Backgrounder on the Middle East – Part 1/2

The Illuminati planned endless war in the Middle East

The United Nations is poised to consider a strong appeal for Palestinian statehood. Nowhere are changes so needed as in the Middle East. Let’s take a look at what the Company of Light has said over the years about that region of the world and its prospects at this time.

Matthew Ward discussed the karma that is being played out there in 2009, which he says goes back to before recorded times:

“Underlying all of the death, destruction and tyranny in the Middle East is the extremely heavy karma being played out. Long before your recorded history, the inhabitants of those lands battled savagely for supremacy, and ancient blood permeated the earth.

“The resultant negativity had to be released in massive degree so Earth could move out of deep third density, and souls who lived in those early civilizations have returned time and again with the chosen mission to reduce the accumulated negativity. The inhabitants of those lands today came in for the same purpose, but this time, they are here to complete the release and achieve karmic balance as individuals and for Earth.” (1)

SaLuSa told us this past summer that karma still remains to be played out, preventing the galactics from intervening as deeply as they wished.

“They must stop very soon, but some karma is being played out and must run its course. It is sad and we hear the cries of those in pain, but we are unable to interfere in what is your affair and the result of your actions. We do not wish to sound harsh but we are bound by Galactic Law, which we fully understand and abide by.” (2)

In the past, the New World Order tried to ship nuclear bombs to the Middle East to bomb Iran and induce Armageddon in the region. They were prevented, some say, by the Chinese, others by the white hats in the American military. Behind them, doubtless, stood the galactics, as Ker-On told us in 2008:

“We shall ensure that there is no interference from the dark forces [in Ascension], as their power will have been removed from them. Already we curtail their ability to cause more wars and use their nuclear weapons and we know that it has been their objective in the Middle East.” (3)

The cabal used dictators and warmongers in the Middle East to achieve its plans for world domination.  They justified their alliances as fighting Communism at first and later as fighting terrorists. They controlled the military who, as SaLuSa told us back in 2008, didn’t know who they were working for.

“We place no blame or judgement upon [the Western powers], as they are still controlled by the agenda of the Illuminati. Their power is held by their many representatives at all levels of authority, who often unwittingly carry out their orders without a true realization of the far-reaching consequences. This is most prevalent in your military forces that often do not know for whom or what they are working. They are simply an extension of the Illuminati who use your resources, funded by the taxes on your hard-earned monies. The corruption and misuse of your wealth is criminal to say the least.” (4)

In past years, the Illuminati hid behind the pose of being democrats and human-rights protectors. But that image has suffered terribly. The events of 9/11 are enough to dispose of it in relation to the Bush administration, but I could fill a page with other instances. The Israelis began to lose their reputation as being on the side of human rights with the Gaza War where they tested depleted-uranium weapons for the Americans and have since done everything in their power to lose the sympathy of the world through their treatment of the Palestinians.

Our sources tell us that the largest number of incidents blamed on “terrorists” are in fact the work of the CIA black ops unit. Here is Matthew:

“Very few of the violent incidents in that entire area [the Middle East] are the work of the ‘Muslim radicals’ who are blamed for them—this is part of the propaganda to instill the idea that the new enemy of peace and freedom is the Islamic religion. … Most of the death and destruction, including many of the suicide bombings, are ‘black-ops’ activities implemented or directed by the Illuminati-controlled faction of the CIA, often using mind-controlled individuals.

“But the big picture is that all the violence reinforces the necessity to keep waging the fictional ‘war on terror.’ Expanding this ‘war’ is an Illuminati priority not only to further erode civil and God-given rights, but to gain ‘popular’ support to include the manpower required to keep their conquests and occupation going in their march to world control. That never can happen except in some delusional minds that are captive of lowest third-density energy forces.”(5)

Both Democrats and Republicans in Congress were behind keeping the overall Illuminati plan for endless war in the Middle East. Said Matthew in 2007:

“Even though historically the wheels of Congress move slowly, the Illuminati influence in both the Democratic and Republican parties is deliberately keeping a variety of proposals on a slow merry-go-round. It is essential to their long-time plan for the Middle East—which they haven’t forsaken even with abject failure illuminated by a million strobe lights—that the fighting and occupation continue.” (6)

SaLuSa agreed with Matthew that the Illuminati were behind Middle-Eastern conflict:

“You are waking up, and no longer easily fooled and see through the devious workings of the Illuminati.

“War is one of their greatest weapons and even now they fuel the ones occurring in the Middle East.” (7)

Referring to his words reproduced earlier in this paper about the karma being played out in the Middle East, Matthew said:

“We know that overview seems dispassionate in light of the extensive pain in Gaza, just as in Iraq and Darfur and all other places on Earth where darkness still has a toehold. Even though we know that the individual and area-wide karmic balancing taking place is essential and we know that the souls who participated in accordance with original or amended contracts have achieved leaps in spiritual growth, we weep for those who are living in the midst of trauma because they are not aware of their loved ones’ magnificent accomplishments or their very own.

“The balance to our deep sadness for them is our joy in the assurance that one day they will know what we do, whether they are in spirit lifetimes or in Earth’s Golden Age that they helped to manifest.” (8)

The galactics have prevented this most difficult of trouble spots from spiraling out of control at the hands of the Illuminati. The galactics are able to attend their meetings undetected and listen in on their conversations anywhere in the world.

“We will always have the advantage over them, as we closely follow their activities and intentions. We have already prevented an escalation of the troubles in the Middle East, and major incidents calculated to increase the fear of terrorism. We also stopped their plan to create reasons to impose martial law, and step up their degree of control over the people. We have kept the dark Ones occupied with their own problems, and strengthened the position of our allies.” (9)

The average citizen of Israel and Palestine is a mere pawn in the hands of the Illuminati. I’ve often thought that it would take popular uprisings such as was seen in Israel recently and such as have not yet been seen in the Palestinian lands to break the stalemate there. SaLuSa suggested back in 2008 that the people’s voice held the key to resolution of Middle-Eastern conflict:

“It may appear at times that it is one step forward, and two steps backwards, but where the dark forces have created points of utter darkness the energies must fully work out. Clearly you would recognize one such area as the Middle East, and it has been sullied and impregnated with the dark energies for hundreds of years. It cannot be cleared except that the people turn to the Light and transmute them and allow for radical changes.

“As can be clearly seen it remains a hotbed of altercations and confrontation and the mistakes that should be learnt from are repeated time and time again. There is always talk of peace but, without pure intent and allowance for the differences in their cultures, headway is extremely difficult. You the people hold the key and, when your voices are loud enough, your leaders will be forced to acknowledge your demands for peace.” (10)

SaLuSa said in 2008 that the people of the Middle East “are learning yet another lesson, that warring with each other is unproductive.” (11) In 2010, he told us that more karmic cleansing remained.

“For a time [things] will remain chaotic and uncertain. …

“What you are going through is a karmic cleansing, to clear all of the negative energies that have built up over thousands of years. In some cases they lay deep within the Earth, and you have pockets where it is particularly powerful such as the Middle East. In your history you will find that such areas are continually the seats of much evil, and wars are endemic.

“Peace cannot be fully achieved until the negative energies are transmuted, and the people themselves are prepared to live in harmony with each other. The [seemingly] impossible will come into being in your time, as it will across the world. It will require a great change where your perception of each other is concerned. Once you realize the you come from the same source and that you are each other’s brothers and sisters, you will more easily accept the Oneness of all that is.” (12)

(Continued in Part 2.)



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