own pressure to bear on what the President can and cannot do.  And that would be without knowing about or discussing apparatuses like the School of the Americas, Blackwater/Xe, the CIA black ops unit, Majestic-12 (or whatever the number currently is), Solar Warden, and the numerous other organizations known to us or unknown to us.

Movies are fine that show a person saying “Yes, Mr. President,” but how much of the organization of government I’ve just listed or not listed functions on the basis of a “Yes, Mr. President”?

And yet we often seem to relate to all of it as if it does.

I watch the numerous debates on TV (I actually lied. I don’t watch the numerous presidential debates on TV. You’d have to gag me and tie me down to have me do so) … I watch the trailers for the numerous debates on TV and I find it hard to keep a straight face thinking of how long and how much attention is focussed on who will succeed President Obama and how little that man or woman will be able to do, never mind what Obama did or didn’t do. We’re living a continual fantasy thinking that the President is the person who decides what will get done, causes it to get done, etc.

A large part of that will go away in the future because the energies will rise to the point that only those with integrity will remain around (not like anyone but you and I would believe that or knows it) but in the world as we’ve known it, I don’t think anyone who sat in the President’s chair and showed from the outset that he wanted to take on the power structure would be able to get that much done.

That’s why I don’t believe people who may say that we could have cleaned up the mess in politics without the intervention of the Company of Light (again I can only say this to you right now). We were dead ducks on toast, with our feet in the air, as far as I’m concerned.

So even the discussion of how much the President has gotten done and how much more he could have done shows up for me like a discussion that does not get to the heart of the matter. The scenario that is seeing the cabal taken down gets to the heart of the matter, as far as I’m concerned. For me to watch every word that Obama says would be watching the wrong walnut shell; the pea isn’t under that shell.

Perhaps that’s why I keep my attention on what’s happening with the cabal and the Company of Light and not on what’s happening with Obama. There isn’t very much in circumstances as I’ve described them that Obama, as one lone individual, can impact.  He definitely is not a person who exists on the power structure of the Illuminati, as far as I can see, in the same way, for instance, that George Bush Sr. does.  He came into politics wanting to reform matters and hit a brick wall. Everything the Illuminati could safely bring to bear on him, without bringing themselves down faster than they are anyways, I think they have. And they have immobilized him.

And one of the things they’ve brought to bear on him is a wall of propaganda about how bad he is, that he was born elsewhere (hey, George Bush Sr. was born in Germany. Who is saying anything about that?), that he said this when he didn’t or that when he didn’t, and we, like willing lap dogs take these things up and repeat them.  With friends like us, who needs enemies?

For me, at least, saying what he did or didn’t do, or what Palin might do or might not do, or Romney, et al would be a poor use of my time and misses the point anyways.

The actions that need to be taken are being taken and almost all of them are not being taken by Obama and I wouldn’t expect them to be.  The Company of Light and the Earth allies are taking the actions that need to be taken. President Obama cannot do what only the Company of Light and the Earth allies can do.  President Obama can do very little in the situation as it is at present. What he can do is to show up every day in his bully pulpit despite the situation as it is and keep showing us courage and patience and dignity. And he does that, though his hair is turning grey faster than any man’s on his planet. (Is that not an indicator of stress?)

And this is what I want him to do.

I’m not sure anyone, except a mirror image of George Bush Sr. could do more and what a mirror image of George Bush Sr. would do, we really wouldn’t like.

So my attention is not even on Obama and I thank him for doing as much as he does and right now I wouldn’t want anyone else in that position. I listen to him and I know that saying what he says is as much as he can do and no one, as far as I’m concerned, could say it better than he does.  And I don’t want anyone else in that pulpit saying it. I listen to him and I thank him, knowing that that’s as much as one brave man can do right now.

But I look for the rest elsewhere.

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