The Transformative Words of an Angel – Part 2/2

... and the last.

(Continued from Part 1.)

The answer to my life’s question (why do we forget in Third Dimension?) is that there are two domains: in one we consult the mind and our thoughts. We estimate the situation, make lists of reasons, respond to our worries, hopes, and fears, and wander around in this realm forever. Forever, forever, forever.

There is no way out of the domain of the mind. It is a self-fulfilling, self-validating,  self-contained, endless hall of mirrors. We go on running around in circles in the domain of the mind – forever!

And life is complicated in the domain of the mind. It’s unsatisfying, scarey, worrisome, on and on.

But there is a second domain and I’m going to call that domain – because I want a word that has the widest possible chance of being accepted – the domain of space.

Perhaps you may not think that word is the best one.  You may wish me to consider calling it the domain of the heart or the domain of love. Or the domain of mercy, or grace, of commitment.

No, I have to say that the domain of space is how it appears for me. In that domain I am the space of that which arises. And, if what arises is what that domain attracts as its native constituent, then that domain is the home of all that is satisfying, all that ennobles and, what’s more to the point, all that promises the very best chance of our remembering the larger life that we forgot when we descended into Third Dimensionality.

And, living in and from the domain of space, life is simple, not complicated.

So it’s true to say that life is both simple and complicated, depending on which domain we live life in and from.

That having been said, whether we walk in the domain of the mind or the domain of space is a matter of choice. I choose which domain I walk in.

I don’t choose how successfully I will walk in that domain. I may have to walk in it at first “as if” I’m having success. As the Boss said not so long ago, act “as if” you are an ascended master. But acting “as if” will attract the desired outcome to me by the Law of Attraction. Or so I believe at this point in time.

If you’ve listened to the audiotape or read the transcript,  you’ll hear AA Michael telling us to love, trust, accept, harmonize, etc. All of this is the same for me as saying “Choose the domain of space.” In the last two readings he’s told us how to come from the heart and how to be love, etc. These are vital Ascension preparation teachings.

But for me, given the question I entered life with, the most transformative piece of information is that, if I want to remember the larger life, I have to life in and from the domain of space.

Question answered.

And school is over! I have no more questions. What is the purpose of life and why do we forget the larger life in entering Third Dimensionality? Those are the two questions I set for myself. The rest of life is a bonus. I’ve done the work I set out to do. I completed the assigned program of studies that each lifetime presents. I am no longer preoccupied because I have not yet answered the questions I brought in to life.

I’ve answered them. My attention is freed up. It’s no longer on me or about me.  Time to live a life apart from pressing concerns.

Oh, and I also asked for a birthday present for me and my wife. And the Boss responded with a slight slowness of pickup, “And what might that present be?” And I asked him for his darshan, for a vision of him, for both of us, in our waking state – and soon.

And he replied that he’d have to prepare us both first so that we don’t have a heart attack. So my birthday present is on its way and I can’t wait. It’s all nice to be speaking long distance via Skype but I’d also like to … well, I guess I can’t say “meet the Boss” because we apparently have already, but meet the Boss in this lifetime.

Life just gets better and better.

And I do hear him when he says that this is just the beginning (can’t remember which tape that was on). And I am ready. Little Steve has agreed to play his part and Big Steve has agreed to play his. I don’t need to proceed on the constant basis of “Well, what about me?” My life as a needful individual is over – because I say it is and because it is.

I’m ready to play my part.

So what else? Oh, yes. This question of karma. That’s something else I saw from this wonderful interview.

As far as I can see, karma applies most strongly in the case of people who are not riding the wave of life in the direction life is going. Life flows from not knowing God to knowing God. It is that way because God has decreed it.

All of us are swept along in the current until we merge with God again.

If we fight the current, karma is there like two paddles that keep us from going too far to the left and too far to the right.

But if we let go into life and ride the horse in the direction it’s going, to use Werner’s phrase, then we need karma far less.

Think of karma as an adult patting the baby on the bot to get it to go in the desired direction. If the baby is going in the desired direction, no pat on the bot.

If we insist on remaining in the domain of the mind past our time, karma may administer a pat on the rear. We may suffer a traffic accident and be laid up in bed for six months (something like one of our lightworker authors confessed a while back), unable even to watch TV but needing to just lie there and explore the domain of space. Thank you, karma.

So if we ride the crest of the wave in the direction it’s going, we have far less need of God’s two paddles to keep us moving with the stream.

And oh yes! One more. I very much enjoyed what the Boss said about not wanting to trade hats as a result of accountability. We’ve taken the black hats off the dark ones. We don’t want to put them on ourselves and simply trade roles by now becoming the perpetrator. If we’ve brought the dark to a standstill (all of us – galactics, masters, celestials and us), mission accomplished.  Time to stop now and get on with the task of building the New World.

So much else has arisen as a result of this message from the Boss. But I now need to turn to posting a bit, answering emails (250 at last count), having lunch, cleaning up after two days of celebration, staring vacantly into space, remembering, pining for my next call…………….

So thank you all for your birthday wishes and greetings. What a pleasure it was sharing that with you … and him.

This is such a wonderful journey. It’s definitely the case that the journey and the destination are the same.  It’s getting very hard to pay attention to all the bad news and the comets flying around and the rumors of war.  They keep fading more and more into the background and engaging my attention less and less.

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