An Archangel Creates a Discussion Group

"You're probably wondering why I asked you to come here today...."

"You're probably wondering why I asked you to come here today, to this discussion group."

Well, we are having an incredible time over on the 2012 Scenario discussion group where membership has just passed 136 in 24 hours.  You’re welcome to join:

I reproduce here a share of mine on that group, not because I’m a flaming egotist or a brazen braggart, but to move the ball of Ascension and World Freedom another yard down the field.

We’re about a big game here and to heck with what the world thinks of us. We are assisting what Patricia Diane Cota-Robles calls “the Company of Heaven” to engineer a mass enlightenment, which they call “Ascension,” on Dec. 21, 2012, and what we did yesterday, at the behest of Archangel Michael, was to create a discussion group where we can emerge and assist others who are just waking up to what’s afoot.

So please put aside the judgments and the fearfulness and just get what we are about. It’s in that spirit that I post these ramblings from the sorcerer’s apprentice, the little guy that Archangel Michael deigned to have coffee with yesterday in the course of which he confided how he had started a discussion group and how he intended it be run.

This post is in response to the offer by Julie and Gregg to moderate the 2012 Scenario discussion group:

Reply to Julie, the Purpose of Life, Tea with the Boss, and a Few Other Items

— In, “Julie” wrote:
> Hi Steve:
> Dunno if you’re still reading your email; sent you a couple
> messages last night. I have 40 years’ experience as an admin,
> 30 years in academia, used to own and operate my own typing
> biz in 3 languages, and would love to help you out in any
> way I can, with admin and/or editing/proofreading work.
> Namaste,
> Julie

I’ve read some of my email from yesterday, Julie. To read it all has actually become something of a challenge! I hope today perhaps to get caught up. But then again more rolls in while I’m sleeping!!!!

Well, what a wonderful offer from you and Greg. Let me discuss further with you what you’d like to do.

My main aim today is to find a Lead Moderator for this discussion group. This is the first time I’ve recruited volunteers under the watchful eye of an archangel (how strange that sounds) and under his direction.

The need at the moment would be to find a Lead Moderator for this group and then that Lead could recruit as many other moderators as needed. I hear that you’re looking at a slightly different focus and we can explore that in a discussion.

Su Richards is on the group as well and Su is the co-owner of Share11. She may be willing to coach a new Lead on what moderation involves.  There are several styles of moderation, which fit different situations and approaches.

I have to chuckle here because it’s 5:30 in the morning (it was when I started), Vancouver time, and Laura in Ireland, who just finished transcribing parts of the AA Michael interview and is eight hours ahead of me, told me via email your offer was posted to this group and that I should go over and have a look.  Well, that was helpful. Someone in Ireland telling someone in Vancouver they have mail from someone in I-don’t-know-where and someone else in Philadelphia.  And together we’re discussing volunteering in an Internet group located in cyberspace.  Where am I? Does distance matter at all any more? Time?

I feel the energy coming on so let me take this discussion a step further and please don’t hear this as horn-blowing or whatever. I’m just trying to give a sense of how incredibly different our lives have become.  Because what is happening for me at the moment will be happening for others just a few days or weeks later on (not like I know that for sure, because I don’t; I’m just guessing. Remember AA Michael said he did not want people saying they knew when they didn’t know?).

Here I am, sitting in a very modest setting (I choose to live in the downtown core, truth be told, in a 100-year-old building that began its life as a house of ill repute) facing my computer, about to begin a new day.

I’m trying to convey a sense of how life is changing, probably for all of us. Yesterday I chatted with an archangel – the same opportunity is available to you these days.  We all know that our vibrations are going to be lifted. Well, yesterday, in the course of that chat, he said that my time was going to come and how would I like it to be tomorrow?

Oh, yes, I’d like that.

OK, well, tomorrow we’ll raise your vibrations to the thoracic region. Then we’ll stop and allow you to  assimilate that before raising them to the neck (6th chakra) and then “through you” (7th chakra? Hridayam?).

Now, anyone who has studied enlightenment knows the significance of what he just said.  If you need to know more, go to http://www, and search on “spiritual awakening.”  In fact read that whole section beginning with “Enlightenment – Enlightenment is the Purpose of Life” all the way down the page to “Enlightenment – What happens if we fail to know God in this lifetime” (by the way, none of us will fail in this lifetime), for the significance of the rest of what he said.

The thoracic region just very well may be above the fourth chakra. When the kundalini reaches the fourth chakra, well, Hindus call that “spiritual awakening” and Buddhists “stream-entering.” So here I am chatting with … an archangel … who is telling me information that is more priceless than I could possibly convey (who knows the time of their own awakening?).

Is the room swirling around me or does it just look that way?  Now this is just the nature of the times we’re in, right?

So, after he drops that bombshell on me, just as if he’d said “Would you like strawberry jam on your toast or marmelade?” he says that, oh yes, tomorrow, I’ll write an article through you on World Freedom Day and, by the way, here’s how we’d like you to approach that day.

World Freedom Day? Write an article? Keep in mind that a couple of weeks ago, he wrote a Declaration of Human Freedom “through” me. I well remember how different the energy of that piece was. Radically, radically different. The whole article came out in a rush. And I read it and said, holy mackerel, what just happened? That was not me that wrote that.

So here comes another. Do you get how very different all this is from “normal” life? And this is what we are all looking at as being part of our everyday futures.

Now of course, if nothing happens at all today, I’ll have egg on my face.  I can hear a friend of mine saying: You said what?

