Wild Card – Who is This Unmasked Woman?

So what does one call a being like Inelia Blenz? Joker in the deck? Wild card? “Get Out of Jail Free” card?

How now do we conceive of the so-called Earth allies after hearing about Inelia and her millions of cohorts?

What do we now think of the preparations for Ascension after hearing that beings like her exist?

Can we not see the simple power of the truth as stated by one so completely without guile?

Does meeting her not wholly change our appreciation of how a dark one could have his or her course completely altered by a meeting with a light being such as her?

Does meeting her not explain a great deal about why a Starseed would come, or need to come, to Earth?

Does it not amplify one’s knowledge of the mysterious ways in which God works? The natural law? The beings of light?

Does it not affirm one’s credence in this scenario in which we’re all participating? Is it not some of the most credible evidence so far for those who still harbor even the smallest, niggling doubts – like me, for instance?

Is it possible that even Inelia could be a fraud? Can a generation so used to seeing sublime spiritual figures turn out to have clay feet accept even one so lacking in any evidence of deceit such as Inelia as being the genuine article? At what point do we throw in the towel of skepticism? What would it take if it can survive meeting Inelia?

And who else is here that we don’t know about? Tyco? Steven Greer? Alex Collier? Anyone?

We’ve heard of conscious Starseeds here to monitor Ascension, angels incarnated, masters returning, civilizations from other galaxies and dimensions. Disclosure has not even happened and now we’ve heard of a being as mysterious and sublime as Inelia. What else can we imagine hearing?

These and countless other questions invaded my mind throughout the night as I pondered her video (1) and don’t admit of an easy answer. But watching this video of Inelia with Bill … what’s his name? … Bill … you know, the guy from Project Avalon, once partnered with Kerry … what’s her name? …

Bill Ryan. (Just joking, Bill!)

… makes you forget everything you knew.

… makes you want to review all you knew and see where it now stands.

Here is Inelia in human form discussing not knowing that to look at someone, she, as a first-time human, must learn how to turn her head in their direction. Or that she, as a newly-incarnated human, must discover that to operate the human body, she must enter into it and not simply hang out above and behind it. And you thought you had it tough.

Or that she, when she wishes to know something, simply asks the million other facets of herself for full information and has it.

I’m amazed at what I’ve seen and heard. And somehow I have to pick up tools this morning and continue as if I’m not affected, as if my whole view of the world, of Disclosure, of First Contact, of Ascension has not been utterly revolutionized, providing a link of continuity when none exists in my own mind. What does one post next?

How does one carry on in the face of such transformative information?

Gabe, taste this food and tell me if you remain standing? Ellie, ask your father to send us a screed on whom we just met. David Wilcock, Drunvalo, Lisa, Matthew, SaLuSa, anyone – who is this unmasked woman?

Can answers come from any but the source herself?




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