2012 Scenario Yahoo Discussion Group Open for Business

Su Richards, co-owner of Share 11, has suggested opening a Yahoo Discussion Group for readers of the 2012 Scenario. That was a good idea and so I’ve done just that.  The 2012 Scenario Yahoo discussion group is open for business. Within 12 hours of opening, the group has over 100 members.

You can mount your favorite files and photos to the site, post your favorite links, discuss all the latest trends, arrange for Skype calls to ease the wait, meet-ups, etc. Thanks for the idea, Su.

You’re welcome to join, from this page:

Here is the description of the 2012 Scenario discussion group:

“The 2012 Scenario Yahoo discussion group looks at the events that are predicted for the period leading up to and including Dec. 21, 2012, which include UFO/ET disclosure, accountability, first contact, NESARA, terraforming, Ascension, and the Golden Age.”

To post, once you join the group, you can write a message from the site or you can send one by email to:

I’ll be arranging for one member to serve as Moderator (or more if people wish). The site is available now and waiting for you to come and join in the discussion.

Here is the first post:

Welcome, Everyone

Welcome to all members of the 2012 Scenario community.

This space has been provided to allow everyone a space to meet, mingle and share their experiences on the road to Dec. 21, 2012.

Please keep this a sacred space, free from dissension. My best recommendation is that people listen to each other, acknowledge what they’ve heard, and say how it is for you, rather than commenting on another’s share.

I’ll gradually post some materials to provide a context for sharing, but I do wish you a wonderful journey together. We shall find our way home.



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