Saul Introduces the Program, Performers, and Outcome of the Unfolding Planetary Shift – Part 1/2

What Saul says today (April 10, 2011) is so profound, relevant, and helpful that I feel a need to comment on it at length and in detail. Saul has given us here the program has introduced the performers, and laid out for us the outcome of the planetary shift that is occurring as we speak.

The more we commit to heart what he says to here, the more we’ll understand how we will escape, almost unnoticed, from our former situation of fear and hostility into a new life and new world of love and compassion.

I have not tried to interpret his message word for word. Rather I have tried to give voice to that which arises in me when I read those words. You may wish to record as well what arises in you because I believe that all of us will be responding to these very conditions that Saul describes. What he points at is what is happening in our world. They are the conditions of our growth and transformation.

Let us begin.

“You are all following your divine path, the one you chose, with divine guidance and approval, before you incarnated as humans.”

Prior to incarnating, we met with our divine guidance and planned out the contours of our next life. We planned out who we wished to incarnate with, what unlearned lessons we wished to learn, what our environment would be,  and so on.

“You are doing what you chose to do to learn the lessons that life in your illusory reality present to you, moment by moment, and of course the only meaningful life path for you to follow is one of love.”

From our vantage point on whatever plane we were on when we planned out our next life’s events, we were steeped in love and knew that whatever we did in that next lifetime was simply designed to bring into the conditions of physical life the same conditions we then experienced on the spirit planes.  We intended to bring Heaven to Earth.

But to do that we have to successfully meet the obstacles that physical life presents – the difficulty of manifesting feelings of love through the retarding influence of the heavy physical body, the need to pay attention to hunger, thirst, fatigue, etc., which are present on the physical level if not in spirit, the need to interact with people to earn our livelihood and adapt to the conditions of life in this illusory realm, etc.

“Love includes acceptance, forgiveness, compassion, healing, and respect for one another as perfect divine beings who are children of God.”

Circumstances arise on the physical plane that don’t arise in spirit. It is easy to love on the spirit planes because we don’t need anything from anyone else, all is available to us, we needn’t work, we can travel where we wish, do  what we want when we want to, etc. Life is a Garden of Eden and it isn’t difficult thing to love one another under those circumstances.

But on the physical plane, resources are scarce, giving must be negotiated, people are afraid of loss and want, there are all manner of situations present where resentment can build and so we must practice forgiveness of others and self, compassion for their suffering, etc., which we did not need to practice in spirit because all came naturally. This is the reason why the physical plane is so useful to the learning process: because it presents situations that oblige us to learn.

“Being divine you seek only to experience God’s Love for you, His perfect eternal creations, and share it with one another.  You were created by Him to enjoy infinite bliss, but your awareness of this has become dimmed.”

We are at once divine and yet clothed in the illusion of separateness from God. As long as we exist as separate in some way, even if we stand in the face of God as the seraphim do, we still have more learning to do. Once we’re no longer separate from God, there’s no one to learn, nothing to learn, no further work to be done. But so long as we are individuals, there is more work to do.

God created us so that He/She/It could know Itself. The One is all there is and where there is no subject or object there can be no knowledge of oneself. So God created illusory forms which experience each other. When one illusory form experiences God, then God meets God.

Since all forms are created for that divine meeting, God intends that all forms should return to the experience of undivided bliss. They were never created to suffer. Only the illusion of separation dims knowledge of this.

“Every one of God’s creations is perfect as is He Himself. However, your experience of existence as humans most certainly does not measure up to this.”

Illusion is an overburden, a fog that hides the fact that, underneath it, we are as perfect as God is. Removal of the overburden of illusion will reveal this truth again. Until the fog is dispelled, our experience seems to belie our perfection.

“You built an illusory environment in which it is possible to judge your sisters and brothers as far less than perfect beings, as you focus on their bodies (part of the illusion) instead of on the divine Love from which they were all created.”

There can be no arriving at a knowledge of God except there be a temporary departing from that knowledge. We must place a blindfold around our eyes if we wish to remove it and see God anew. Without hiding God from our eyes, there is no re-discovery. But under the blindfold, we have convinced ourselves that the darkness is real. In our dark world, we arrive at judgments that others are dark beings, engaged in dark actions. We are deluded by the lack of light.

“As your capabilities for true awareness within the illusion are severely restricted you see one another as separate individuals who must be either friends or enemies, instead of as you truly are – sisters and brothers who are eternally one with each other and with God.”

We judge all according to our stumbling moves and partial assessments and divide people into groups who help or obstruct us instead of seeing that all of us are impacted by the same darkness of our illusory world and all of us are equally stumbling around to reach an endpoint that has never been made clear to us.

“Because of your apparent separation from your Creator it is almost impossible for you to be aware that you are eternally one with Him.”

In the face of our ignorance, our seeming individuality, our needs and wants, and all other conditions of illusion that are present on the physical plane and which create and reinforce our sense of separation from God, we see no evidence and have no awareness of being forever united with Him, of being non-separate from Him.

“In your condition as humans in the illusion it is very difficult for you get an impression of divine Love in action.”

In the face of our experiences of hunger, thirst, fatigue, cold, and so on, we can see no evidence that somehow what is happening is a revelation of God’s love for us. Instead we feel as if we have been abandoned by God and forgotten if we ever were remembered.

“And yet, God’s Love is all that exists; anything else is illusory.”

And yet, in the midst of the illusion, the only thing that persists is God’s love. Everything else eventually lifts as the fog lifts. But while we are in it, the fog seems real and eternal and the sunshine of Divine Love is forgotten and unseen.

“The intensity of your sense of the reality of the illusion demonstrates quite clearly a need for awakening.  But as humans you imagine that you are awake as you see your reality filled with oceans, deserts, mountains, and land masses that seem completely solid, touchable, and measurable, while God and Heaven seem to many humans like the unreal imaginings of small children.”

As long as we are among the mountains, deserts, and oceans of our landscape, and see them with eyes attuned to them and touch them with hands that vibrate to their frequency, all that we encounter seems real. A God which they obscure, as a dream obscures reality, has no meaning or relevance to us and seems quite as preposterous as the make-believe play of children.

(Continued in Part 2.)

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