A Chat with the Boss

The Perfect Boss

I’ve been very quiet lately and a large part of that has to do with having had a chat with the Boss (AAM) on April 26, 2011. It was very affecting. Part of that was what he said and part was the way he said it.

Let me start with the way he said it. The day after the reading, I kept noticing how everything he said was perfect. I’d remember this remark and say to myself how that perfectly reflected how I was feeling. I would remember another remark and think how that perfectly reflected what I wanted to do. And another remark and how it perfectly captured my history.  It was like speaking with my Higher Self. I was completely known and completely cared for.

Finally I burst into tears when I realized that I had been speaking to a being who could only be described as … well, perfect. And with that my love for him burst forth and I realized that I was captured. I ceased to see where he ended and I began. The only thing I wanted to do was to serve him and to carry out his will.

So that occupied a lot of the time of the past two days – being lost in thought at the perfection of his speaking and feeling my love for him. After that I was like a lovesick cow that yearns for its mate. And so it has been ever since. I still pine for him and am having trouble getting back to work.

And I realize that I can’t get back to work until I communicate at least a little of what he said. Much cannot be communicated. I even broke the tape down into two parts and only asked him the really private questions in the second half. And of that I won’t speak. That is between him and me.

I’m just going to share what needs to be shared for logistical reasons. Otherwise I wouldn’t speak about it at all. But not saying anything at all is not the way I care to do things.

I should add that I sought him out because I felt something beckoning, as I said in an article some time back. In some unknown way, I felt complete and ready for the next assignment.  And so I asked Linda Dillon for a reading.

He said he was happy with how things are progressing. We (you and I) are going deeply into things and searching for the truth.

He told me of new assignments but he said he did not want this platform, as he referred to this site, affected by anything that occurs. He wants it kept open and kept intact. If I have to take time away from it, he wants others to come on board and maintain its direction and its emphases. If I cannot run it on a daily basis, because of other work, he said he wants me to remain “a primary contributor.” Everything about that is fine with me and I will do what he says.

He said he wanted to up the ante. He said the chaos would soon be transforming into peace and he added something that I can only repeat. I cannot tell you exactly what he meant by this because I don’t know. He said: ”It is time now for the collective and for many within that collective to graduate.” What he means by “graduate” I don’t know and I was too busy listening to ask him to explain. We never returned to the topic.

He said I was indeed at the end of a chapter and what had been completed was an educational process. He said my interests, direction, and role would lean more towards new undertakings. But I repeat that he said he did not want this “platform” neglected.

What new undertakings? He said I was going to become more involved with “your star brothers and sisters.” He said it would be a one- to two-year assignment in duration. He wants me to be a communicator, a translator, and an interpreter of the galactic agenda. He wanted the information to be accurate, clear, precise, and honest. He wanted me to guard my independence because an independent voice was what was wanted.

And what is the galactic agenda? He said it was simple: the galactics have come to help, to form community. They do not come to add to the choas but to remove it. They do not come to be violent but to end violence.

He wanted the communication to take into account “the climate and the spiritual, mental and emotional evolution of the beings upon the planet and Gaia herself and in that [I am to] act as a translator, and I will help you obviously, for the highest good of all.”

Tall order, but I’m up for it. One part of me has to get smaller and smaller and another part bigger and bigger to handle that assignment. And he assured me of his cooperation.

He said that there will be a great deal of controversy around our star brothers and sisters but he did not want me involving myself in it. He directed me to stay out of the fray. There would be those who do enter it, he said, but that wasn’t my job.

That was one half of the new assignment. The other half was with the human community. He said that there will be a great desire among many human beings for unbiased news, “a reliable source I think is your term,” for what is really going on and what the agendas are.

He said I would be writing more about fundamental, universal, metaphysical and sacred truths. I have always regarded this as something that only highly-enlightened beings should do and have stayed away from anything but the fringes of these subjects. But he said “you are going to be writing more in that vein.” Well, I don’t mind doing it if he instructs me to so do, but I wouldn’t do it on my own. And I won’t claim to be coming from knowledge unless something changes and I actually do have the knowledge to come from.

I remind you that it was he who wrote the “Declaration of Human Freedom.” The energy I felt when that document was being written is not energy that I am capable of. And the way the words poured out of me was also not characteristic of my way of writing. Besides, in this reading, he acknowledged that he wrote it.

At some point, when the idea of an archangel speaking through a human being is better accepted, I’ll stop having my name at the head of the document and begin using his name. I asked him if I might do that and he said he would be honored. He also said that the document would last.  Since I had very little to do with it, I can say that I’m happy to hear that.

I have to say that all of this has nothing to do with me. My aim is simply to serve him and I seek nothing from it. I even feel a mite embarrassed discussing these matters, but it seems prudent to do so and so I am.

He said “you will write about realms, realities, different groups of people, ideas, beliefs and thought systems. You will write and investigate, think and dream about mysteries that people have need to understand as they shift dimensions and realities.”

I have to shift to the second conversation now and add that I protested that I can’t see past the third dimension. How would I be writing about other dimensions? And he replied, and this confirms something we discussed earlier, that I had “blinds” on but would not have them on forever. You remember that I suggested we were blindfolded and here was confirmation. He also said that he would assist me and I could only be writing about those topics if he did. I have nothing that I’m aware of at the present moment to say about them independent of his guidance.

He added that I would be doing more speaking in public forums and interviews. I add that as an afterthought and scurry on because I really enjoy more being a writer than a speaker. But if that’s something he wants, I’ll do it. Not my first love (grumble, grumble).

So this is one way our mission becomes known to us. Someone actually tells us what it is. We can also follow our bliss – that would be an equally good way of connecting with our mission.

OK, I’ve communicated that. I usually find that I start to recover from my disconnected state when I communicate and I have communicated. It’s also late and I’m bushed. He has given me a procedure to follow to get more sleep. I tried it out last night and slept like a baby. Finally.

I regard this as him having given me a head’s up that we are soon … you know, s-s-s-o-o-o-o-n-n-n-n, right? … going to be beginning the next chapter, to allow me (and us) to get accustomed to things and begin preparing.

I don’t want to involve myself in a discussion of when things may begin to happen.  I know there are predictions circulating but we only get irritated if they fail to materialize.

I suggest we just keep straightening up our houses and getting ready. I believe it won’t be very much longer but it will be as long as it needs to be. Timing is critical. Adequate preparation of the ground is essential. Any delay is only because it’s absolutely needed. And once we start, we’ll move, apparently, quite quickly.

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