The 2012 Lightworker Community

Posted to the 2012 Scenario  Yahoo discussion group, March 3, 2011, at Incidentally, since I posted this message a few hours ago, I see we have 24 members. Welcome, everyone!

The people who gather here and communicate with each other, in my view, are here to prepare themselves for leadership roles in the New Age fast approaching.

Many will find they are starseeds; that is, that they were previously born in worlds like Andromeda, Sirius, Arcturus, and the Pleiades, often coming from dimensions above the Third, to assist the people of Earth to move through this period successfully.  They will find that they have “blinkers” on, which will be removed possibly in the near future.

Others will find that they are Indigos, Crystals, and Rainbow children whose evolved spiritual qualities equip them to assume leadership positions in different areas of life. They are here to introduce a new paradigm of cooperation, harmony, and service to others, superseding the old paradigm of competition, conflict, and service to self.

What we are doing here will include several things, not all of which I may cover in this post. It will include the transcendence of our unfinished business or old issues. Leaving behind our baggage is an important part of preparing for Ascension because our old issues are what will see us resist adaptation to the new energies and Ascension.

We will be freed from our remaining karma but karma relates to past-life events. It does not mean we are freed from the habits and patterns we developed in this life from reaction to unfinished business. These we must overcome ourselves.

Another reason for being here is to assist each other through this period of relative isolation. The mass of society still does not accept the extraterrestrial presence or the existence of a spiritual hierarchy including such beings as ascended masters, angels, and Elohim.

They do not yet accept that dark forces have held us in relative financial and political slavery, forces who intended to depopulate the globe until defeated by the Light, as we see happening around us at present.

They probably would not accept that a lot of the events happening around us such as chemtrails, earthquakes, severe weather, pandemics, financial warfare, and war-mongering are purposely crafted by these dark forces to keep the population in fear and docility.

They might not accept that it is our destiny, most of us, to ascend to a higher dimension along with the Earth. Many of them fear Armageddon and planetary destruction through one of a variety of means, such as a cosmic collision, Third World War, Earth changes, etc.

We do not believe in planetary destruction and we do believe in a planetary Ascension on or before Dec. 21, 2012, engineered by the galactics who invisibly surround the planet in ships, the spiritual hierarchy, also invisible to most people, and their Earth allies, whose identity remains mostly secret.

Our willingness to occupy the 2012 context has meant for many of us relative social isolation and the loss of sources of help and nurture. This sathsang, or community of like-minded seekers of truth, is designed to provide us with a place to share and assist each other through this difficult time of isolation.

This is not a space in which conflict and attack is appropriate and I hope that the moderation team will protect the space from people who wish to disrupt it. It is a place in which cooperation and support are desired.

I hope that its members will keep in mind the priceless nature of listening, of hearing others and feeding back our understanding of what they say. Many people gathered here have not had listening for quite some time and seek that above all else.

Finally, we are here to emerge. Emergence means standing forth exactly as one is and exactly as one is not. It means putting fear behind us and speaking our truth. But it also means speaking our truth harmlessly.

Harmlessness is the one virtue that I think should precede truthfulness. Ahimsa (harmlessness) should come before sat (truthfulness). Otherwise the truth can be harnessed in the service of harmfulness as it often is in society.

In summary, this is a safe and sacred space for lightworkers to connect, support each other, and speak their truth to fellow lightworkers who will listen.

May you use it in the service of the Divine in all. May you use it in the service of the Divine Plan for this universe. And may you use it to serve the purpose of life, which is the realization of your true identity.



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