Why Don’t the Galactics Intervene in Libya?

I was asked recently why the galactics don’t intervene in Libya if a divine deadline has passed and why they would permit suffering such as we see in Libya.

I’m not aware that a divine deadline has been passed beyond which the galactics will intervene in a national liberation struggle. I surmised a while back that I thought a divine deadline had been passed which allowed the galactics to remove certain leading figures of the Illuminati.

There isn’t, as far as I’m aware, a single divine deadline on this side of which the galactics cannot intervene in human affairs and on the other side of which they can.

While I’m just guessing here, I think we’ll find that there is a divine deadline by which disclosure should have happened, First Contact, the appointment of interim caretaker regimes, the announcement of NESARA, etc., etc., on to Ascension. Each event, in other words, probably has a divine deadline and passing the divine deadline for one probably doesn’t mean we’ve passed it for others.

I’m not aware of a discussion of the situation in Libya.  I have to be careful to avoid commenting on why a group of people suffer. It isn’t given to unenlightened people to know the workings of the applicable universal laws, according to the Master Hilarion. (1)  We can know them at a very general level, such as the general knowledge that the law of karma means what you sow you reap, but not at the level of specifics.

For instance, I cannot know what your karma is, even though we say that this action or that action is “your karma.” (We actually probably cannot know, as unenlightened beings, that a specific action is karma or an agreed-upon clause in a life contract. Only an ascended master and above can know, as I understand it)

The situation with the law of karma is similar to the situation with the akashic records. Unenlightened, third-dimensional beings cannot look into another person’s akashic records.  We can know generally about the akashic records, but I cannot know your akashic records.

I can however point to statements made by galactic and spirit teachers on the subject.

In this case, there is nothing that I’m aware of on Libya. The closest I can come to these circumstances is Haiti, not because there is necessarily a resemblance between the situation in Haiti and that in Libya but because the galactics discuss the background to a crisis only seldom and they did in the case of Haiti.

Some may say, well, Haiti was a natural disaster whereas Libya is a manmade situation. No, Matthew Ward said: “The earthquake was not of Mother Nature’s making. It was the intentional work of those among you who have the technology to create such catastrophic planetary upheavals.” (2) The only technology that I’m aware of that can cause an earthquake is HAARP.  Scalar weapons, Matthew has said, are used to cause effects on very small targets, like individual buildings. I therefore conclude that the Haitian earthquake was a HAARP event.

Given then that both the Haitian earthquake and the Libyan revolution are manmade events, it may be possible to learn from the galactic and spirit discussions of the former. We have comments on it from Matthew, the Arcturian Group, and SaLusa. Let’s have a look at what they say.

Matthew says that the souls who agreed to participate in the Haitian disaster did so to balance off other lifetimes and that their leave-taking served their families and friends in ways he discusses.

“The souls who chose to embody in those harsh circumstances known [as] Haiti did so willingly to balance other lifetimes so they could evolve spiritually, the goal of every soul. Many who recently transitioned to spirit life had fulfilled their soul contract choices to complete third-density experiencing, and in time they will reincarnate in a fourth-density world of their choice.

“Those who died before completing their soul contracts have the same opportunities to do this in Nirvana, where they have help in accomplishing their karmic lessons and prepare to evolve out of third density. 

In all instances, these souls are serving their families and friends in two ways: Their leaving reduced the amount of negativity caused by their former wretched living conditions and also prevented the negativity that living in even worse circumstances would have generated; and those souls are beaming light from their spirit home to all on Earth with whom they are bonded in love, and to Earth herself. 
” (3)

The Arcturian Group, speaking through Marilyn Raffaelle, also say that the earthquake completed a great deal of karma for the area and that it gave mankind an opportunity to raise its vibrations through a compassionate response.

“We wish to say with regard to the earthquake in Haiti, that, as difficult as it is, this was the ending of great karma for that area.  It was agreed upon by the many before entering into this area, that they would undergo this cleansing as a group.  Those who have crossed are alive and well on this side, as you know there is no death.  They are being served by the Light in all the ways we would serve loved ones who have undergone a great stress.  All is well.

“This event is also giving the world an opportunity to serve and to move more deeply into the awareness of the oneness of all mankind; not just those who talk, look, or think exactly as we do.” (4)

Alone of the three, SaLuSa addresses the question of why the galactics did not respond. Again the answer is that it was for karmic reasons.

“There are the inevitable questions as to why the earthquake was allowed to happen, and as we have often pointed out, there are karmic situations that we cannot interfere in. We do have immense compassion and love for those involved. Haiti has for centuries held a very low vibration that in these times of cleansing has attracted the events that took place. Where the souls are concerned, they incarnated on Haiti for the very purpose of the experience it would provide them.

“They were also aware of the dangers but knew that their passing would be quick, and that once they were in the Astral Regions they would quickly be released from the effects of the trauma. Indeed, they would find themselves safe and surrounded by loving souls nursing them back to health. We know that many find it difficult to comprehend what is behind these events, but be assured all works out according to the Divine Plan.” (5)

I would imagine that the galactic and spirit teachers would say similar things about Libya as they did about Haiti. But again I don’t know for sure and am only guessing.

We do have information on what the experience is like for those who pass through a natural disaster.  Please look at the section called “Mass Transitions” in New Maps of Heaven, here:

In addition, we have discussions of the treatment accorded souls on the etheric and astral planes who have passed through a traumatic exit. Information dealing with it is scattered in various places of NMM. One source of information is “Resting in the Borderlands,” to be found at . The Borderlands are one name for the etheric planes,  the spirit planes nearest to Earth, which are like a resting and staging area before going to the astral planes.

In addition, there are several subsections of the section called “Arrival in the Astral Plane,” that describe rest homes, convalescence, etc. The general section can be found at

That’s as close as I can come to elucidating these aspects of the situation in Libya.  At some point Matthew or SaLuSa may say more about the matter, but, until they do, we may have to extrapolate from other events that may have similarities.


(1)  “The operations of the actual laws of karma are not to be studied until the disciple has reached the point at which they no longer affect himself. The initiate has a right to demand the secrets of Nature and to know the rules which govern human life. He attains this right by having escaped himself from the limits of Nature and by having freed himself from the rules which govern human life. He has become a recognized portion of the divine element and is no longer affected by that which is temporary. He then obtains the knowledge of the laws which govern temporary conditions.

“Therefore, you who desire to understand the laws of karma, attempt first to free yourself from these laws; and this can only be done by fixing your attention on that which is unaffected by those laws.”  (Ascended Master Hilarion, speaking through Mabel Collins, Light on the Path and an Essay on Karma. Wheaton, IL: Theosophical Publishing House, 1974, 38-9.)

(2) Matthew’s Message, Feb. 14, 2010, at

(3) Loc. cit.

(4) The Arcturians Group July 6, 2010, through Marilyn Raffaele, at

(5) SaLuSa, Jan. 15, 2010, at

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