Backgrounder on the Middle East – Part 2/2

Tahrir Square was the highpoint of the Arab Spring

(Continued from Part 1.)

By February 2011, the Arab Spring had broken out and the galactics were watching it expectantly.

“We are paying great attention to the Middle East which is a model for what might happen to other countries. It has been a hotbed of confrontation for hundreds of years, and sought after for its wealth. Many countries have histories of being occupied by foreign troops, and once we can come into the open we shall assist in returning them to their native population.

“People must be freed of oppression and allowed to express themselves without interference, even if their ways appear alien to how others live. Respecting such sovereignty has been sadly lacking but as soon as it is accepted that You Are All One, things will be seen from a higher perspective.” (13)

He told us that same month that 2011 would be a year of surprises that will more than compensate for the tragedies in places like the Middle East. Since we’re now entering the period in which events in Middle East are heating up, let me quote him at length:

“At present the picture in the Middle East is not pretty, and many souls are so eager to bring peace to their region that they risk their lives. Be assured that they are subconsciously aware that they agreed to do so, and their sacrifice will elevate them into the higher Light. Fortunately it will not be in vain and the dark Ones will be dispelled in one way or another.

“It has been apparent for some time that unrest would escalate and bring about their downfall. Once people power is recognized as able to achieve changes of great magnitude, no government will feel safe. The Light gathers momentum all of the time, and it is going to achieve the goals that people desire. There is therefore every reason to keep relentlessly aiming for total victory, because it will be yours to celebrate.

“We are tempted to tell you to expect one thing at the time, but a number of events are reaching completion together. So it is quite possible that there will be a whole string of happenings in a relatively short time. Things are turning in your way and it will certainly be a year of surprises, and they will more than compensate for the unwelcome ones.

“Of course there are upheavals to come, and that is the price of your freedom. Concentrate on the benefits of the changes, and accept that they cannot come without a major effect upon your lives. We watch over you and are active where we can help to ease situations for you.” (14)

In March of 2011 Matthew predicted the fall of dictatorships in the Middle East and around the world.

“Eventually hard-won victories will come in Libya, other countries in the Middle East and nations in Southeast Asia and Africa. In countries where political groups with different ideologies oppose each other without violence, extremist positions will give way to unified administrations that serve the needs of the masses rather than the greed of the elite.” (15)

Nonetheless he did not see change coming swiftly or without cost.

“However, it would be folly to expect swift capitulation by tyrannical rulers or completely smooth transitions as the settling in of new national leaders will be amidst varying degrees of unrest and at different paces.

“Sorrow and hardships will befall the families whose beloved members pay with their lives for reformed governance or who were caught in the line of fire. We devoutly wish that all could know that every person who leaves this lifetime by either original or amended soul contract is thriving in Earth’s spirit world.” (16)

In March as well, SaLuSa told us that the Middle East still needed help to clear accumulated negativity and appealed to us to assist.

“The Middle East is an area that for ages past has accumulated much negativity, and it needs help to clear it. We can help in that respect but a mass sending of Light from you will best serve the interests of the people in that region.” (17)

In April, he observed “rapid changes in the Middle East.” (18) He told us that the Galactic Federation was involved but limited by necessity in what they could do.

“We of the Galactic Federation are doing what we can to bring a peaceful settlement in the Middle East, but the dark energies have been so embedded in that area it is not an easy task even for us. We cannot impose ourselves upon people, but work to bring peace and stability to a situation. If we were invited to participate that would naturally be different, yet in many ways it is far better if you are seen to overcome your own problems.” (19)

One of the services they performed was denying the Illuminati the use of nuclear weapons and preventing the escalation of the conflict into a world war.

“The Middle East has been a focal point for many years, and has held the key to your future. It could have easily brought about a situation that would have led to another world war. It has been diverted with our help, by preventing any small confrontation becoming a major war with the use of nuclear weapons. It is because we have the divine authority to intervene in such circumstances, that an escalation has not taken place.” (20)

In June he said that the popular uprisings were bound to be successful.

“As you know already, there are changes in the process happening in the Middle East and the people’s willpower and intent to achieve their aims will carry them forward to success. …

“June is to be a particularly good month and gradually more of you will notice the upliftment in your levels of consciousness.” (21)

As we have seen from recent reports, around the world, the Illuminati leaders who stand behind the larger “terrorist” effort, Armageddon scenario, and plan for world domination, of which the Middle East is but a theater, are being taken down and, rumors say, arrested. SaLuSa predicts that the coming changes in government will bring peace to this region and the world.

“Following the coming changes in leadership and governments the whole world will be a safer place, and that will bring our open contact with you a lot nearer.” (22)

“We wait upon various leaders to accept that they have no alternative but to go along with the plan for Ascension or resign, as the right people must be leading you through the final days. They will be motivated by their desire to lead you out the mess you are in, and put in place systems that respect your rights and sovereignty and we will of course be working with them.” (23)

The road to peace in the Middle East has been a hard one. It hasn’t been perhaps as hard a road as in some places in Africa where death and destruction occur without even a veneer of civilization. But thousands and thousands of people have lived lives lacking in security, comforts, or dignity. That time may have ended for some in countries like Libya and Egypt (it may not have). But it still stands in the future for the Palestinians.

Nonetheless change can come quickly in these times of rising energy. It may only take a popular uprising in Israel and Palestine to see those who wage endless war overthrown. We appear to be headed into a time when things thought impossible are happening with regularity. I don’t anticipate, myself, the situation that prevails in the Middle East lingering for more than a matter of months.


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