Fear on Wall Street and in Global Markets

The headlines are screaming “Bloodbath on Wall Street,” Eurozone can’t recover, global markets down, more fears of 2008 recession repeat.

What in the name of heaven is going on?

Our sources tell us that what’s going on is the dismantling of an economy which never worked, was not designed to work – at least, not for us – was run to benefit a global elite, and will soon be restructured to benefit all.

One of the ploys used by the elite to have us remain quiet over the years has been to identify their interests with ours. So for instance the “free market” was supposed to be a beneficent regime, whose outworking would benefit all people. In its name all regimes which the defenders of the free market didn’t agree with, which usually meant that they could not profit from, were overthrown, their leaders assassinated, their economies undermined, and so on.

Friends of free-market countries as well as enemies had their currencies destabilized and manipulated. Said University of Ottawa professor Michel Chossudovsky:

“In the late 20th century, the outright ‘conquest of nations’, meaning the control over productive assets, labour, natural resources and institutions, can be carried out in an impersonal fashion from the corporate boardroom: commands are dispatched from a computer terminal, or a cellphone. The relevant data are instantly relayed to major financial markets – often resulting in immediate disruptions in the functioning of national economies.

“‘Financial warfare’ also applies to complex speculative instruments, including the gamut of derivative trade, forward foreign exchange transactions, currency options, hedge funds, index funds, etc. Speculative instruments have been used with the ultimate purpose of capturing financial wealth and acquiring control over productive assets. In the words of Malaysia’s Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad: ‘This deliberate devaluation of the currency of a country by currency traders purely for profit is a serious denial of the rights of independent nations.’” (1)

Once their economies fell, the same free-market investment houses that speculated on their currencies bought up their debt at cents on the dollar. The International Monetary Fund then came in and enforced the repayment of the debt at full value, gutted government services, and ensured unhindered and advantageous access to natural resources for other companies which also served this same elite.

Meanwhile, the elite automated us out of jobs and shipped the remaining work to low-cost overseas nations, so that the average working person in North America has lost ground viewed from almost any angle. They sickened us with chemtrails and pandemics, appropriated and re-engineered the food supply, used weather-control technologies to eliminate enemies and keep their own populace distracted and tied down, and pursued many other elements of their program to tighten control over global levers of power.

In world finances, this bandit regime, for such it was in my view, had free rein over the international economy until it overstepped itself in the little-remembered derivatives bubble and ran up debt that, the last time I looked, was estimated at $200,000 for every man, woman and child on Earth. The derivatives crisis sealed the fate of the “free-market” economy and what we’re watching now is its inevitable unwinding.

We’re watching that unwinding as well because that economy was based on greed and deceit and cannot go forward into the New Age. It’s being allowed to fall and its fall is what’s being daily described in the newspapers and on TV. Unless it falls, if the new economy were inaugurated, the elite would simply grab the new money and subvert the new financial system.

As the old economy falls, the elite it served again tries to have us identify their welfare with our welfare and to persuade us that we cannot survive without the very financial institutions that shored them up and battened them for so long.

But we can and we will.

Once this corrupt and elitist economy topples, which we’re told will be coming soon, the pain will end and an entirely new economy will arise. Not actually arise, because it’s already in place, just waiting for the signal to be announced. SaLuSa has often called it the “abundance program.” I think it was Zeitgeist Addendum that called it the “wisdom economy.” Most of us know it as NESARA.

NESARA is the name of an act passed by the American Congress, the “National Economic Security and Reformation Act,” which was never proclaimed. It was due to be proclaimed on Sept. 11, 2001, at 10:00 a.m., but at 9:00 a.m., well, you know what happened.

“Nineteen Arab hijackers” outwitted NORAD and the rest of the U.S. military structure so famed for preparedness, commandeered several airplanes, brought down and reduced to powder a number of the safest and most guarded buildings in the United States, several hijackers managing to survive crashing into buildings, led by a man who, at the time he was said to be in an Afghani cave masterminding events, was actually lying incapacitated in a Rawalpindi hospital, who is also alleged to have carried on another ten years though nursing a blown kidney, escaping an intelligence net that manages to fail when convenient, but also to spectacularly succeed when convenient, etc., etc.

