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Wisconsin Approves Deep Budget Cuts

I’d recommend that no one be unduly concerned about this bill. If Disclosure comes as soon as anticipated, NESARA will not be far behind. It’s too bad Scott Walker doesn’t realize what a deep hole he’s digging for himself, but he’s showing us how bad it could have gotten if another future was not already decided for us. 

Wisconsin approves $66bn budget cut

Fri Jun 17, 2011, PressTV,

Protesters return to occupy the state Capitol on June 14, 2011 as the Wisconsin State Assembly takes up the budget bill that was proposed from Wisconsin Republican Governor Scott Walker in Madison.
The Wisconsin state senate has approved a controversial two-year state budget cut that will eliminate social services and carry out economic austerity measures despite oppositions.

The bill now needs Governor Scott Walker’s signature to become law. Walker has said he will sign the bill before June 30 regardless of protests against the contentious bill, Reuters reported.

“The budget approved by the Legislature is an honest document that balances Wisconsin’s $3.6 billion budget deficit so that our children and grandchildren aren’t saddled with mountains of debt in the future,” Walkers said.

The USD 66 billion, however, includes tough austerity measures such as tough curbs on collective bargaining rights of public employee unions and increased healthcare costs.

Earlier, the proposal of the new bill sparked weeklong massive public protests by teachers and other public employees.

“This is not about money. What we are saying is don’t take away rights to go to employers and bargain over hours, wages, and working conditions, the rights that we have had for over 75 years,” said Mahlon Mitchel, the president of the Wisconsin Professional Fire Fighters Association.

Moreover, a coalition of unions filed a lawsuit to the federal court, trying to prevent the bill from being ratified.

State employees will now have to pay more for their pension benefits and healthcare from late August.

While Republicans in the state senate have said that the austerity measures are necessary to balance the state budget, the Democrats have criticized the plan as a mistake, and said it puts the heaviest burden on the middle-class and working poor.

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