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I May Not Have a Job, But I Have an Occupation (Repost)

Tahrir Square was the highpoint of the Arab Spring

Again, because today there are perhaps two hundred Occupation protests, I’m reposting this article.

Let’s be real. Many, many people are not aware of it, but our world is under occupation by a small group, an elite, who have progressively corraled us and taken an ever-increasing share of the world’s wealth and resources for themselves.

The majority of people alive today have no idea what they planned for us. They don’t know that this cabal intended to depopulate the globe – to reduce its population from 7-odd billion to 500 million, as they announced on the Georgia Guidestones.

They have no idea that those persistent clouds they see overhead, which we call chemtrails, were designed to sicken the population and cause death. They little suspect that the pandemics that the world has had – SARS, avian flu, swine flu, even AIDS – were concocted in places like Fort Detrick and designed to reduce the world’s population, sometimes in racially-specific ways.  Toxic vaccines were also designed to be equally harmful.  

They know nothing about the weather warfare this cabal has waged – the earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, tornadoes, firestorms, snowstorms, flooding and droughts that this elite has engineered with weather-control technology.

They little suspect that false-flag operations like 9/11, the London, Oklahoma City and Madrid bombings, the Mumbai attacks and other operations were carried out by the CIA black ops unit. They little suspect that these carefully-staged black operations were used to justify illegal wars of occupation in Afghanistan and Iraq. They probably don’t even know that depleted-uranium weapons have been deliberately used to kill the civilian population and deform and kill their babies.

They know nothing of the intention to extend these wars to Iran, to nuclear bomb that country, and begin a cataclysmic World War III that this elite would survive in their Deep Underground Military Bunkers or DUMBs, under places like Denver International Airport.

But we know. And now we, who have few jobs, have a new occupation. That occupation is to take back this world, peacefully but irresistibly, from these erstwhile masters of the universe, to liberate it, to populate it – not to depopulate it – with people who intend to share that wealth and those resources equitably and peacefully, as harmonious brothers and sisters, wherever they live.

Our common occupation is the liberation of the world and we have unstoppable momentum. From country to country our movement will go and will topple this dark cabal, liberate the armed forces, restore their honor, and turn back the constitutional incursions that have whittled away our rights and freedoms and subjected us to such poverty and indignities.

This is our world. And we have taken up a common occupation for peace, freedom and harmony. There will be no denying us. There has never been any stopping us, but now we know that. The secret is out. The people’s power is supreme. In the face of it, no cabal, no secret state, no military-industrial complex can succeed. The people have never been defeated, are not now, and can never be. This world belongs to the people and we intend now to occupy it.

I may not have a job, but I have an occupation. That occupation is to take back my world in the name of peace, freedom and harmony.


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  1. Most of the population don’t know about the off world help we are receiving either. They will be extremely greatfull when they find out.

  2. And most of the people I try to “educate” are not interested. No matter from whatever angle I approach them. That’s is my only reason I can’t wait for disclosure to come about. Perhaps then and only then will their eyes open and accept that their is something more to life than a nine to five job.

  3. I’m interested in what both of you are talking about, where can I get more information.

  4. I know within myself that there was something terribly wrong in a world that says they are worshipping in”the prince of peace church”, and the” love your neighbor as yourself ” church, and then show up for every war that is concocted against it’s fellowman! No Church has refused to fight against it’s own brother; because they have provided and encouraged stuff like:…Pray for our troops etc. while they claim to be a country under “the thou shall not kill God”! HYPOCRITES is a kind word to describe humnanities ignorance. I would like to write a bumper sticker and put it on every vehicle in this world.
    People say”….PRAY FOR OUR TROOPS

  5. Steve,
    Great post, I hear the fire in you. You definitely have a writer’s voice!

    I, too, have ‘no occupation.’ I left Corporate America as an Executive in Sales & Marketing.
    Today, I AM Being my authentic self, and allowing my light to Shine because “One day the dam must break when a repressive regime and the society it rules march in opposite directions”~Roger Cohen (NYTimes)

    I am definitely marching in an opposite direction. There is no going back to the broken systems when you KNOW the Truth.


  6. From France (Paris) : Magnifique!

  7. Hi Steve,

    Like you and everybody else who gather to your site I am all Gung-ho for the chance to change our world . But sometimes I feel a bit disheartened at the slowness and the resistance. And I don-t mean only the resistance of the cabal but the resistance of the majority of the people to know; too busy, too afraid to face facts, just not interested. I am always amazed by their reactions; like it is not their business. Nevertheless I keep to the grindstone keep sending light to the darkest visualising the world I want ( I can almost taste it!!! Can hardly wait for some real signs of change. Good thing I know we ARE getting some help here or I would have like to sign out !!!

  8. The personal things i have been experiencing lately have been so great i dare not even share them, they feel like the final stages of learning in this life, it’s the best way i can describe it.

    I fear not for the future, I sit here patiently absorbing the conscious experience, waiting.

  9. For those discouraged by those who will not hear the truth…..please don’t be. Friends who didn’t have a clue what I was talking about, or who didn’t want to know, even as recent as 6 or 8 months ago, are now asking me for info or links. Just plant the seed; most of the time it WILL root on its own. When people won’t listen, I don’t persist……just encourage everyone to question everything! When people do that, to many of their surprise, things are not always what they have been led to believe (as I’m sure you all are aware!).

  10. It’s best to be prepared for anything. Knowledge is power.

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