But I’m not worrying about that. I agreed to lead a public life and risking shame for sharing is part of the price of admission.  When an archangel suggests sitting down for a cup of coffee, I share about it and risk the humiliation that comes from being wrong, being considered a braggart, etc. I do it to push this game further down the road, this game of sharing.

So now let me leave this subject of tea with the Boss and relate it to what we’re up to here.

We are here, in my view, to emerge. Emergence is the name of the game. Let me back up for a sec and talk about wider issues to provide a context for that statement.

The purpose of life is enlightenment. For us to know our true identity as God is the reason why God created the heaven and the Earth and us finger puppets in it.

I can say that with certainty because I had a vision in 1987 ( in which someone, I don’t know who, showed that to me.  Complete with three days of bliss. No doubt about what was conveyed in those eight seconds outside of time.

For God to meet God in a moment of enlightenment is the reason why God created life.  Otherwise he/she/it could have hung out in formlessness forever and be done with it. But, no, he/she/it created life instead.

Enlightenment is not something that we can buy, coax out of God, etc. When he/she/it thinks the right time has arrived, voila. He has an angel or an archangel bestow it (believe it or not, most enlightenment is channeled to us by angels; that’s a very poorly-understood matter – go to to read up on that).

Now here, in a discussion group, we’re not involved in meditating or tending to the sick and dying or singing devotional songs – more conventional ways of spiritually practicing. We’re involved in speaking and listening. How can we serve enlightenment in this setting? How can we invite illumination here?

We invite enlightenment here by “emerging.” We speak our truth in a straightforward, harmless, transparent manner which causes us to “emerge” from our suppression, repression, old business, shell, chains, etc. We reveal ourselves. We unconceal ourselves.  We make who we are known.

We “share.” And those who hear us “listen.” They don’t take us on. They don’t try to be smart or cunning or bait us. They “get” us. They ask themselves: what is this person wanting to convey? What is it they want us to hear? And then they mirror back their understanding.

I got ya, Steve. It sounds like what you want to convey is the incredible opportunity for awakening that exists here. You’re giving us some examples from your own life of what is going on so that people can see what a huge opportunity 2011 represents. It seems to me that you don’t want anyone to miss out on that opportunity.

Yes, thank you for getting that. I actually didn’t see entirely clearly what it was I was driving at but you helped me see that. Thank you. I feel “recreated.” Somebody got me. No one gets me in my ordinary life. They think I’m crazy. But YOU GOT ME. Thank you for that. Gee, I feel great.

So this is what we’re doing here – revealing ourselves and “getting” one another and “emerging” from our shells.

Standing forth, committing ourselves, taking on a piece of the world’s unworkability and making it workable.

And you gotta get that it’s uncomfortable. If you don’t think that I’m way outside my comfort zone in saying this, well, I am.  Waaaaaaay outside it.  As Mel Gibson said in Braveheart:  “FREEEEEEEEEEEDDDDDOOOOMMMMMMM!!!!!!!”

Whether you know it or not, YOU are serving Archangel Michael. Or Gabriel. Or Raphael, depending. But this discussion group, I know for sure, was begun by Archangel Michael. I was there when he said it.

Just allow that to play on you for a moment. He personally said, well, the reason I created this group was to bring you all together and allow you to become conscious in your convergence, trade information on the milestones we are passing on our journey to Ascension. and help people newly waking up to see the opportunity in front of them.

What he didn’t say, but maybe if I had infinite funds to just keep rapping with him, or what he may say through this keyboard that I’m banging away on at this moment, is “We want as many of you as possible to ascend and the work you do on this discussion group will contribute to you and more people ascending.” (See

That’s why we’re here. This conversation assists others to get it about this time: the opportunity is mass enlightenment, ascension, from a realm of dualistic consciousness to a realm of unitive consciousness.

So here I go today, off to write a channelled message about World Freedom Day and in the process perhaps to leave behind today one stage of consciousness and enter another – who knows? I don’t. Maybe the Boss will be called away today and go and create another world and utterly forget what he told his little friend yesterday and leave me twirling in the wind (it doesn’t really matter if none of it happens today, tomorrow, or not. We are always already enlightened).

What does matter is that we take this Ascension game, this Divine Plan for an entire universe, one step further down the field by our own sharing and listening.

So what does one do after one has just said all this? Put a piece of toast in the toaster? Make a cup of coffee? Look out the window and see if it’s sunny outside? Go to the corner store and buy a Dinnocino?

What is ordinary about ordinary life any more?

There is nothing ordinary any more. This is not an ordinary time and we are not dealing with ordinary entities and tomorrow will not be ordinary.

Well, not for me anyways. The luxury of an ordinary day is no longer possible.

And it needn’t be that way for you either. Some of you are contactees.  Some indigos, crystals, magentas, and rainbows. Others are starseeds. Some are walk-ins. Almost all of us come from a higher dimension.

You are here in this group because you are one of these or something else I didn’t think of. You are here because you are a leader in the New Age that is fast approaching. You may not know it because you are wearing blinkers, blinders, “covers,” as AA Michael called them the other time we spoke, on Feb. 18. These will be removed, perhaps some day soon.

Make yourselves known. Become known to each other.  Reveal yourselves in here. Emerge. Come forth. TELL US WHO YOU ARE.

Now where is that coffee? And when should I begin writing that incredible message? And what time am I to expect the most fantastic event in my life up till now? And did I say something I’ll regret for the rest of my life? And is it sunny outside?



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