On Earthquake Predictions and Similar Matters

Earthquakes recorded in the New Madrid seismic...Graphic showing the number of minor earthquakes occurring in the New Madrid fault zone in recent years.

I’m posting this snippet from an article on the New Madrid Fault to provide the platform for this discussion.  There are many sources discussing possible natural or manmade disasters at the moment – Zeta Talk, The Gentle Way newsletter, etc.

The site this article is taken from, called the Alternative News Forum, actually looks at a wide range of topics as well as this subject.

I won’t be covering these predictions for a number of reasons. There is no way to determine ahead of time what will happen and what will not.

In the meantime a steady diet of prognostications in this area may unhinge us with fear and fear itself can draw these events to us by the Law of Attraction. As such discussing fears too much can be a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Moreover, I subscribe to a particular view, which you need not. I regard myself as being where I need to be, barring a strong message to the contrary.

I plan to be here in Vancouver even if the city suffers a disaster. If it does I intend to help out. If I transition during that disaster, then I do.  Of course I have no dependents to consider and that alters the equation for others a great deal, I’m sure.

For me to respond otherwise strikes me as surrendering my ability to contribute during these times and becoming a person who must receive the calming and supportive services of others. But again that is just me.

So I realize that many people are attempting to predict where is safe and where is not. Just as I have always entrusted my finances to Providence, I’m also entrusting my future to Providence as well. That in itself allows me a measure of calm during this storm we see around us.

You do what you have to do. We’re all responsible to ourselves for our own judgment and we all respond to different variables. There is no subverting or avoiding that and there is no one right way.

US Navy’s Earth Changes Flood Map of America, Comparative Earth Changes Maps, New Madrid Earthquake Zone NLE 2011: What Does the Navy Know?

Posted on 28/01/2011 by CK Hunter

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In early January, right after the first of the year, during the “dead birds and dead fish events” I began to get a very strong intuitive and clairvoyant feeling that something was up with the New Madrid earthquake fault. Apparently it wasn’t just me. Dozens of other truth researchers were getting the same intuitive “hit” regarding odd activity around and in the New Madrid earthquake fault. In the midst of all this, the truth began to emerge about the murder of American patriot John P. Wheeler. I now wonder what else Mr. Wheeler was trying to tell the American people when he was found murdered, dumped in a landfill. There seems to be a bigger story emerging.


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