Welcome, New World of Bliss

Depiction of the Great Divine Director, Lords of Karma

I was over at Nancy Detwieler’s site reading an account of a ceremony by the Lords of Karma at which St. Germain presided, all the while listening to Sarah Brightman and Andrea Bocelli, “Time to Say Goodbye!” and this at 2:00 a.m. in the morning.

I suddenly burst into tears of gratitude. What an incredible time to be alive! Everything is coming together! The higher beings approach, the masters invite, the table is spread. The energy infuses us and raises our sights. New planets are awaited.  Huge spaceships are sighted. Humanity is on the march. Incredible beings identify themselves on the planet and call upon their children to awaken. All around us the divine orchestration can be seen and heard.

A time talked about for hundreds of years approaches, like a picture coming into focus, like a theatrical troupe which has taken its place on the stage in darkness and is seen as the light increases. Places everyone, please.  The Guardian Wall, the Melchizedeks, the bodhisattvas, the angels, the “gods” from outer space and inner dimensions – everyone is here and the banquet is laid.

Today I looked at the clock, poured a glass of juice, drank it, and looked again – eighteen minutes had passed. I sat down in shock. I turned to my suitcase, still packed from our trip, and unpacked a few items and looked at the clock again – eighteen minutes had again passed. Yet I didn’t feel rushed.

I looked up again later and it was 11:11. All day I felt drawn to meditate and wondered why I never actually sat down and began. And then I realized that life has become a meditation. All difficulties are progressively unravelling. Things that vexed me a month ago no longer vex me.  Personal ambition, which was never strong, is disappearing down a cosmic drain. “I chose freedom,” Sarah sings. Life is no longer a series of days. It’s becoming … what is it becoming? What is this sense that’s emerging? Time is losing its relevance. A sense of unhurried peacefulness is taking its place.

It’s so hard to leave the cultural conventions behind, unless, as seems to be happening, they simply disappear.

I remembered an unusual event at Mother’s retreat. A woman sitting next to me became snappish, something I might usually react to. I merely peacefully held my hand up and she stopped. There was no animosity and no words said. I hardly recognized myself. Everything went on as if no snappish words had ever been said. Something different was happening and I didn’t know what it was.

For most of the weekend away, I was in new locales and often walking in a crowd, but, during all of it, I was in a timeless space that seemed to exist just below the surface of experience. It’s as if I drift along with no external circumstances having changed. But something has changed, something I can’t put in words.

The long drama of personality is ending. I am disappearing. Not a care in the world. Nobody home. No forwarding address. Nothing has changed and everything has changed.

Welcome, new world of bliss. Welcome.





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