Ascension, Choice, and Mission

In my meditation retreat over the weekend, one thing I got to see clearly was the lack of seriousness I was showing around Ascension. I cited this passage from Archangel Michael in an earlier article as capturing what I saw.

“One of the challenges you face increasingly in these coming days, is to take yourself and your awakening seriously. …

“You are increasingly called to bring your lifestyle into greater alignment with your vibration and your knowing. Each of you are growing in your capacity to claim what you know and this creates a sacredness to your experience. This appreciation of what is taking place is made by possible by embracing and trusting in the reality of the planetary ascension process, and it brings the element of the sacred to your lives and into your energy field.” (1)

Feeling keenly that I don’t want to waste any more time and hungering for the sacred, I’ve resolved to produce a series of articles that looks at what the Company of Light advises us to do, think, feel, and be in order to prepare ourselves for Ascension.

This isn’t me somehow saying that I know what to do, because I don’t. But this is me exploring what they say.

So let’s start by seeing what they say about the fact of our being here at this time. Was it an accident? Was it a fluke? Or did we choose to be here during these end times?

“You Chose to Be Here”

According to SaLuSa, “you chose to be here to … be part of the final chapter in the cycle of duality. Many, many souls sought such an opportunity, but your presence means that you were more suited to the occasion and brought with you a wealth of experience.” (2)

Patricia Diane Cota Robles offers a picture of the choosing process.

“We volunteered to be on Earth at this time because we were shown the bigger picture.

“In that revelation, we saw the end result of our endeavors in this lifetime. We saw what life will be like on this planet after the obsolete behavior patterns of Humanity’s fallen consciousness are purged and all of our human miscreations are transmuted back into Light. With that sacred knowledge, we knew through every fiber of our Beings that no matter what we had to endure in this process, it was going to be worth every bit of it.

“We were shown the New Earth in all of her splendor. We witnessed Humanity living with the full knowledge of the Oneness of all Life. On this New Earth, every soul recognizes and reveres the Divinity within every other soul and in every particle of Life. People work together to find viable solutions that reflect the highest good for all concerned in every situation. Win-win experiences are achieved in every line of endeavor. The New Earth transcends all of the maladies now existing on this planet. Exquisite joy, love, abundance, health, happiness, peace, wisdom, enlightenment, and every other aspect of our Father-Mother God are the order of the day on the New Earth.” (3)

Kryon tells his audience that the same choicefulness that had them incarnate in this lifetime probably has them be in the meeting listening to him.

“I wish you to understand something: You’re here during the shift and you chose to be here during this shift. Maybe it’s what brought you to the meeting. Did you ever think about that – what synchronicity brought you into this place? Maybe there’s something you should hear and know? Maybe there’s something you can do for this planet?” (4)

St. Germain tells us that “many find that hard to accept but that is because they have little or no recollection of having made that decision.” (5)

Matthew Ward reminds us that, when we made our agreements prior to birth, we knew the hardship we’d have to endure.

“To tell you that everything will go perfectly smoothly would be both dishonest and a great disservice because the months ahead will present difficulties to many. You knew this when you so eagerly asked to participate in this unprecedented time in the universe, when myriad members of many civilizations are working jointly with Earth’s residents to lift the planet out of low third density energies and into fourth and fifth densities.

“Furthermore, at the time you made your pre-birth agreement selections, you also knew that extensive cleansing measures would be required to rid the planet of the massive negativity that had accumulated over millennia, and you were prepared to experience those extreme conditions; however, the unflagging efforts of evolved beings off-planet produced such an abundance of light that the cleansing needs were substantially decreased.” (6)

The reason the Company of Light tells us this is to contextualize matters for us and have us experience the power of our choice in being here, rather than to regard ourselves as powerless victims of circumstances. They remind us that we chose to be here as Lightworkers and Starseeds to aid in the birth of the New Earth and that we knew and accepted the fact, as part of our terms of service, that the birth pangs might involve hardship.

They tell us that we knew that the end times might involve financial difficulty as the old economy which supported the Illuminati is brought crashing down, and might include physical suffering from medical conditions or from Illuminati-induced situations such as chemtrails, pandemics, toxic vaccines, flooding, earthquakes, tsunamis and so on. The Company of Light hopes that reminding us of these matters might make it easier for us to endure these temporary conditions.

Moreover, many Lightworkers and Starseeds are ascended beings who agreed to have their consciousnesses veiled upon entering Third-Dimensionality. By sharing in the suffering and all the other limiting and painful circumstances experienced by  terrestrials, many of whom are completing their karma, we are shown what their experience of life is, the better to understand their needs and serve them in the approach to Ascension.

“Discover Your Mission”

Matthew tells us that everyone who’s here is important to Ascension and plays a role in it.

