What We May Need to Leave Behind – Part 2/2

Leaving Some Family and Friends Behind

But of far greater concern to us than the possessions we may have to leave behind may be the possibility of separation from some of our loved ones.  Of that SaLuSa says: “where family and friends are concerned it is inevitably an occasion of sorrow. However, you will meet up again with them, as they can also ascend from the higher levels.” (1)

What does he mean “ascend from the higher levels”?

Well, here he is probably thinking of one set of our family and friends – those light-filled beings who die before Ascension and transition to the spirit planes. His point about this group of people is that they can be born again from the spirit planes into the Fifth Dimension. I presume that we’ll have the ability to know who they are in their new incarnation and that they’ll have the ability to know us as well and so we may catch up with them again.

I don’t think he means that they can bodily ascend from the spirit planes – that is, ascend as they are now in this same form – but I don’t know about that for sure.

Matthew Ward goes over all the reasons why a person might choose not to ascend or might not be able to ascend. The passage is long but informative. This may be the place to consider the subject at some length.

“Not all light-filled people will go all the way to the Golden Age — it depends on the longevity clause in soul contracts. Prior to birth many of today’s populace chose to enter spirit life before Earth reaches that era, and among them are highly evolved souls whose light is as bright as noonday sun.

“Those who came from higher civilizations to assist Earth in special ways during her ascension may quickly pass through Nirvana on their way to a higher density spirit world, most likely the one serving their original homeland, or they may manifest new bodies and incarnate in another civilization for different kinds of growth experiencing.

“Others will stay for a time in Nirvana, which will remain Earth’s spirit world and ascend in tandem with the planet. Souls who have completed third density karmic lessons may choose another Earth lifetime or join a civilization in a different fourth density world.

“A large number of people who have lived in godly ways will choose not to ascend with Earth after the truth about the origin of religions emerges: They [religions] were designed in darkness to deceive and control the peoples, by the most divisive element of life on Earth, and reap wealth for the heads of churches.

“Although everyone on Earth knows that truth at soul level and it is a contract choice to consciously remember it, many of the devoutly religious will be unable or unwilling to accept that their deep-seated faith is founded on false teachings.

“By so doing, these individuals deny the light within truth, that they are god and goddess selves, eternally inseparable from God and all other souls in this universe. Their next pre-birth contract will again include the provision to become consciously aware of that truth during their next physical lifetime, which will be in a third-density world.

“Regardless of the reason a soul leaves this lifetime, physical death will come from any of the many causes that exist now. There will be no mass departure of darkly inclined persons when Earth reaches some specific vibratory level because the amount of light within bodies varies.

“And there is no way for you to distinguish between light-filled individuals who leave Earth lifetimes in accordance with soul contracts, those who choose to leave rather than accept the truth about religions, and persons whose bodies’ viability is snuffed out because they lack the light to survive in the vibratory level Earth entered.” (2)

Matthew tells us that we will be able to have reunions with our loved ones who do not choose to ascend.

“In most cases there can be reunions of souls who live in physical or spirit worlds of differing densities. Those who have evolved into a higher density can astrally travel to a lower density that has sufficient light to assure the visitors’ departure.” (3)

However I think it would be unwise to consider that these “reunions” would be similar to a reunion among people all of whom exist on the same plane. Imagine that relatives came from a foreign country to join us here. We would all exist in the same room in the same corporeal form with the same level of consciousness.

I don’t think that is what Matthew is referring to. Our visits may take place on the astral plane during the sleep time of Third-Dimensional loved ones. Or we may visit them on their Third-Dimensional plane but they may not be aware of our presence.

SaLuSa holds the same views as Matthew.  He tells us that no one will be forced to ascend:

“Although Ascension is an ongoing process, it is not forced upon anyone. God will not take away your freewill to choose your own pathway, and other options exist. So those who are unready for Ascension will proceed onto a different path, to continue their experiences according to their preference.

“Many will stay in this present dimension, but not in this Universe which is ascending in its totality. Your soul journey is thought of in linear terms, but in reality all experiences take place in the Now. So you can easily switch from one path to another, but only in the same vibrational level. No souls are lost or destined to remain in the lowest dimensions, as evolution is a continual process.” (4)

He adds that we can choose to connect with these dear ones from our place on the Fifth Dimension.

“It may mean cutting yourself off from the many links formed with other souls, but in reality there is no separation at all. Those Dear Ones who ascend will always be connected with all other souls, and in remembering them they will link with their essence wherever they are.

“Allow for each to follow their chosen path of evolution, knowing that there will always be a coming together as you achieve a more expanded consciousness.” (5)

So this then is our situation with loved ones who refuse to accept Ascension or don’t ascend: we can connect with them at will from the Fifth Dimension, but I’m not sure that we can visit them with the same ease we could if we existed on the same plane. I think our visits with our loved ones will be similar to those nighttime reunions we have now with departed ones on the Astral and Mental Planes.

Leaving Negative Memories Behind

The last subject I wanted to discuss is not something we regret leaving behind but something that we may want reassurance that we won’t have to take with us – our negative memories.

And here Saul assures us that all bad memories will be instantly erased upon Ascension:

“All memory of pain, misery, and suffering that you have sustained as you worked your way through the darkness of the illusion will be totally and instantly erased, so that nothing in any way intrudes on the eternal bliss into which you will shortly emerge.

“Fear, anger, pain, resentment, doubt, illness and general savagery and disharmony are all illusions — very unpleasant and disturbing aspects of the illusory reality that you cooperatively imagined into being and continually sought to renew and rebuild.  They will be gone instantly as though they never existed, because nothing that could hurt, harm, or destroy God’s children could exist.” (6)

In case we need additional reassurance from another source, SaLuSa adds his voice:

“You may wonder what happens to those memories of the negative [events], as many have left you scarred for life. Please be aware that as your consciousness rises, you will set aside such memories and eventually only recall your triumphs and successes. You cannot in fact carry the lower vibrations into the higher levels, and that is the Law. Whenever you carry heartache and sadness, know that it will not remain forever and that the energies of love and happiness will replace them.” (7)

“You have been through many unsettling times, and periods of utter despair yet here you are at the door of a New Age ready to put all of that behind you. It no longer has any bearing on your future, as you already tread the new path to glory and fulfillment. You will not be surprised to learn that the new experiences will soon consign the past to history, where it can no longer harm you.” (8)

SaLuSa compares our situation on Ascension to a “nightmare [turning] into a pleasant dream. It will be more of course, because we are talking about your reality and uplift into an entirely new dimension of Light.” (9)  He leaves us with a word-picture of Heaven on Earth that cannot but leave us relaxed on this score:

“There are experiences to come that will be pure bliss, and heaven will become a place that exists upon your new Earth. Imagine how quickly you will recover from your earlier experiences in the peace and tranquillity of the Light realms. It is to be your haven and home where you will create exactly what you desire, and want for absolutely nothing.” (10)

So we’ll be cleansed of all unfortunate memories and released into a new life of bliss and tranquility. Not a bad trade, all things considered.

So, in summary, we’ll need to leave our old possessions behind although we’ll be able to create them anew if we so wish. We’ll also have to leave some relationships behind although we’ll be able to follow the doings of our loved ones if we want. And we won’t have to take with us any of our bad memories, which will be erased and replaced by new experiences of bliss, peace, and tranquility.


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