Processing a Vasana of Strong Attack – Part 2/2

The scene of the original "crime" - the vice-principal's actual office at the high school I attended (see it, right down there on the first floor to the right?)

(Continued from Part 1)

Most recently he criticizes me for an article that I did not write. He doesn’t provide publication details of the article so I have no idea at this moment whose article it was. After demolishing “my” arguments on the Mayan Calendar, a subject of which I have very little knowledge and could not possibly have constructed a coherent article on, he concludes:

“Therefore, forget all indignant Steve Beckows – they are well placed in the company of avaricious Reptilians. Forget also Wilcock and Co, who have never bothered to reflect on the nature of space-time and produce a decent scientific concept in their whole life.

“If you follow such false prophets, it is your fault. You will be also dumbed down. This is the sad reality on this planet, and the only way out of it, is to realize this deplorable truth. Any kind of false indignation on the part of the ego is completely wrong at this place. Change your ego first and then start thinking in correct scientific terms.” (9)

I lack any scientific background upon which to judge Georgi’s arguments in his article or reply to them, even if the article he refers to was mine.

That defines the situation that I face at the present time. But upsets are seldom about the situation in the present. They’re almost always about a situation from the past and our own emotional state probably won’t be restored until and unless we deal with the troublesome situation from the past where the vasana was formed.

If we use the triggering situation in the present to assist us to locate the troublesome situation in the past and complete the experience of the memory, then we have done ourselves a great favor and helped prepare ourselves for Ascension. This is the course of action that I’ve been urging for a few years now.

Therefore let me use the occasion of these ongoing attacks to raise up within myself whatever upsets they attach to and then process them here, to again illustrate the upset clearing process that I’ve been recommending.

Not like it is the only process available. There are many, ranging from Werner Erhard’s way of dealing with “records” (another name for upsets or vasanas), Byron Katie’s “Work,” the Sedona Method, etc. It’s simply that it would be good for us to have at least one means at our disposal to deal with upsets because it’s so predictable that they will occur in this time of rising energies and preparation for Ascension. Any of these means will do.

I’ve never in my life been the target of a sustained character attack so the situation with Georgi is to some extent novel to me. I have however been the subject of a strong single attack on occasion. The structure of a vasana or strong trauma-based memory is such that it fastens to whatever situation in the past most closely resembles the situation in the present.

The first step in processing one is to actually name the feeling that one feels when the vasana awakens and becomes present. I’m just now looking at this feeling. My initial attempt to identify it would be to call it “dismay.” But I notice that my deeper mind demurs a bit from that name. So I conclude that I have not named it as precisely as I need to.

So I look again.

As it turns out, it isn’t that I’ve named the feeling incorrectly but that the feeling is composite. It’s “dismay plus dread.” So the vasana I will look for is one associated with dismay plus dread.

I ask my mind what earlier, similar incident is associated with dismay plus dread. I’m going to take the first impression the mind throws back at me. I’m not going to force this process or struggle at it. I just relax and ask the mind to tell me where the upset originates.

And I immediately find myself back in the cafeteria of my high school. The high school vice-principal has walked into the cafeteria where I and a number of other students are behaving poorly. Out of all the students he chose to ask me to come down to see him in his office.

Anyone can remember, I’m sure, how it felt to be summoned to the vice-principal’s “office.” I felt dismay and dread. I went down and in the course of my defence I said that he was picking on me. Only I didn’t put it in quite those words, being too afraid to be so bold. Nonetheless he recognized what I was driving at. The dismay and dread is associated with being called down to the vice-principal’s office.

There is a second similarity between the two situations – the historical one with the vice-principal and the present-day one with Georgi. In the historical one I had the feeling that I was being picked on. Being “picked on” has an element of unfairness to it.  In the present-day one I feel blamed by Georgi for an article I didn’t write. Being blamed for something one has not done also has an element of unfairness to it. So there is the same sense of righteous indignation that arises from both incidents. That is another similar feature of the two situations. All of these aspects of the two situations suggest why that particular historical incident was chosen by the mind.

I “be with” this remembered experience. I feel the dismay and dread completely. These are not feelings I particularly like. Being in the state of feeling them is an “unwanted condition.” But at last they begin to melt away and the memory of the situation is now gone from my present-day emotional state. The situation is over. My uncompleted historical experience is now complete.

It’s true that I’ve been the victim of strong or threatening attack on other occasions as well, but this particular occasion with the vice-principal is the “head vampire,” so to speak. The reason I know that is that, when I process it, I feel the draining away of all tension and attention connected to the present-day situation. The truth has set me free, in a manner of speaking. That release from tension tells me I have hit upon the earlier, similar incident that’s governing the present situation.

You may ask: so what? The point of the exercise is that the feeling I felt when I read Georgi’s most recent attack is now gone. I am what Werner would have called “restored to self.” But more to the point, if I’ve done the exercise well, then I’ve reduced my stack of historical vasanas by one.

So instead of battling and adding to my stack of vasanas, I’ve processed the sleeping volcano that went off and thereby reduced my stack of vasanas. Working in this fashion when our vasanas or sleeping volcanoes go off is what I’m recommending to people as a means of preparing for Ascension.

It’s our vasanas that will make for a difficult passage. We can therefore welcome situations in which we feel upset because the vasanas have gone off and are now available to us to process and complete.

And so this is what I’m advising others to do as well. Not to battle with others, which is unproductive and has no useful connection to where we’re all headed, but to process the vasanas that arise when we’re attacked.


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