Archangel Michael: The Key to Ascension is to Be in Love – Part 2/2

Lawrence continues his interview with Archangel Michael.  Here the Boss tells us what help is available to “borderline” Ascension cases and what is occurring with Disclosure.

Lawrence: Thank you so much, Michael. That was wonderful. I have question number two from Steve. What assistance will be provided to those who are borderline to enable them to ascend.

AAM: There are so many borderlines and boundaries in your world. It is but one planet and one way to think about this is one planet and one heart united. The people who are in that place of indecisiveness will be given help from above and below. And let me explain because I understand that you love explanations.

From above, certainly from their own guides and guardian angels, who have been tugging, pushing, pulling, talking all their lives. So that is the starting point and the given.

But they will also be given help from the legions – the legions – on this side. For I know that I often speak to you, who are of the peaceful warrior legion as it were, but there are legions. For example, there are many who work with compassion and mercy. Well, they will be very busy with this group. The Mother will be very busy with this group.

The other assistance that will come from above, or what you think of as above, because we do not want to overlook it in any way, is the assistance that will be given by your star brothers and sisters. They show up and, yes, it is a bit of a shock to many, especially those you call borderline, but what it does is it demonstrates the miracle of the universe, of the infinite potential and then all of a sudden the human collective also begins to have a deeper and broader understanding of what dimensions and interdimensional shifting means.

Because when your star brothers and sisters show up and say, yes, we bring you gifts of technology, of love and culture and friendship, and, by the way, we’re here to witness the shift of Ascension interdimensionally, people will begin to listen.

From below, Gaia and the kingdoms are already [giving], and will increasingly give, support to these people who are undecided. Speaking not only to their heads, but specifically to their hearts. The point isn’t to give them intellectual information, although that is a piece of it because that group tends to want information, they’re still processing in their heads and not their hearts, but increasingly, and you are already seeing it, they will speak to the heart and in that they begin the expansion and the thawing of the heart because it will feel so good to them to be in that place.

There is much talk of cataclysm, hours of darkness – what isn’t discussed is the beauty, the incredible beauty. Many of these individuals and even groups of what you can call the undecideds will have experience of such incredible beauty, of such tenderness, that their hearts will begin to open, that their hearts will begin to expand, and it may be literally having a tree embrace them, or a fairy appear to them, or an animal address them. Or simply the beauty of Gaia and her beckoning to them – yes, speaking to them. So that help will come from below.

Now we also put the legions of lightholders, what some call lightworkers, into that help from below. Because if you are holding the love, if you are holding the vision of divine alignment and rightness, it is like a virus. It is contagious. There are very few human beings upon your planet who actually truly desire to be miserable. Most beings yearn and seek love. Yes, sometimes in the most perverse ways, but nevertheless, it is almost an automatic or an autonomic response. They seek love.

So when it is in the air, when it is in their neighborhood, when it is down the street or across the country, they will breathe it and it can be as simple… It is not about preaching on a street corner, although there will be some who do that. It is about smiling. It is about looking into the eyes of another human being and sending love. It is about not standing in judgement. It is about extending yourself even if it is just a look, a touch. It is highly contagious. You, dear one, have had that experience. You can be in a terrible mood and walk into a room where everyone loves you, where the mood is high and positive, and within minutes you have shifted. And what appears to be massive has become trivial and you let go.

So there is not one sector, one quadrant that will not be helping those who are sitting on the borderline.

Lawrence: Thank you very much for that, Michael. That was also a wonderful answer. Readers of the 2012 Scenario are dying to know what is happening with Disclosure.

AAM: So are we. [Laughter.] And so are your brothers and sisters who hover. Can you imagine… we know of your impatience and it is founded. And your brothers and sisters of the stars, the fleets that are above you also are impatient. But they will not cross that line if they think it will cause fear and mayhem. That is a decision of the Intergalactic Council. That is what you would think of in your terms as a resolution and we as the other realm .. notice I do not say “higher,” but “other” … we do not override that decision.

So where is Disclosure? It is actually very close. And, yes, I know you say, so what does close mean? Is it actually two thousand years from now or is it tomorrow? We have told you, and continue to tell you, that we anticipate that this will most certainly take place, it has to, prior to the end of the year. But we are also anticipating that it will take place much sooner than that.

It is in the offices of the highest decision-makers in many of your countries. There has been some waffling back and forth but the subtle underlying pressure for Disclosure is so strong that it is pushing it forward. And frankly what is happening, and it is good timing, is that there are so many areas that are sensitive, shall we say, the occupation of cities, the financial distress, the wars, the oppressive regimes, that many of those who previously were not so anxious to introduce this are thinking that it might be the perfect distraction. So you can anticipate this sooner rather than later.

So am I giving you a date, dear one? No. But I suggest you look up every day. We are not talking about cloud formations. We are talking about the truth.

Now one of the things that has been discussed, and it has been discussed at length by various emissaries, is that there is a fear in shall we say some political circles that, if the Disclosure is made, that the population will say that you have been keeping this from us, like all the other dirty little secrets and in fact that is the truth. But we do not wish to emphasize that in any realm.

So there is a scenario that is in play at the moment where it is better to have many little visible sightings that are not denied by any countries or military regimes so that they can say, oh yes, we have contacted them and they come in peace. So that it is a surprise for everybody but it is a happy birthday surprise.

Yes, I do mean happy birthday surprise.

Lawrence: Thank you so much, Michael. Linda, I believe our hour is up.




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