What We May Need to Leave Behind – Part 1/2

I enjoyed reading Melchizedek’s recent message. (1) One of the matters he discussed,  I’d like to draw attention to.

Bob Frissell tells us that a Melchizedek

“…is the name for a special class of beings who have attained the ability to move freely throughout the 144 different worlds or dimensions of reality that make up our “octave” – our region of the universe. They have encompassed all the levels. They know the whole scale.” (2)

A Melchizedek has mastered the art of non-possessiveness or detachment and is well-suited to assist us also to master this attitude.

In his message, “Melchizedek” tells us that we are at the present time “shedding all that is not in alignment with the higher aspect of yourselves.”  I have drawn attention to this process of “completion” many times. We are leaving Third Dimensionality and that requires us to complete our experience of it and be willing to let go of it to raise our vibrations to the level of Fifth Dimensionality. I’m sure everyone can understand that we cannot leave Third Dimensionality unless we are willing to leave everything connected with it behind.

Melchizedek says of this process of completion:

“It is a tedious and challenging process OR it can be the most wonderfully enlightening and empowering process of self actualization ever experienced by anyone on Earth with the exception of those who understood the process in ages past and overcame all the temptations that befall Souls in a physical body experience. The choice is ever and always up to you how you choose to perceive it.” (3)

The reason I’m focusing on this aspect of things at this time is that we may not yet fully grasp the fact that we’ll need to let go of  all our possessions and some of our relatio0nships associated with our Third-Dimensional life.

I’m willing to bet that most people, deep down inside, continue to think, albeit unconsciously, that the Ascension experience is something that will somehow be brought to us and assimilated in our being here where we are, like every other experience we’ve had to date, rather than that we will find ourselves on a different vibrational level of existence, having left this dimension and everything associated with it behind.

I realize that at an intellectual level we know we will ascend. But I’m more referring to a subconscious level.

Because every other experience we’ve had in life, and in all our lives, has been of a non-migratory nature, Ascension may be novel for us. And I think adjusting to the fact of the migrational aspect of Ascension is something we’ll need to do before we’re ready to leave the Third Dimension.

So what I intend to do here is to look at their discussions of leaving all possessions and some relationships behind and then to look at a third concern we may have. That is not so much a concern about leaving something behind as a concern about taking something with us – our negative memories.

Leaving Possessions Behind

The galactic and spirit teachers we listen to are aware that issues may arise for us around leaving our possessions behind and have addressed the subject a few times in the past. They probably will address it much more in the future because we may need to adjust to the apparent loss.

SaLuSa confirms that we cannot take our Third-Dimensional possessions with us to the new realm: “The old creations of yours are unable to be carried forward.”  (4) He knows “there will be some sadness felt at the prospect of leaving all of your possessions behind.” (5) However SaLuSa tells us that, by the time we are ready to ascend, “nothing that you currently own will have any value or need to travel with you.” (6)

Moreover, once we ascend, “all that you require [will be] yours for the asking, and you will eventually exercise your power of thought to create exactly what you want.” (7)  Because of this, SaLuSa predicts that our view of ownership will change.

“In the ultimate process of Ascension when you take your place in the higher dimension, you will have a different outlook where ownership is concerned, as material possessions are no longer necessary. You create exactly what you want and re-create again if desired.

“That means that you can create from memory anything that existed previously. You can therefore allow matters to follow their path on Earth, knowing that in real terms you cannot lose anything at all.” (8)

Thus, our temporary sadness “is but a small price to pay knowing that your every desire will be fulfilled in the higher dimensions. When you can create exactly what you need for your comfort and happiness, what more would you want?” (9)

Moreover, the environment we’ll ascend to will cause us to lose our regrets. SaLuSa tells us, “whatever you leave behind when you rise up, you will have absolutely no regrets.” (10) “As a result of Ascension the quality of your life will increase a hundredfold, and you will be surrounded by beauty and perfection. Not least of all you will be at One with everything, and enjoy a happy and fulfilling life.” (11)

Matthew Ward agrees with SaLuSa, informing us that our internal experience will more than offset our apparent external loss: “The triteness of possessions and fame will give way to the treasure of knowing the godself.” (12)

So, yes, we will have to leave our possessions behind at least temporarily, but the circumstances of life in the Fifth Dimension mean that we can have those possessions back again if we so choose and the beauty and perfection of ascended life will more than offset any sense of loss.

I’ll deal with the next two subjects – our experiences and our family and friends – in the second part of this series.


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