Dutch Sinse Under Attack

The following article was posted to Steve Quayle’s website. Our friend Dutch Sinse, who did so much work to expose the depradations and workings of HAARP, now appears to be under attack himself. A friend of his was shot by what appears to be a professional hit team and Dutch has been leaned on by Youtube to rake down 100 of his videos relating to such matters as the technological causes of the Japanese Earthquake.

We here at 2012S ask that you direct your prayers to the Company of Light for Dutch’s safety. he has risked his life to show us how the cabal works its black deeds and he may pay the price for it. Thanks to Pat.

Dutch Sinse under Attack Too Accurate–Friend Shot –Professional Hit!

August 14, 2011

Hi Steve / support staff,

I’ve been a listener of [Steve Quayle’s] for many years and now I need to find out if he can SHED SOME LIGHT!!

The light of truth and bright one at that, needs to be shined on this situation if you are willing??

RE: YouTuber dutchsinse THIS IS ALL HIS WORK AND RESEARCH on HAARP: dozens of links to HAARP patents etc. etc. Images you MUST see!!!!!! THIS is what he does. Channel

I know you know Alex, Jeff, George, and many many other powerful voices who can perhaps rally the support now needed.

The is a YouTuber who’s channel name is dutchsinse from St. Louis who does some amazing work studying HAARP, earthquakes, and volcanos. It’s far beyond the scope of this email to explain how good he is at what he does, but if it helps any to know this much, he first REALLY started drawing attention when he posted a warning about a potential large earthquake in Japan only a few days before they got hit in March. Since then, with almost daily updates on HARRP rings he can find on weather radar systems he’s very accurately predicted violent weather and tornadoes dozens of times. 24 -48hrs in Advance.

Here’s the stats on his channel, and most all of this is just in the last 6 mo.

Channel Views:3,437,533

Total Upload Views:12,869,647 – – YES that’s 12+ MILLION views of his uploads.

He even has this posted on his channel…………

“from one of my viewers who has family in Joplin Missouri —

“Just in. My step son living in the vicinty of Carrosel Park(sp) on the 3800 block of West 7th, Joplin had listened to my ranting of Flash rings seen in general area, had packed up family, summer, clothes and valuables then left the area for the weekend in the hills near Anderson. Thanks to you they and their worth are ok. House, boat and all else are gone but my daughter, stepson and grandkids are ok….Thanks to you –youtube user billyhayes548”

I’ll let you guys do your own investigating on this, BUT WHAT YOU WON’T FIND….. is 100 plus videos that YouTube just made him
take off his channel from back when he posted warnings about Japan BEFORE it happened.

HIS BEST FRIEND WAS JUST SHOT 5 TIMES with an AK-47 under VERY odd circumstances at 6:20AM in St. Louis about 3 days ago (2 guys – black Hummer) and he HAD received threats and his channel and work recently came under a lot of attack.

HIS WORK even prompted the USGS to issue two different press releases regarding what Dutch is still pretty certain where / are volcanic plumes / venting from SoCal all the way to WA. He also has strong suspicion that USGS is downgrading / hiding the actual size of the EQ’s it’s reporting on it’s site.

HE REALLY NEEDS SUPPORT ….they are trying to shut him down and just 3 days after his close friend got shot, then YT makes him take down all those videos.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE…. If there is ANY way you or Alex or anyone else you know can help this guy out here, he has a LOT
of good people who love and support him a bunch, but they don’t want him to get hurt.

HE IS SCARED…. He just posted this on his channel tonight:

” I just deleted WELL OVER 100 videos… thanks youtube, thanks to trolls.. copyright violations on the Japan tsunami videos I posted at the time in March??!! really??? well .. now youtube.. i just NUKED my effin channel.. enjoy the low views!”

“dutchsinse: deepest aplogies to anyone upset with me.. I won’t be around for a while.. upsetting developments have occurred— im coming to figure out that video making about the “real truth” is NOT worth the pain caused in “real life”

Many many people are praying for him to be surrounded by angels and for God’s hand of protection to be on him. He has moved his family to a secure location for now. PLEASE see if you can contact him and offer some support or advice…he does NOT have a lot of money, and though many have insisted on sending him donations, he’s never tried to make money from his work. HE ONLY is concerned with peoples safety.

Jeff in Oregon

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