This is Our World and Our Growth

I’ve had a number of enjoyable conversations with some of you about the “Worldwide March of Millions,” called for March 6, 2011 and I wanted to make some comments on the basis of them.

The first is that the success of events we know are coming, in my opinion, does not simply and solely depend on what happens on March 6.  Not really and not in the final analysis.

I daresay that most people in the world would not believe the sources that we listen to, but I do believe them. And they say that there is a Divine Plan that includes all the events we know are in the offing. That plan includes disclosure, NESARA, First Contact, and Ascension.

Some people believe that, if we don’t act, the next step in the process will not occur (whatever the next step is conceived to be) because the dark will not have been removed, etc.  No, as far as I know, the dark will be removed whether we act or not. Moreover, in my view, a divine deadline exists by which the dark must be removed, no matter what we do or don’t do.

The issue, for me anyways, is not whether we act so as to create the success of those pre-destined events, but whether or not we want to play a role in the liberation of Planet Earth or leave it all up to our space family. And I for one want to play a role in taking the Earth back from the dark.

If you really stop to think about it, the ones we are really benefiting by acting are us.  We have the opportunity to grow by leaps and bounds by participating in the liberation of our planet.  The greatest growth that I can conceive of is in having fear fall away and fear does fall away if it is squarely faced.

In my experience, fear falls away because I emerge. And I emerge most significantly in my speaking.  In terms of presence, I am here because I say I am here. If I am afraid, my say-so shrinks to practically nothing and I am really not here any more.

A second issue is about what we’re doing. If we allow first Egypt to have its revolution and then Yemen and then Iran…. well, think of it as three waves rising above the surface of the sea. What will happen is that many Iranians, for instance, will die because the regime will consider them isolated and crack down on them.

But if the whole world marches, well, then Yemen, Bahrain, but most of all Iran, which is so harsh in its punishment of dissidents, will be part of a worldwide demand for freedom and democracy. Far fewer people will be harmed when the whole world marches. And so our marching is designed to save Iranians and Yemenis and Bahrainis from harm. If we ourselves are in fairly good shape, then march for these others who need our help.

A third issue is the timing. Some people have said, “It is too soon.” As I said earlier, there is a tide in the affairs of men (sorry, that’s a quote from Shakespeare and needs to be rendered as it is in the original), which, taken at the flood, leads on to victory. That tide is highest now. If we were to wait till June, say, we’ll have lost that tide. In my view, we must act now, whatever the results.

A fourth issue is my role.  I am one among equals. I have said quite a few times that I’m not enlightened and therefore have no right to play the part of a spiritual teacher. It’d be a karmic mistake on my part to attempt to do so unless, in Sri Ramakrishna’s words, I had God’s commission. One receives God’s commission through enlightenment and I have not received it.

A person who pretends to be a spiritual teacher without God’s commission invites trouble and trouble is something I don’t want.  So I need to be transparent about this issue and insist on a relationship of equality to avoid paying a karmic price. I’m trying to be very honest and am actually being very selfish about the matter.

Having said all that, the key issue for me is not necessarily that a single person show up on March 6, even though I’d like millions to show up. But whether they do or not, you and I will have thought about these matters. We’ll be at a different place with the issues. Just the mere pondering of them will have benefit.

We’ll have discussed honor killings and acid attacks. We’ll have a sense of how many children in the world labor at a time when they should be in school and how many women are forced into sexual slavery. We’ll know more about what is happening in OUR world. We’ll have taken ownership of OUR world.

We’ll be more sovereign citizens of Planet Earth than we were starting out. So already we’ll be in a better position than we were before. And when the galactics come, they’ll have some terrestrials, some gaians, that they can deal with. Instead of having millions of spectators, they’ll have some people who feel responsible for this planet and can take action on that basis and that may prove to be the biggest gain of all.

So I’m not solely focussed on how many people march on March 6. I’m also focussed on to what degree you and I take ownership of our world. It’s our growth that’s at stake here. And that growth, I think, lies entirely in our own hands. This process that we’re engaged in is about our growth and transformation. That growth and transformation, if accomplished, will help a vast number of other people simply as a result of it having happened, whether or not anything else happens in addition to it.

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