What Could This bin Laden Charade be All About? (Begins with a “D”)


What might be behind this charade around bin Laden? People dancing in the street. TV stations offering analyses of how the “operation” at Abbotabad was carried out. Retrospectives of all the “terrorist” operations that the CIA … excuse me, little slip there … Al-Qaeda has carried out.

What IS the truth about Roswell?

Why now? Coming just months after Hillary Clinton was saying bin Laden was alive and well in Pakistan. We all know bin Laden was not alive and well anywhere on Earth. What is it about?

Seems like an elaborate psy-op.  Why kill off the already-dead bin Laden a second time?

My own belief is that, if there is anything legitimate about the whole thing, it is to lower the temperature of the American people, and perhaps people in other countries like Britain, Canada and Australia, over the threat of “terrorism,” to reduce the ability of the cabal to raise the specter of terrorism, and to close the book on the whole “war against terror,” in preparation for disclosure of the existence of galactic civilizations in the universe and around the Earth in cloaked spaceships.

That is the story of the millennium. That is what will change the course of human civilization. That is what the Illuminati have been trying to prevent since before you were born.

Remember Dr. Carol Rosin’s statement that the “war on terror” was being planned by the military-industrial complex back in the 1970s, as she saw from her vantage point at Fairchild Industries and as Werner von Braun confirmed to her?

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Now the “war on terror” is being put back in the box from where it came. And that lowers the social temperature.

You can see that there are indications that the cabal may have ramped up Project Blue Beam over the Ivory Coast, flashing the picture of Mother Mary in the skies. We heard in an earlier article that the galactics are able to close down Project Blue Beam so there is no need to worry about that particularly. (1)

We heard that a new military doctrine has been introduced that emphasizes “sustainment” instead of “containment,” cooperation instead of full-spectrum military dominance. (2) I think this is the work of the Earth allies of the galactics and spiritual hierarchy.

America and its allies have shown themselves ready to oust dictators in Egypt and Libya.  Despite the allegations of some neoconservatives and even some lightworkers, I believe that all of these moves are designed to lower the global temperature in preparation for disclosure.

I would not be surprised to see major decloakings of spaceships this month now that the “war on terror” has been laid to rest. I would expect that the neoconservatives will try to revive the war on terror, seeing threats under every palm tree, but I don’t think they’ll be successful.

The American people, I think, are weary of war and I believe that one of the Earth allies’ aims in “killing” off bin Laden a second time (what an indignity for a good prop and ally) is to have the American people let out a sigh of relief and refuse to respond to “terror alerts” and other manipulations any more.

I’d imagine that the Earth allies are carefully planning these moves to close off a state of high anxiety that the Illuminati and their henchman have carefully fanned for years, the false-flag attacks of 9/11 and 7/7 (the London bombings) being the worst contributors to it.

I’m willing to bet that the reason President Obama is so up about needing to participate in such a whopping big lie is that he knows that this ritual we are all passing through is necessary to provide the conditions for disclosure to happen. I think he is playing his part in a counter-drama to the “war on terror” – call it a “war on error,” if you like.

If I’m wrong, hey, call me a fool. But I think we’re watching a carefully-crafted plan that is boxing the cabal in and releasing us from our decade-long angst. Anyways, Osama is “dead.”  Obama rocks. One bogeyman down. One lightworker’s hands freed.

One less prop for the cabal. One more major issue, one piece of social unfinished business complete. On to some other props and then on to the revelation that will open a new era in human civilization – the announcement that we’re not alone in the universe and that a sizeable galactic presence is here to assist us with accountability, abundance, terraforming, and Ascension.


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