Questions on Ascension

A member of a discussion group asked the following questions. It may be useful to reproduce the answers here. These answers are very tentatively given. I am an unascended being so, while I do try to give answers, I’m not drawing on experience.

> OK we have heard that you get ascension if you do the work;
> And I have heard that all will ascend. who is right?
> And furthermore what of those who do not complete the work.
> Where do they stand?
> Good questions with no answers? anyone want to bite on this?


It isn’t easy to answer your questions in a simple manner. The matter of Ascension is something that’s individually determined and decided. There isn’t “one size that fits all.” But, having made that caveat, I’ll try to give approximate answers.

> OK we have heard that you get ascension if you do the work;
> And I have heard that all will ascend. who is right?

No, not all will ascend. Some will choose not to ascend, such as many religious fundamentalists, apparently, who may reject the whole Ascension scenario and choose to leave Earth through natural means such as a heart attack rather than “betray” their beliefs.

Others such as people who refuse to abandon dark practices and beliefs will also not ascend. And there are other categories.

Nonetheless, the choice to not ascend is honored and those who make it, I’m led to believe, will receive the same loving and compassionate care that those who do choose to ascend will. After all we are all on the same one journey, from God to God, and the speed with which we make the journey is totally irrelevant.

Those who choose not to ascend simply stay in the Third Dimension. After spending some time on the spirit planes, recuperating and enjoying life there as they normally would, they will incarnate again in a Third-Dimensional environment suited to their evolution. In other words, things will go as normal for them. It is the ones who ascend who depart from the normal.

I kinda hesitate to accept the description “you get ascension if you do the work.” Hmmmm…. Well, let me accept that statement very provisionally.

Let’s say you were on the spirit planes, which are ordered according to increasing refinement of vibratory frequency. You could not go up a level unless you could tolerate the more refined vibrations. If you tried, you’d feel uncomfortable and would scurry back to your accustomed level.

It’s the same with Ascension. You can ascend if you can tolerate the light levels. That means assimilating enough light before you ascend that you can feel comfortable in the Fifth Dimension.

“The work” that you mention, then, is to clear ourselves of negativity, unfinished business, limiting beliefs, all the things that keep us bound and tight and low-vibrational. Sometimes that’s described as “uplifting” ourselves or “completing” our karma. But it simply means shedding all patterns, habits, thoughts, actions, etc., which lower our vibratory levels and would make us unable to handle the higher vibrations of 5D.

Do you see that it’s a simple matter of being able to stand the 5D vibrations? Not that you have to put in 100 hours of “work” or that you believe in God or that you have helped your neighbor or not helped your neighbor (depending on what your neighbor is up to – joke). It’s a simple matter of being able to tolerate the vibrational level of 5D.

Now I could have stated that as: Do you love? Or: Have you forgiven your enemies. I could have put it in all kinds of ways that link it to one thing or another. But it still comes down in the final analysis to whether you can tolerate the vibrations.

That’s your “passport to Ascension,” as AA Michael once called it.

That having been said, it’s understood, is it not, that you have chosen Ascension. There may be a few high-vibrational people who do not choose Ascension, although I doubt it. But choosing Ascension is a prerequisite too, right?

> What of those who do not complete the work.
> Where do they stand?

Those “who do not complete the work” covers a wide range of people. So again it isn’t possible to give you a simple answer.

Those who have raised their vibrational level but not quite enough will find many, many programs available to them to help them reach the vibrational level necessary to tolerate the Fifth Dimension. I’m led to believe that some will receive special attention and join us a little later.

Some may have a lifetime or partial lifetime in, say, the Fourth Dimension and then also join us later. I haven’t seen discussions of that so I can’t comment on that possibility.

(4D is equivalent to the astral planes on the spirit side of life and 5D is equivalent to the Mental Planes – See “New Maps of Heaven” if you want to read about them. )

The Company of Light (the celestials, galactics, and ascended masters) apparently have all manner of arrangements for people who are almost there and need “summer school,” if you will.

The really bad dudes will spend some time on the Dark Planes on the spirit side, which is a dreary and gloomy place. Some may not make it at all and will be “recycled” but only a very, very few ever find themselves going that route (one known case is Irma Grese, the Butcher of Burgen Belsen. See on her.)

The ordinary people who either simply choose not to ascend or choose to but can’t raise their vibrational level near enough, not even with help, will continue in life as they’ve known it. When the end of the next cycle comes they’ll ascend. Or if they develop spiritual qualities before then, they could ascend as the ascended masters have before now, but this individual route is not easy. The mass route that we’re taking today is much easier.

Having said all that, if you go to the 2012 Scenario blogsite, and scroll down the righthand column, you’ll find a truckload of articles on “Ascension” and “The Fate of Those Who Do Not Ascend.” You’ll also find articles on “Preparing for Ascension.” Lots and lots of material. So there is no reason to be in doubt.

Also Tom Magnussen has an introductory website ( And there is a large amount of information on these two webpages as well: and

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