Busy Night Followed by Two Shifts

I’ve just had two unusual experiences this morning upon awakening and I’m not sure what to make of either of them. But I do feel altered by both.

I spent the night dreaming of military situations. I think I was on an aircraft carrier, bunked in a room with none other than General Eisenhower. On the one hand, I was experiencing the kind of hazing and undermining politics that goes on within a military service while at the same time receiving tutoring from the General as if none of these things were going on.

I was given the choice: go with my irritation at being hazed or steep myself in the tutoring that the General was offering and forget about the hazing. It was a very difficult experience to manage overall. But it was very symbolic.

The hazing experience with my peers was like everyday life which is a mixture of good and bad, duty and rivalries. The experience with the General was like the experience I would imagine occurs with what Patricia Diane Cota-Robles calls the “Company of Heaven,” which invites one to a higher way of acting. I was being shown by the General how to keep my eye on the ball in the midst of behavior which fell short of the mark.

What I didn’t see was that the various situations I was in all had a teaching attached to them as well, independent of what individuals did or didn’t do. Things were moving too fast for me to think about each situation separately. But what the General was inviting me to do was to pay no attention to distractions but instead to see the thread that ran through them which was dictated not by what others did to me, but by what I determined to do. I think it’s fair to say that the General was showing me that someone with “command abilities” would refuse to be distracted.

I sensed that there were those who became upset with the nickel-dime of life and the harassment that others engage in and then there were those who kept their eyes on the prize and moved steadily towards it, ignoring the pettiness of  others. The General moved about and spoke without any attention on the vindictive and short-sighted behavior of those around him. Not once did his attention waver from the goal he set for himself. It was a very powerful teaching, not delivered in words but by observing the General and the lower-ranking officers.

When I awoke I felt myself drawn into two slightly different streams of meditation. The first one seemed to need to take place before I arose from bed. In it, I saw a menu or table of contents that listed various elements of the dreams I’d had all night. And just as certain programs show a list of components which gradually change colors as they download, so this table of contents changed color signifying a successful download or activation of each.

Each dream scenario turned out to be, not a different activity in a dream, but a distinct download of information. I definitely felt that I had spent the night downloading information, whose content I could scarcely guess at.

For the second one, I needed to be sitting in a chair. So I arose and went into meditation. There were now two of me: a somewhat-anxious part who was observing and a very mellow part that was seemingly separate from the observer.

Once in meditation, Sri Ramakrishna found himself in the form of a young boy standing before a tree with seven chakras. The young boy touched each lotus with his tongue and each immediately sprang to life. Sri Ramakrishna had just activated his own chakras.

In much the same way, instead of remaining separate from the feeling of mellowness, I found myself moved to make contact with it, to touch it somehow, and, when I did, I merged with that mellow feeling. I was left feeling a distinct sense of well-being and confidence. I’m moving slower at the moment and have lost any sense of anxiety. It feels as if I’ve healed a split.

Again I report this not because it’s memorable for having happened to me but in case anyone else has a similar experience and wonders if others are having it.

Whenever anything like this happens, I ask myself: what changed recently that could explain these developments? With me, I’ve just been to see Ammachi. That’s one possible source of change. A second is that, in a reading I had with my twin flame last December, she said: “By summer you will be feeling exceptionally different.” That’s a second possibility. And a third is that I was reading a book by the Arcturians (Connecting with the Arcturians) which also said that they will work with us and raise our energy if we ask them. I did ask them to work with me yesterday. A fourth is just the general rise in energies. So there are four possible explanations for what happened this morning.

I feel so mellow at this moment that my experience of life has dramatically shifted. All I want to do is return to meditation … and so I shall.

One hour later. This feeling continues. I would describe it as bliss. One circumstance about it is that I’m relatively unaffected at the moment by other people being upset with me. I feel more non-reactive and buoyed up than I usually do. A most unusual feeling. It’s not that I haven’t experienced it before, but it’s not my usual modality.

Twelve hours later. I still feel buoyed up but the bliss has subsided. It’s as if the floor has come up a number of inches. I sense that this raising of the floor may be lasting but the bliss is not. I suppose this may be the manner in which we gradually arise over time in keeping with the rising energies on the planet.

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