Archangel Michael: The Key to Ascension is to Be in Love – Part 1/2

Lawrence, who wishes his first name only used, arranged a reading with Archangel Michael and asked me if I would like to give him any questions to ask. I did and it has produced a wonderful response from the Boss, who tells us how to prepare for Ascension, what help is available to “borderline” Ascension cases, and what is occurring with Disclosure.

Lawrence has already been speaking with AAM on personal subjects and has started a second tape on public matters. In this first section of that interview, the second part of which will come around noon today Eastern time, Lawrence asks Archangel Michael what we need to do to prepare for Ascension and AAM answers in one word – love – which he then expands into many expressions of love.

Some are surprising. Many of us regard ritual as from a past era, but AAM says it takes care of our emotional and mental bodies and – since we’re creatures of habit and lovers of ritual, though we deny it – serves us on several levels.

Lawrence says he so much enjoyed the experience that he’ll be doing it again for us and I welcome that. I welcome all other tapes that people make which allow us to hear more of what the Boss wants to communicate. An audio of the interview is included below.

Archangel Michael: Where do you wish to begin?

Lawrence: OK, let me start with these questions from Steve Beckow. I have three of them here. These are meant to be for public consumption. Number one begins: what is the most important thing we can do to prepare for Ascension?

AAM: The most important element, not only in preparation of Ascension, but in preparation for existence is to go into your heart and anchor in love. There are almost as many varieties of spiritual practice upon your planet as there are throughout the multiverse and each has wonderful elements that we would encourage and never ask you to discard.

And we don’t mean … when we say spiritual … we don’t simply mean religious. The key is to be in the love. But let us be even more specific than that because this channel is also pushing me.

There are a few simple steps and let us give you this as an image I would like to say of a beautiful blue triangle. Think of the outline of the triangle in my blue and it is prayer, meditation and ritual. The core, the inner part of that triangle is love. That is the heart.

Now would you would say to me, Michael, why do you include ritual in this? Why has the Council [of Love] also included ritual? Because, my beloved friends, you are creatures of habit. And let us face it, just like us, you are lovers of ritual and ceremony even when you deny it to the core. It [your denial] is not true. You remember it from Home.

We are always in a state of sublime oneness. But even we, dear hearts, have rituals. But the reason why we suggest ritual to you as part of your preparation for Ascension is that it takes care, particularly, of your mental and emotional bodies. When you enter into your sacred space and your sacred ritual … and we don’t really care which tradition you follow; it is your ritual that you have been taught by your spiritual teachers and gurus … it declares not only to us, because we are always on the lookout, but to you, this is my sacred time, where I am on every level of my being including conscious, subconscious, unconscious, I am connecting with the love. I am becoming and being the love. I am not only connecting to the Godhead but I am connecting to my divine self of love and I am acknowledging and cherishing who I am as well. If there is not love, there is not Ascension. It is that simple.

And how do you do that, through meditation, through a place of being in union with the love, where you shut down and open up that sense of being together, of being out of the way and completely present at the same time.

And that is often the opportunity for us to fill you, to speak to your heart, to give you information, and it is the same as prayer. It is acknowledging our presence in your life We do not mean just the memorized, rote prayer. We mean the heart speaking.

You would not live with a beloved spouse or children and never speak their name and never tell them what you are thinking and speaking, what your heart’s desire is, how you love them.

We are shocked, and it takes a lot to shock us, but we are always surprised and taken aback at how few lightworkers pray and pray in a ritualized, sacred manner, together with meditation. Of course you pray on the fly. You center on the fly, because we are asking you then to come out of that staying in the center of the triangle, in the love, and jump into action.

You are my warriors of peace. That implies action. Each of you in your own sweet, beloved way, in the unique way that you have chosen how to demonstrate on the planet.

As I have said today, how do you eliminate the darkness? You love it into submission. And that isn’t from a place just of gentleness and being too soft. It is from a place of knowing the core and the strength of who you are. That you are strong enough to stand there and command, demand what is right, what is truth, what is of oneness.

And that choice is not just for the individual, because when you go to that place of genuine truth, it benefits everybody. It benefits the collective even when they don’t know it. And there will be many who are still in that place of a little denial or kicking and screaming.

But it is all about love. That is the magnificence of this planet. It is a planet of love. That is why everyone has come to share, why everyone is so anxious and excited. And you can say to me, Lord, it sure hasn’t felt that way or looked that way. And I agree with you, dear heart. There has been a great deal of disillusion but those are the creations of the humans, generation after generation, until they actually took form and function.

Now you are taking your sword of light and you are bringing light and love so that all may see into those deep crevices where lies, and hatred, and guilt, and blame are buried so that they can be healed.

Ascension, yes, is a personal decision. Do you wish to shift or not? It is a choice. But it is also a group activity. It is coming together in love. It is coming together in union. Not just with the human collective. Your star brothers and sisters, with us, the Company of Heaven, with the kingdoms and most sacredly with Gaia.

You can’t have that level of depth, of profound connection, if you are coming from a place of doubt. When you go to the love, to your heart, when you stand there, sit there, lies there, what it does is that it seeps the doubt, it leaches it out of you. So that is what I ask of thee. That is what I ask of all of you.

Be my warriors of peaceful love because we do not have peace until there is love. And I have waited long enough. And so, my brother, have you. Is this clear?

Lawrence: Thank you. Thank you, Michael. When you speak of moving into our heart, is it helpful to simply have attention simply on the cavity, the chest cavity, the actual location, the center of your awareness, just as you would have attention on your hand?

AAM: Yes. The simple answer is yes. So you want to feel for that time of ritual, meditation and prayer, and then carrying it out throughout your day and your sleeping time, that your attention is in your physical chakra point of your heart, say from the top of your solar plexus to your high heart.

So think of it as if your heart has expanded into a huge Valentine heart. So it is coming up towards your clavicle and down towards your solar plexus, all the way out to the side of your body.

And your attention as you move about is there and particularly at the seat of the soul which is, as you are going to visualize, is towards the bottom or the point of the Valentine.

What you are doing is that you are pulling up – as if you have taken an elevator up from the heart of Gaia and landed and gotten off in your heart and down from the heart of Heaven into your heart. So you are pulling down and you are pulling up so that the focus is there.

Now what it is doing is also helping you get out of your head because it is a human addiction to run about a thousand thought patterns and a thousand scenarios in your head, all at the same time. Now that is not a bad thing. The intelligence that you have been gifted [with] and brought to this Earth is a magnificence. It is part of the package and we do not wish you to ignore it or destroy it, the same way we do not wish you to get rid of your delightful personalities or even your ego.

But it is the balance right now that we are really emphasizing and focusing on so by bringing everything back to the heart, to the engine, then you are bringing it to where you truly live. You reference your head. You reference your emotional body. Of course you do. We don’t want you to be just part of a person. Your being, your spirit is massive, with many bodies and many layers. But, yes, bring the focus physically to your heart.

And when you find yourself drifting throughout the day, and you will, just stop for about a moment, bring it back, feel the love, and then keep going. And if you are having trouble doing that, call on me, call on our Universal Mother [i.e., the Holy Spirit, Shakti], call on Yahweh, call on Lord Maitreya, Vishnu, call on anybody, but call.

(Continued in Part 2.)

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