“EVERY ONE of you is important or you wouldn’t be where you are! Only a relatively few are needed in primary leadership positions and some are becoming apparent, but many millions will be in support roles that aren’t yet evident because the need is on the horizon, not at the threshold.

“If you will remember that not only did you choose to live during this unprecedented time on Earth, but you were selected because of your collective lifetime experience, wisdom and spiritual strength that will be needed, you can be patient in the knowledge that when that moment comes, you will intuitively know how to proceed.

“However, since most missions do not come in one AHA! moment, we want you to know that simply by following your heart, the seat of the soul, you are serving the light and fulfilling the lifetime purpose you signed up for!” (7)

He counsels us not to worry if we can’t find our mission or role.

“Please do not feel concerned if you do not know your life mission! Only a relative handful of Earth’s peoples know about soul contracts, and simply following your inner voice—your soul’s messages to your consciousness—naturally leads you in your mission. When the time is right, and it will vary from person to person, you will know where you are most needed and can most meaningfully serve, and you will feel confident to fulfill that purpose.” (8)

SaLuSa tells us that we can rely on the Law of Attraction to draw us to suitable paths of service and unfoldment.

“The Law of Attraction works whether you are aware of it or not, and through it you will find yourselves following a path that is suited to your needs.” (9)

Our path is our path. We aren’t expected to play the role that someone else does, Lisa Renee reminds us.

“All you need to do is get that you are the divine note in the God orchestra. All you need to do is to play your note fully. Don’t pay attention to anyone else’s note but your own. Play your note fully and you will be the highest expression of what you are here to contribute and collaborate for humanity’s growth. It’s very simple. You just go within your own heart of being and know what your divine piece is and play it fully and fearlessly, courageously and bravely.” (10)

Not everyone is destined to be a world leader, Archangel Michael tells us.

“Not everyone is meant to teach the masses or become a world figure. In fact, it is those of you who are quietly going about your daily duties as you make small steady improvements within yourselves, while radiating the Love/Light of Creation down into the Earth and out into the world.” (11)

But, he says, “each and every one of you is needed to help lift and refine the collective consciousness of the masses.” (12)

Now let us leave Lightworkers and Starseeds for the moment and hear the Company of Light on why they insist that terrestrials play a part in terraforming and the other restorative operations that precede Ascension.

The fact that terrestrials are said to be needed to play their roles shouldn’t be interpreted as meaning that the galactics can’t do the job without them. They can, but it is part of the Plan that terrestrials should play a role, SaLuSa informs us: “It is not that we are without adequate personnel, but we want Man to be an integral part of the projects that will commence in the very near future.” (13)

It is their Earth and they’re responsible for setting its situation right, as Diane of Sirius reveals: “Karma operates at all levels and you are responsible for making good the damage you [have] done to your beautiful Earth.” (14)  Speaking to terrestrials primarily, Atmos of Sirius elaborates:

“It is [neither] our intention nor are we expected to take from you, your opportunity of making good what has occurred through your many lives over millennia of time. It has become your collective responsibility, and it will release you from any further karma.” (15)

The Company of Light reminds terrestrials that they are themselves the saviors they’ve been waiting for, as the Nine reveals through Magenta Pixie.

“I cannot stress enough that there are no saviours other than yourself.

“It is therefore you that shall lead others to a place of protectedness, connectedness, and abundance. It is you that shall shape the future of your wonderful planet for your descendents to incarnate here and enjoy all that you have created for them.” (16)

Now returning to the Lightworkers and Starseeds who have come to aid terrestrials in Ascension, the reason the Company of Light tells us to discover our missions or roles is that the determination to discover them sets in motion the circumstances that will lead to discovery. It invokes the Law of Attraction. It empowers our guides and archangels to interact with us in ways that awaken us to our terms of service. And once we come alive to our reason for being here, the veil begins to fall away and we become activated, inspired and motivated to begin serving.  We move away from being ignorant and unmotivated to being awake, aware, and galvanized into action.

Starseeds can be said to have less karmic reason to participate in the cleansing and restoration of Earth, because they come from afar. They have agreed to serve terrestrials by taking a leading role in matters like terraforming.

Terrestrials are more the ones who’ve incurred the karmic debt which participating in terraforming the Earth addresses and dissolves.  The terrestrials are thus the saviors they have been waiting for. Starseeds facilitate their efforts by waking up sooner, having more direction and energy for this work, and providing in many cases the leadership.

So in the days and weeks ahead, what I’d like to do is to look at all aspects of the ways in which the Company of Light tell us Lightworkers and Starseeds we can profitably prepare for Ascension and help others prepare for it. I’ll concern myself with their coaching on useful ways of seeing things, important areas for growth and unfoldment, sacred ways of relating to each other, and other practices and goals that will ensure us a smooth and easy path to Ascension.


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