Processing a Vasana of Strong Attack – Part 1/2

Let me reassure readers that I welcome and look for opportunities to process vasanas in public because I believe that it allows others to see how the upset clearing process works. So I’m fine personally and understand that this is a rather long article. But it does – at least I hope it does – show how to make the process work for you in clearing out some of the unfinished business that has to go if Ascension is to be made an easy process.  I removed the photo because I’ve been told it isn’t the right photo.

When a person is subjected to continuing or sustained attack, as I am at present by Georgi Stankov, one can respond by allowing the situation to define one’s character, become bitter, respond in kind, etc.

Or one can use the occasion to allow one to further “source,” flatten or lay bare one’s own vasanas or unprocessed behavior patterns and then process them.

The term “vasana” is used by Advaita Vedantists (or non-dualists) to describe the primary obstacle to enlightenment; namely, waves in the mind.

A vasana is usually considered to be a behavior pattern formed in early-childhood, based on a traumatic incident, complete with decisions and reactions, which persists through time, sleeps, and is awakened by a triggering event. It exists as a disturbing wave in the mind, preventing the stillness of mind which is considered to be a prerequisite for enlightenment.

I’ve heard vasanas be called records, files, persistent memories, scripts, and many other terms. Under one name or another, they are known to most, if not all, psychologists and many if not most spiritual teachers.

To respond to an attack by attacking has one become like one’s detractor, add to one’s stock of upsets, and take one further and further off-track. To respond by processing one’s awakened vasana allows one to subtract from one’s stock of upsets and place oneself further and further on-track.

And since it’s imperative at this time to reduce our stock of unprocessed upsets and since as well these cannot be processed until they have arisen in one’s field of consciousness (otherwise they are “sleeping” volcanoes), I choose to use the occasion of attack to peer into my stock of unprocessed upsets and complete the one that has been awakened.

I’ve been under attack by Georgi for a few months now. I’m going to give the background to the situation as I see it. The situation will likely continue but I won’t need to refer to it again, having gone through it once here.

Georgi claims that he ascended on Oct. 13, 2010 and was prevailed upon by Providence to return and minister to humanity.

“After I ascended on October 13, 2010 to the higher realms, I was asked by the Cosmic Providence for this planet to return back to earth once again, although my soul contract had finished. The reason for this was that humanity was in delay with its awakening, LBP and Ascension. I was asked to help Gaia and mankind beyond my contractual duty as a soul in the End Times.” (1)

Georgi describes himself as the “first” ascender. Archangel Michael actually says that there were waves of ascenders in 1987 and 1991, and Sananda discusses the matter as well in The Crystal Stair (1990), but let’s leave that aside. He discusses his personal history here:

“For many years, while his mind has been switched onto the highest levels of pure cosmic knowledge  – he came in 1993 to the conclusion that this principle is the Universal Law of Nature, which many scientists such as Einstein have been searching in vain in the past, and  that it should also hold true in physical matter.

“Being also an excellent mathematician and physicist, Stankov turned to physics and could prove within an year that all known physical laws can be derived from the Universal Law, which he had first discovered for organic matter.  Between 1994-1997 he wrote  volume I on Physics and Mathematics  (679 pages) in German, which contains the whole theory of physics and mathematics. In 1998 he wrote volume II as full and concise version in English. This book is a further elaboration of the General Theory of Physics of the Universal Law, but can be read independently of volume I.

“As soon as he had finished with his major scientific tasks, imposed on him by the causal worlds, he was informed in 1998 through a telepathic message, sent  from the highest levels of the Inner earth Agartha, that he must enter the light body process and transform his organic body to crystalline body in the following years. He was informed that he will be the first human being to ascend in the End Times and will be able to materialize and dematerialize his physical vessel in the 3d-space-time at his discretion.

“This endeavor would be the second part of his mission on earth. He will be the person, who will furnish the irrefutable proof that all human beings are immortal, multidimensional entities, who only incarnate on earth to collect experience in a total separation from Spirit.” (2)

He describes his post-Ascension mission here:

“Stankov’s chief mission on earth is to eliminate current failed science and substitute it with the new divine Science of the Universal Law, which is the Law of Oneness. This aspect is extensively discussed by Stankov in his last book”The Cosmic Laws of Creation and Destruction. Why and How the World Economic Order Will Collapses in 2011″, first published on May 31, 2011.