And with the 9/11 attack (or “second Pearl Harbor”), the elite received the intended shot in the arm that allowed it to pursue its long-standing plans for world domination and population reduction. Some elements of the plan were acted on, such as the declaration of war against Afghanistan and Iraq and the curtailment of constitutional rights.

Some were not, such as an attack against Iran, numerous other 9/11s, and the eradication of most of the population of the planet. For the curtailment of the elite’s power, which I don’t think we could have accomplished alone, we have our brothers and sisters from other star nations to thank. To this day, the elite, on automatic, continues to carry out any elements of its plan that remain intact, although all are rapidly running out of steam … and cash.

Now we watch the death throes of this regime as one nation after another emerges from its control and we wait for the total disruption of the elite, after which the new economy will be declared.

What do our sources tell us about this scenario and its outcome? Saul says this of it:

“There is no need for poverty, deprivation, or repression to be endured anywhere, and the work that is being done to bring an end to endemic worldwide privation will ensure that no one is left in need.

“The changes that will occur to bring in peace and abundance for all are very complex, and the preparations necessary to bring them about are approaching completion. But there will be some confusion initially as the changes start to occur, because they are quite unprecedented – nothing like them has ever been undertaken during Earth’s long history.” (2)

SaLuSa reports that:

“Different aspects of the intended changes are well advanced and as they are so far reaching and extending to the whole world, you will understand that the timing is critical. It is particularly relevant to financial changes, as they require acceptance and full support if they are to quickly be set in place. The net result will be that your money will be safe and not subject to so many changes in value. The speculators that can devalue it through their rogue trading will no longer have that option, and eventually investments will become secure.

“A new currency waits in the wings, and in future will hold its value as it is supported by precious metals. Printing money without such backing will no longer be allowed. Agreement to the changes is generally accepted, as it is seen as the only way out of the mess previously created by irresponsible banking. There have been many unlawful practices, and those who have lost out because of them will be compensated. Once all of that is straightened out you will find that monetary wealth will be apportioned fairly, so that all enjoy in the prosperity that will emerge.” (3)

And all of this, SaLuSa tells us, is in preparation for the main event of Ascension.

“Great wealth that is in the hands of so few will be re-distributed so that all share in abundance. The days of the elite are numbered, but they will be treated fairly like every one else. Such changes will pave the way for your eventual Ascension, which will subsequently lead to a time when money will be no longer required. When you can create for yourself all that you need to exist, you will no longer be reliant on others for your welfare.

“The experiment called duality has pitched you against each other, and being successful in competitive situations has often come down who has been the most powerful. This will also cease in favour of co-operation and the sharing of all of the new Earth’s treasures. In this respect the Earth will be honoured and treated as the wonderful loving host she is to the Beings who travel with her.” (4)

What is the very latest prediction of the time we must wait until NESARA is declared? SaLuSa says in today’s message (Aug. 5, 2011):

“Everything is moving so quickly now, and even as we leave our message we see the opportunity for financial change becoming more certain. The hole now is so big you can no longer close it up, and it is impossible to maintain the existing system for much longer. Your leaders and the banking families are aware of it, and realize that their days are rapidly coming to a close. Money is power, and they no longer have the means to sustain their program for world government.

“So we feel your excitement and belief that your salvation is near, and yet also the despair of those who only register the chaos and breakdown being unaware of your diversion to another path that brings success and victory over the dark Ones. It will take time before it is complete or a fait accompli, but you will be uplifted when you see the signs of positive changes.” (5)

I know that some people are biting their nails wondering what our fate will be. But our fate is in the hands of an assembly of beings whom Archangel Michael called recently the “Company of Heaven,” who as we can see have all the details worked out, which means that for us there’s nothing to fear. Yes, we may go through a spell for a short time longer of inconvenience and even privation for some. But on the other side of that will be prosperity for all in an economic order that works for everyone, with no one left out.

In the meantime, if you have more than sufficient, look around you and have care for those you know do not. Start NESARA early by seeing that, if you can help any who are struggling, you do. No one knows when NESARA will be declared. We think it won’t be long and it can’t be any longer than mere months. But until then it’s up to us if possible to relieve the need of those around us. Don’t place yourselves or your families in jeopardy but see if you can use any excess for the good of your neighbors or the public.

Soon everything to do with economics and finances will change in ways that we can hardly guess at now. Deprivation, homelessness, hunger will be things of the past. We only need to see that we and others around us get through these next few months.


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