Saul Introduces the Program, Performers, and Outcome of the Unfolding Planetary Shift – Part 2/2

(Continued from Part 1)

“The Love presently enveloping Planet Earth, and intensifying, is the key to your awakening. ”

But now the Divine has decreed that we awaken from the illusion and has assembled a Company of Heaven, from different planes of existence and from different regions of space, to focus their love upon the Earth and gradually awaken its inhabitants. This gradually-increasing energy is the key to our awakening.

“It enables the divine Flame within you all to start burning more brightly, and this is seen in your increasing understanding of the worldwide need to offer compassion, kindness, and assistance to the multitudes living in grinding poverty, whatever may be the apparent cause of that unhappy condition.”

It’s causing the God-fire within us to burn more brightly and consuming our ignorance. It’s releasing within us the love that the gross conditions of the physical plane have obscured for ages. It is melting the illusion and causing compassion and the actions that result from it to arise in our mind and be expressed in our behavior. We are ignoring what may have been the causes of those unfortunate conditions and taking steps to correct situations.

“Never before have so many been truly concerned about the needs of those with whom it seems they have no connection, and for whom they have no direct sense of responsibility.  All over the world people are coming to realize that just one person behaving kindly and compassionately can make a difference.  This is an effect of the divine energy field which surrounds you.”

Whereas before we felt helpless and hopeless and were unconvinced that any action we took would make any difference, we now are coming to believe that any action we take can make a difference. Our situation is totally transforming from one in which we said, why start? to one in which we say, what can I do? This reflects the transforming impact of the divine energies upon us.

“Its influence will continue to become more and more pervasive, and those of you at war – with yourselves, your loved ones, your neighbors, your governments, or other nations – will find the fear and anger that drives you towards this behavior pattern weakening and dissipating.”

The influence of the love being beamed to Earth will rise and unite us and the influence of the anger and fear we felt will gradually dissipate and leave us. Our feelings and behavior will transform without our seeing where fear and anger have gone or where love has come from.

“You will start to wonder how you could have felt this strong need to attack others in order to defend yourselves, and the insanity of the attitudes that led you to do this will dawn on you, allowing you to lay them aside.”

We’ll feel as if we’ve gradually awakened from a dream and won’t know where our former attitudes came from or where they went to. But our apparent madness will dawn on us and we’ll be glad to lay our former attitudes aside.

“You will finally realize that they serve no useful purpose because they only bring you into conflict with others of like mind.”

The undesirable results of these former attitudes will become apparent and we’ll cease from wanting to see those results appear in our lives. We’ll lay aside the habits of former days and no longer be willing to stomach the conflict that resulted.

“When you release them your stress levels fall, and it becomes possible for you to accept situations just as they are, instead of railing angrily against them if you judge them to be unacceptable for any reason.”

Releasing them will see a fall in tension. The stress that held those reaction patterns in place will dissipate and in the more comfortable zone we find ourselves in we can accept more of what formerly caused us to become angry and judgmental.

“When this awareness unfolds within you it becomes possible for you to see the world through new eyes and engage with it compassionately and lovingly.”

As we recognize the new situation we are in, and see it as lasting, we begin to reappraise our lives and to arrive at new insights and new abilities to respond with compassion and love.

“This raises your level of consciousness, enabling you to engage more and more positively with all with whom you interact, allowing solutions to seemingly insoluble problems to present themselves to you in most unexpected ways.”

This in turn results in further flowering and more and more ability to act positively and lovingly. Problems that defied solution will now gradually and increasingly respond, sometimes in unexpected ways. All will astonish us and we may not know how it all happened.

“Truly the planetary problems with which so many are extremely concerned can and will be solved.  The groundwork is being laid that will encourage and enable open, intelligent discussion leading to practical solutions to problems that previously got bogged down in vociferous and belligerent disagreements as people sought personally satisfying solutions regardless of the valid needs and desires of others.”

We’ll see people getting together and discussing problems and finding solutions where none seemed to have worked before. People will take their fellow beings into account and want to see solutions arise to the difficulties facing others. A new spirit of cooperation will flourish in which solutions can be considered, accepted and implemented.

“It is very clear that the old ways have not worked, and frequently it has been apparent that you were basically shooting yourselves in the foot as misguided and self-centered agendas were pursued.  This mode of behavior is coming to an end as compassionate and intelligent cooperation worldwide starts to become the norm, and the need to find enemies to condemn and attack dissolves in the divine energy field embracing you all.”

The new energies with which the Earth is being bombarded will show us how misguided our former efforts were and will effect a transition from selfish, predatory behavior to compassionate and intelligent cooperation. Our former attack mentalities will dissolve in the new vibrations of love and compassion.

“The changes that you need and desire are occurring, and all over the planet signs of this are becoming increasingly apparent.  By looking for them, finding them, and drawing them to the attention of others you ensure that this divine momentum is maintained.”

We, the vanguard of lightworkers, are searching for the signs of these developments and are finding them. It is up to us to bring them to the attention of others and feed the momentum of the divine transformation, the planetary shift that is occurring. We do so in the growing faith that the changes we have so long desired are indeed coming and occurring around us as we speak.

“With so very much love, Saul.”

Thank you, Saul, for revealing the program, performance and outcome to us. What is occurring and our role in these events is now clear.

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