Preparing for Ascension

Leaving aside for the moment what may or may not be happening in the outer world, I think we can discern a sea change in what both chaneled sources and commentators are currently focusing on.

Fewer are the discussions of awakening, of Ascensionitis, and of the need to complete old business. The discussions of disclosure remain at a constant level. But increasing are the discussions of preparing for Ascension.  The date most commonly associated with Ascension – Dec. 21, 2012 – is now only one and a half years away.

How can we think about preparing for Ascension so that we can maximize our awareness of what we’re already doing? Rather than approaching the subject as one that we somehow need to learn from scratch, can we discuss it so that we simply shift focus from things we need to take up newly, to things we are already doing and perhaps need to emphasize or focus on more or perhaps stop?

For instance, most people are already engaging in spiritual practices. Most engage in some form of charity or selfless service. They spend quiet, contemplative time with a book or other reading. Some even may meditate. Increasing the time we spend in spiritual practice is one way, I think, that we can prepare for Ascension.

Most people already engage in growth work. Many take courses in communication, relationship, cooperation, social action, leadership, etc. Increasing the time we spend in working on our own personal growth and our growth as a couple or a family is another way, I think we can prepare for Ascension.

We all connect with people, if even in a superficial way. We all feel united with others at times, if even through sports or elections. We all feel love, if even for our friends and relatives only. These are examples of three things which we already do and feel, which can be expanded now, infinitely in fact, as preparation for Ascension.

One of the books I mentioned that I wrote which sits out in the garage and will never see the light of day was on predatory capitalism – all the notions we had back in the last century of how we must outcompete other nations, drive them into the ground, win and defend market share, etc. That is an example of a point of view that we can now afford to let lapse, as preparation for Ascension.  Just let it fall away. Give it no more energy. Surely that does not take much “doing.”

Another point of view that we can let slip from our grasp is the “war on terrorism.” Let’s face it. It was our own governments who predominantly played the role of terrorists and caused incidents like 9/11, the London, Madrid, and Oklahoma City bombings, and so on. It’s time to stop kidding ourselves. The TSA’s groping searches, the Homeland Security terror alerts, the focus on “Al-Qaeda,” and all the other panoply of deceptive “anti-terrorist” ploys are simply manipulations and it’s time to drop them all.  There was no “war on terror.” There was only the deception of us, headed for martial law, FEMA camps, and a New World Order. We can now afford to drop our emphasis on “anti-terrorism.”

Another manipulation is variously called “the American dream” or “keeping up with the Joneses.” Never was our energy so crudely channeled into consumerism as through fuelling our common desire to own a home, picket fence, two cars, etc., and to feel that we weren’t “keeping up” if we didn’t. These are three viewpoints which are examples of what we need give no more energy to. Giving no more energy to them is another example of preparing for Ascension.

Chances are that, as the energies rise, we feel attracted anyways to fanning the flames of the things I mention above that prepare us for Ascension and less drawn to the things that stand between us and preparing for Ascension.

But my point is that we don’t have to think that we are faced with a task that is utterly new and foreign to us. We already are, and have been for many years, doing that which prepares us for Ascension and it may be simply a case of us doing more of them, doing them more energetically, and letting go more of things that don’t forward our movement towards Ascension.

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