What We Have Learned from the Arab World

I began this article at 11:11 on the 11-11-11-11. Indeed it has been a master day of truth (the meaning of the number 11), for Egypt and the world.

“There is something in the soul that cries out for freedom.” (President Barack Obama citing Martin Luther King.)

The people of the Arab world – of Egypt, Tunisia, Jordan, and elsewhere – have taught us all a lesson that will echo around the planet.

They’ve shown that an aroused and courageous people, marching determinedly but peacefully, assertively but not forcefully, can overthrow a regime that used beatings, torture and murder to keep its population in line for decades.

They’ve shown us the maturity and wisdom of a people which the now-departed leader patronized and dismissed as children.  Some children.

Even now in victory, there are no signs of ill intent or harmfulness. The people are experiencing their own solidarity and power and have turned their backs on an entire age and way of life.

“I think we have changed the history not only of the Arab people but of the whole world,” a demonstrator said, and for sure they have.

Viewing events from our perspective, knowing that the light energies are rising and causing the people’s upliftment, we know that this process will continue. There is no going back to the way it used to be.  But there is no way that most of the people in Tahrir Square can know this at the moment – unless they do.  As far as most can see, the future is unpredictable though their anticipations of it are full of energy and excitement.

A joke was made by one of the protesters that Muammar Khaddafi had seen the Tunisian dictator fall on a Friday and the Egyptian dictator fall on a Friday and had banned Fridays. Hosni Mubarak himself showed us how delusional these governments of tired old men can be. Their tactics were predictable and shameless. They were wooden authoritarians who had no good sense and no ability to bend or change direction.  And now one by one, they will fall, perhaps Khaddafi next.

All the black hats around the world – the janjaweed in Darfur, the rapists in the Congo, the generals in Myanmar, the New World Order in Washington, Northern Command, Southern Command, the City of London, the mad scientists of HAARP, the chemtrails engineers, the purveyors of pandemics, the theocrats, honor killers and bride burners, acid attackers and sex slavers, everyone wearing a dark hat, whether public or private, wherever they may be, should see the writing on the wall, stop or step down.

Here is what is missing as far as I’m concerned. People do not yet realize that our basic nature is compassion and kindness, love and peacefulness, harmony and unity.  I think that many feel there is a place to get to rather than something that must be left behind. Some people I hear on TV are speaking as if there is more road to go, more to be overcome, rather than a simple cessation of what does not work and an allowance of essential human nature to emerge.

But they will realize it. If the youth of Egypt could cause a revolution using Facebook and Twitter, then we here can get the word out on exactly what is happening at this moment world-wide, of the energies being beamed to Earth, the well-wishers who have come from other worlds and dimensions to assist us to escape our servitude and restore our sovereignty, of the Divine Plan that is being acted out at present and the Golden Age towards which we journey.

Like the knowledge of our basic essence, the good news of the coming Golden Age, the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow as it were, will reassure the populace once they know of it and accept it. When that happens, the world as a whole will settle down and an entirely-new way of life will effortlessly emerge.

Oh, by the way, I hope disclosure doesn’t happen for a short while. I hope the people of Earth take back their planet first, peacefully, harmoniously, so that they stand in unity and joy when the first arrivals make their presence known, our world with its head held high greeting their world, equal to equal. That is a vision I’m holding and drawing to me as a conscious co-creator in a world whose destiny is being realized before our eyes each day.

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