Easy Ride or Bumpy Ride: Up to Us

We are decent people

The rising light energies are bringing up all our issues. If you want to imagine what that’s like, just think of a time when you were feeling hurt or resentful and someone came along who was all sweetness and light and you said to them: “What are you so happy about?”

That typifies what’s happening right now. Most of us have many of our old issues intact. We won’t countenance this; we can’t stomach that. If we could look at ourselves with a “stressmeter” (a device that hasn’t yet been developed; I’m working on it), we’d see ourselves as a mass of muscular tension, a coiled spring. Now that tension is being challenged by the increasing love and light that’s being sent here. And for some of us it’s downright uncomfortable.

SaLuSa addressed the matter yesterday but the galactics and ascended masters have been speaking about it for more than a year now:

“The sands of time have nearly run out, and unlike when you prepare to go on vacation and sort out what you want to take with you, Ascension is quite the opposite. You are instead sorting out what you cannot take with you, but of course we do not mean physical objects. It comes down to any attachments that are of the lower vibrations, that cannot exist in the higher vibrations. As part of your life plan, you have arranged that they present themselves to you for cleansing.

“Many of you have come into life with a dark side, but that should not dismay you as you will have every opportunity to deal with it. Reflect on what it is that does not serve your higher good, and move it out of your life. … [These areas] of life … will prevent you from uplifting your vibrations, and if you are serious in your intentions to ascend you must cleanse yourself of [low] energies.” (1)

Not all of what SaLuSa is referring to are easily-identifiable low energies; some of what he is referring to are restrictive patterns, including patterns we may think are really good and decent like “I’m a good Christian,” “I’m an upstanding American,” or “I’m a generous person.”

If you’re a person who’s attended a lot of encounter groups, personal-growth workshops, and similar things, you’ll be used to being “called” on your patterns and records. You’ll know that when someone brings one to your attention, the invitation is to take a look at what they’re saying and see if it applies to you. Try it on. If it does apply to you, acknowledge it and be with what you’ve now seen.

People who haven’t attended groups like these probably won’t respond this way. They may become righteously indignant and say, “I’m a good person. What would have you say that about me?”

That way of responding would be all fine and dandy if we had another thousand years of duality in front of us. But what’s in front of us now is preparing for Ascension. Defensiveness and self-righteousness are luxuries we can’t afford now. We must cleanse ourselves, as SaLuSa pointed out, and a refusal to take a look at ourselves and our old business will soon be a distinct liability.

There isn’t time now to attend enlightenment intensives or gestalt groups. There isn’t time to learn the ways of self-exploration, self-assessment, and completing unfinished business. We have to drop our defensiveness and self-righteousness now and get that we actually do have patterned ways of being that need our attention and have to be let go of.

This can be a smooth ride or a rocky ride and if we stand on a refusal to acknowledge our own patterns it may be a rocky ride.

Let me illustrate from my own patterns. I have a pattern called pleasing people. So along you come and say, “Steve, I see you as trying to please people. Give it up.” I could respond in one of two ways.

Self-Righteously Indignant

What do you mean? I like helping people. I’m a good person. What’s wrong with that?


Open exploration

Well, let me take a look at it. Do I see in me a pattern of pleasing people? Well, a person who pleases people would feel driven to set aside their own needs to do things for others. They’d feel uncomfortable not doing things for others and would do them even if they were on their last legs. There would be an automaticity to it. Do I feel driven, automatic, conflicted if I can’t serve? Yes, I do. OK, I have a pattern in the area. Thank you for that. I see it now.

The first response is defensive, self-righteous; the second response is open, inquisitive.

There’s no more time for remaining blind to our patterns, managing our image, looking good, posturing, maintaining the mask.  If we continue to respond defensively at this time, we won’t miss the boat – I won’t go that far – but we may turn a smooth ride into a bumpy ride.

We’re going to have to make a gigantic switch from wanting to see ourselves as good and decent people (which is OK) to wanting to know the truth about ourselves. Some of what we see may not look pretty.

I just read a story about whether Piers Morgan actually knew about phone hacking or not and it appears that he may have and is not wanting to admit it. The Time of Truth will oblige us to admit everything. We cannot ascend without admitting at least to ourselves our past mistakes, our patterns, our confining points of view, all of it – I think. We’re going to need each other to make it through this period.

There’s nothing “wrong” with having patterns. It’s just that they’re not useful in the times approaching even if they were useful in the past. Patterns mean that we cannot meet and accept life on its own terms; we have to shoehorn life into the confines of our pictures.  Patterns mean that we need to be seen in a certain way, that we’re acting out a script, which itself derives from decisions we made in past traumatic circumstances. All of this now must go, I think.

I’m tempted to say that we no longer have the luxury of remaining blind to our mechanical, automatic, contrived and stage-managed ways of being. We cannot continue to be a robot and take advantage of the wonderful energies coming down the pike. God allows us to be an up-tight, withheld, tense and stage-managed person if we so desire. He/She/It will not interfere. We can choose Hell on Earth if we want to.  But life will only become increasingly uncomfortable if we do.

Finally we’ll fall apart in the face of the difficulty that keeping the mask on presents in a time of rising light and love energies.

So just begin to let the awareness in that all masks are about to fall now. Guaranteed.

That favored way you see yourself? Helpful, a nice person, a good Christian, generous, peace-loving – all of that is about to be challenged and anything contrived, rather than genuine, will fall.

We could all of us afford to give ourselves a break by stopping playing the role of an actor in our lives and understand that the call of the day is to shed all our roles and postures.

At the end of this day, we’ll be supple again, spontaneous, uncontrived and whether we want the journey to that point to be smooth and easy or rough and bumpy depends on how we orient towards the cleansing process that SaLuSa described today.


(1) SaLuSa, July 26, 2011.



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