“Being the harbinger of the new Science of Ascension, Stankov has been also vested by the causal worlds with the duty to become the first Ascended Master of the current End Times. In his newly-edited website” (3)

In the course of his studies, Georgi has concluded that:

“Until now all light workers are void of true scientific knowledge and have developed numerous inferiority complexes in front of science and their representatives. This leads to a seemingly unequal relationship.” (4)

Georgi describes his intentions and accomplishments:

“For the first time in the history of science I will present a unique and novel explanation to two fundamental aspects of human existence and experience that have not been understood at all by both scientists and spiritually evolved persons. …

“I am the first scientist to have realized the true nature of cell membrane potentials for the regulation of the organic body and to have explained it in an immaculate manner, after I discovered the Universal Law of Nature in 1994 (see volume III). …

“This is currently not known to all conventionally thinking scientists. …

“Here, I come to my next intellectual achievement …

“For the first time in the history of science I have achieved a full synthesis between all neuro-biological data and the a-priori human idea of space-time, which is at the core of all philosophical systems developed so far – for instance, in Kant’s famous work “Kritik der reinen Vernunft” (Critics [Critique] of Pure Consciousness).” (5)

I became the target of Georgi’s attacks some time ago. Here is a representative example:

“At present, the vast majority of light workers, which comprise less than 1% of the world population, is impatiently awaiting the ‘first contact’ with benevolent extraterrestrials, such as those from the Galactic Federation. These civilisations have their representatives as incarnated entities already on earth and seem to channel many of them, by giving them quite often rather conflicting information as to how the first contact will take place and, above all, when it will take place.

“There were many false alarms in the past, so that the credibility of these sources is now questioned by many people. They have contributed largely to the current confusion among light workers – one prominent victim, I am trying to educate in vain during the last one year, is the entity Steve Beckow. This is already a clear indication that many of these sources do not come from the evolved civilisations of the Galactic Federation, but rather from the lower astral levels, where the dark forces of the Orion/Reptilian Empire have their domicile.” (6)

Georgi says that the original upset stems from the fact that he discovered that I was guilty of plagiarism, as he explains here:

“In this context [of assisting mankind], I was urged by my Higher Self to make an analysis on the esoteric literature in Internet and to intervene whenever appropriate to make the necessary corrections. This I did on several occasions. I always contacted the individuals with private emails and remained all the time absolute discrete. During this time, I did not even had my own website.

“When I came accidentally upon Steve Beckow’s website in October 2010 and analysed it, I had immediately a very bad feeling about this person and his activity.

“In particular, I noticed immediately that Steve is publishing other peoples’ articles and writes his name above as if he were the author of these articles and only below did he mention the name of the actual author of the article, however not always.

“This is in my eyes a criminal act by any legal or ethical standards, although I reject all current legal standards in this debased society. I concluded that Steve is committing without any doubt plagiarism and theft of intellectual property. Only recently the German war minister had to resign for a similar, though much smaller, crime of plagiarism. which Steve Beckow is actually committing for years in front of the whole Internet community.” (7)

I think Georgi is referring to the WordPress convention of placing the poster’s username on all articles posted by that individual. So, for instance, an article written by Lee Spiegel and posted to my website will feature the byline “by Steve Beckow” if I posted it or “by B.Z. Riger” if BZ posted it.

We’ve tried to compensate for this WordPress characteristic by placing full details of publication at the head of each article, like so:

UFO Sightings Increase 67 Percent In 3 Years, History Channel Investigates Unexplained Aerial Phenomena

by Lee Speigel, Huffington Post, 8/26/2011

Until Georgi’s recent comments, I had given little thought to the situation. When I originally saw this WordPress requirement, I recall feeling inconvenienced to have Lee Spiegel’s article appear as “by Steve Beckow.” But I thought that all readers would realize that I am bound by WordPress’s own characteristics and make the leap in understanding required.

He claims he contacted me to try to convince me to mend my ways, offering himself as my mentor. I have one email I’ve been able to locate from him (my computer crashed numerous times in 2010 and I lost most of my email).

“Dear Steve,

“While surfing in Internet, I inevitably check what you are writing. I must admit that it is depressing for me to witness your confusion in thinking … and writing. Your contribution to the general light worker discussion is thus more of a deleterious than benevolent character.

“It is a pity, as I am sure that you can do it much better. Currently your ideas and officially announced doubts as to what will happen in the future are, to quote a German saying, ‘like a dog rotating in a circle and biting its own tail.’ Doubts are essentially good, but one has to circumvent them at certain point in time. I think that this point has arrived for you now, if you do not want to “miss the train” (a German saying).

“Why don’t you try to streamline your thoughts and put them on a more sound and solid scientific basis.

“You can, for instance, start with my last article on free photon energy that will be soon available to humanity.” (8)

(Continued in Part 2.)

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