Wikileaks: American Ambassador to Iraq Gave Saddam Green Light to Invade Kuwait

Representative Ron Paul reveals that American ambassador to Iraq April Glassby had a conversation with Saddam Hussein one week before he invaded Kuwait and gave the green light to his plans.  The information is contained in a cable recently released by Wikileaks.

I expect that all of these revelations are part of the accountability process in play to expose corruption, war-mongering, etc., prior to the landing of the galactics and the rounding up of those responsible.

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Of this period saLuSa and Matthew have said:

“As time progresses all things will become clear, and you are already beginning to enter a period where anything other than the truth will be revealed to be transmuted. These are of the lower vibration and have no place in the future. … We can say quite definitely, that by the time you come to the end of this cycle all stones will have been overturned.

“Nothing will remain hidden regardless of how much it has previously been covered up. In view of this it would help your progress, if you took a totally and truthful approach to all matters.”  (SaLuSa, April 9, 2010.)

“Your time has arrived when your freedom and sovereignty falsely taken from you shall be restored. It may take time to fully do so, but it shall be done with our help. Many reforms will be made with a view to bringing back justice, and seeking out corruption and criminal activity. You want a society based upon fairness and honesty where you can trust each other, and that is what you will get. Be assured that the plans for this have already been meticulously made to ensure absolute success. Our allies simply wait their instructions to proceed, and that is not too far away.” (SaLuSa, Feb. 10, 2010.)

“Disclosure of ages old deception is on your very near horizon, and once there is the first hole in the dike that has been holding back long hidden truths, the outpouring will create shock waves around your world. The enormity of lies, greed, collusion, corruption and heinous acts committed by groups under the Illuminati umbrella will be staggering as they are disclosed, but more so will be the emergence of truth about religions and their dogmas. Everything that the darkness has contrived to enslave Earth’s peoples for millennia literally will ‘come to light’ after a period of great upheaval.”  (Matthew’s Message, Sept. 21, 2009.)

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