An Archangel Organizes His Group

"Time to go and check on my group. Raphael, Gabrielle, wanna come with me?"

I wanted to publish a shortened version of this post from the 2012S group here.

Archangel Michael issued instructions on how he wanted his group organized.  OK, now, how often have you heard an archangel issue instructions on how to organize a group he intended to create?

Well, I have never heard of such a thing … unless it’s in the Bible. But today?  No big deal. That’s just what happens in this most remarkable of ages.

What Archangel Michael Intended for This Discussion Group

I was just listening again to the reading from Archangel Michael this morning through Linda Dillon.  In that reading, he gave me advice on every aspect of The 2012 Scenario, including this group, which he called “the forum.”

Let’s listen to what AA Michael says his plan is.

He starts out by describing the work of the website proper.  He then moves into a discussion of what he wants to see from this discussion group.  Here is what he says on that subject:

Steve: OK. You know that I turned off comments because I felt that the degree of psychic stimulation that I was receiving through comments was overwhelming me. Was that a wise move or should I turn comments back on?

AA Michael: No. What we want you to do is to keep the forum [i.e., this discussion group] as part of what you are doing and I must say that, as my partner on Earth, as one of my beloved ones, part of what has need to take place is the coming together of people who are likeminded and of like heart. But even when they are not of like mind and like heart, there is [a] need to [have] a place for that discussion, that exchange, that stimulation … to take place.

Now having said that, the forum is not to be dealt with by you. … What we would like you to do [is to have] only one forum, not multiple forums [so not one on the blogsite and one here]. One place for people to gather and discuss whatever it is that is on their minds and in their hearts.

What we want you to do is to select several people who have your deepest trust and admiration, whom you know are anchored in their hearts but also in their balance. Balance is very important in this undertaking and a commitment to not address questions or discussion that they know not about.

So we were suggesting today that you would have a team of about five or six moderators and let them handle this job for you.

Steve: Alright. I appreciate that advice.

AA Michael: It allows the joining together and the building of that community to continue but it does not put that onus upon your shoulders. Because our intention is not to exhaust you. We are in a final push. But part of our promise is that you and I have struck long ago is that you will see the fruition of this unfoldment,of this shift.

Now I do not want you dragging your physical body or your mental body to the finish line. So I seek to assist you and I will help you with the choice of these trustworthy individuals that will help you.

Steve: Thank you.

AA Michael: You are welcome and we will choose them not only for their hearts of purity but for their knowledge base.

Steve: Wonderful.

AA Michael: So that [the forum; i.e.,the discussion group] is one thing that we keep but it is off your plate.


So that is his plan. Ordinarily I would say, well, hey, who wishes to be the Lead Moderator and who wishes to serve on the team?  But let’s face it, this discussion group is meant by lofty beings to serve a purpose in the unfoldment of consciousness that is to come, exactly as Share11 is also meant to do by the way (which Su also had a hand in creating).

This isn’t just a random coming together of people. Perhaps I should insert here what AA Michael said was the purpose of the blogsite because I think he intends it to be the purpose of this discussion group as well, with appropriate changes. Let me put that in here:


AA Michael: The primary focus [of the blogsite] is the paying of attention to the shifting energies upon the planet, the openings, the landmarks, and the bringing forward of information that is pertinent not only only to the collective opening and shift and awakening but also to the individual [this discussion group is where the individual opening, shift and awakening are the focus of attention].

Now I know, my friend, that this is sometimes where you get lost. It is in the individual because it is very difficult to address the collective and not of course take into account the individual and the individual experiences where people are perceiving what they are doing, what they are bringing forward is very important. … [I get lost apparently because the workload, when I try to take into account the individual shift within readers as well as the shift of groups and nations, is overwhelming.]

But the primary purpose of the site is to educate, number one; clarity of information regarding the shift in what we would call consciousness; and the anchoring of the heart of love in information, in words, in actions, in tone. That is it.


So let me edit that and meld it together:

(1) To pay attention to and educate others on the shifting energies upon the planet, the openings, and the landmarks;

(2) To provide clear information not only on the collective, but also on the individual opening, shift, and awakening in what AA Michael calls consciousness;

(3) To anchor the heart of love in information, words, actions and tone.

Now of course everyone will do as they do. But this is the vision provided by the founder of this discussion group, who is in my opinion Archangel Michael (with Su serving as midwife).

So I ask people that want to serve on the moderation team to read over what he says and to ask themselves:

(1) Am I anchored in my heart?

(2) Am I pure of heart?

(3) Am I balanced?

(4) Have I a suitable base of knowledge?

(5) Am I committed to not answering questions I know nothing about?

Let’s look at that last criterion.  There is much I don’t know. When I hit an area that I know nothing about, I don’t try to bluff my way through. I say: “I know nothing about that area.”

AA Michael does not seem to want anyone pretending that they know what they don’t know. It’s really OK not to know everything but it takes courage to actually declare we don’t know.  He seems to want the people moderating the group to have that courage.

Ordinarily I would just jump for volunteers. But that is not what he appears to advise. He says that he will bring people forward and that appears to require me to consult my inner voice and see whether people who come forward meet with his approval. I know that sounds pretty unusual but then the whole matter of serving an archangel is pretty unusual.

In fact most of what will be happening in the future will be pretty unusual. I don’t want to let him down so I’ll be playing my part from the best appreciation I can arrive at of what serves his intention and design, even though it may look pretty funny to others.

I guess what I’m saying is that, in my view, what we’re up to is not a small game. We’re not passing time. We are in fact participants in a rather large game, that will ultimately result in the creation of a world that works for everyone. Here we are, on the next step of that journey. And I intend, myself, to play the game at the level at which it was intended – consciously, appropriately, lovingly.  Anything else is missing the opportunity.

I invite you to join me in that intention. Why not? Are we not promised infinite growth and unfoldment for our willing participation for just 1 and 3/4 years more?  When did we ever think we had a chance to become ascended masters? But is that not what AA Michael and the other high beings of what Patricia Diane Cota-Robles calls “the Company of Heaven” are saying we face?

So there  we have it. This is the game we’re up to, as far as I can see. This is what we could be doing here if we chose to play the game AA Michael seems to intend we do. And we don’t have to. We could let this chance slip away.

But I’d rather not for myself.

So I invite you to play this game consciously, full out, expanded, emergent, fearless. I believe that every investment of energy will repay itself by an order of magnitude.

It certainly has for me.

So anyone who wishes to serve as a moderator of this safe and sacred space, please let me know. Or allow Archangel Michael to move you since according to him that’s what’s really happening.



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