Is the Current Predicted Snowstorm Man-Made?

CNN today predicted weather so extreme that we could expect snowfalls of more than a foot. In the news story below this article, CNN attributes the snowfall to “winter” not letting up on us. But could it rather be “old man winter,” in the form of the cabal, that won’t let up on us? Could the dark side have manufactured a winter snowstorm to take our attention off popular revolt in Egypt and other areas of the Middle East?

In his last message on Jan. 15, 2011, Matthew Ward explained that the dark forces often create extreme weather, including snowstorms, and explained how they go about it.

“Yes, the unusually severe weather conditions in many parts of your world, including heavy snowfalls, flooding and temperature extremes, are man’s handiwork. It is not necessary for the scientists who are doing the Illuminati’s bidding to initiate each incident anew—once elements in the atmosphere have been strongly set in motion, the domino effect takes over.

“When conditions start to ease as the energy within them dissipates, weather control technologists set off another disruption, and the same is so with volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. Your off-planet brotherhood reduces to the extent possible the intended harmful results of all the manipulated happenings while still enabling their full release of negativity. Why is the Illuminati controlling weather and creating ‘natural’ disasters? To produce the negativity that arises out of high death toll, grief, fear, chaos, widespread destruction, disease, economic disasters and hopelessness. “ (1)

In 2008, he revealed that “weather control systems” used by the cabal drew on“technology introduced by the ‘Little Grays.’” (2)  Matthew has cited various reasons for the cabal to create extreme weather, as we’ll see below.

On Feb. 14, 2010, Matthew specifically reported that the cabal had caused recent snowstorms in the eastern U.S. On that occasion, he attributed their manipulation of the weather, including the earthquake in Haiti, to their desire to maintain their hold on the global economy.

“Yes, the recent snowstorms in the eastern parts of the United States are another incidence of manmade technology used for self-serving purposes. Virtually closing down the US government was the main intent because so doing also impacts many other countries.

“The snowstorms— just like the clumsy ‘Black Ops’ attempt on Christmas Day to explode an airplane by means of a very confused individual operating under mind control, then the devastation in Haiti—are intended to disrupt actions underway to remove the Illuminati’s tentacles on untold wealth and their toehold on the global economy.” (3)

In 2008, Matthew said that weather control systems recently used by the dark were intended at that time to create negativity.

“Most of Earth’s weather and geophysical events are caused by technology used with malicious intent. The flooding and earthquakes that resulted in massive death tolls, ruined vast croplands, killed food animals, and left millions injured or homeless were intended to create the negativity that is generated by such devastation.” (4)

On Sept. 11, 2010, Matthew said that weather manipulation had been used on that occasion to try to head off disclosure.

“From the earthquake in Haiti and last winter’s uncommonly heavy snowfall in Washington DC to flooding in Pakistan and Hurricane Earl, [the dark cabal’s] use of technology has achieved their dark purpose” of postponing disclosure. (5)

In 2009 he alleged that “darkly-inclined individuals’ aim” by “weather control” on that occasion was “to distract the attention of the populace from their growing demands for peaceful negotiations.” The dark don’t cause weather disturbances only in the U.S. They create them in many other places as well.

“It is not enough to create a distraction for only the people of the United States simply because this is the country where much of the corruption and deception originated and where now investigations are running deep.

“No, it must be a global effort because individuals with dark intentions, who live around the world, are panicking as they see other governments’ citizens joining the clamor for truth, for peace, for renewable energy sources, for improved health care and education, for just laws and rightful recognition of women’s equality.

“All of those are anathema to dark individuals as those conditions are the opposite of all dark goals. But just as the collapse of the global economy is exposing the truth about who has been manipulating it, so will this swine-flu plan expose other evils perpetrated by the same dark ones within the Illuminati or under their control. Welcome this evidence of progress in `bringing to light’ the truth and the fast-withering tendrils of dark energy around your planet!” (6)

Matthew tells us that the galactics could be counted on to mitigate the impact of weather manipulation: “Wherever your technology initiates ‘natural disasters,’ our universal family will use their technology to reduce the destruction and death toll.”  (7)  While there are situation where the galactics, can’t interfere,  “reducing the harmful effects desired by your weather manipulators always is allowed.” (8)

Thus CNN’s depiction of the extreme weather as being “winter” not letting up on people may be decidedly offbase. It may be that the weather scientists, under orders from the Illuminati, are giving us something to worry about to take our minds off popular dissent and revolt in North Africa and make sure that that dissent does not catch on at home.


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Winter won’t let up: Ice, snow, bitter cold, tornadoes on tap, January 30th, 2011

Tired of living out scenes like this in Maryland last week? Well, for big parts of the U.S., there’s no relief this coming week.

Week after week, the U.S. has been pummeled by severe winter weather since December – and this week will be no exception.

Some of the coldest air of the season will plummet southward and combine with another storm developing over the southern Plains. An intense surface low will develop over north Texas and pull abundant warm, moist air from the Gulf of Mexico into the frigid Arctic air diving southward into the Plains.

The result: blizzard conditions, heavy snow, ice storms and tornadoes. This storm appears to be another one for the record books.

Very heavy snow will fall from Oklahoma northeastward through Kansas, Missouri and Illinois. Snow accumulations here will be measured in feet, not in inches.

Blizzard or near-blizzard conditions are expected as far south as Oklahoma City on Tuesday. The National Weather Service forecast office in Norman, Oklahoma, warns that a “potentially dangerous winter situation” is developing with travel becoming extremely dangerous or impossible across the state by Tuesday morning. Heavy snow and blowing and drifting snow will combine with strong, gusty winds to create whiteout conditions at times.

Blizzard conditions will also be possible in Chicago. This storm could be one of the top 10 biggest snowstorms ever in the Windy City with snowfall accumulations of 15 to 20 inches and isolated higher amounts possible. The biggest snow storm in Chicago’s history occurred from January 26-27, 1967, when 23 inches of snow fell on the city.

According to the National Weather Service, snowstorms that drop over 15 inches of snow there occur once in about every 19 years. The last time this happened was in January of 1999 when 21.6 inches of snow was recorded in Chicago.

Heavy snow and blizzard conditions will not be the only hazards from this storm.

Where the warm air overrides the cold Arctic air, rain will fall into sub-freezing temperatures at the surface and coat trees, power lines and roads in ice from Missouri to southern Illinois and eastward into central Indiana. Ice accumulations up to three-quarters of an inch will be possible, which will likely combine with gusty winds causing tree branches to fall on power lines.

Widespread prolonged period of power outages will be possible.  This will be especially dangerous as the temperatures are expected to remain well below freezing across the region for a few days in the wake of the storm.

This will also be some of the coldest air of the season, with temperatures expected to drop well below zero in parts of the Texas panhandle and western Oklahoma by Wednesday. Temperatures across the central and southern high Plains will be almost 50 degrees below normal in some areas.

Low temperatures on Wednesday morning could be in the single digits as far south as northern Texas. Strong winds will combine with the cold temperatures to create extremely dangerous wind chills of 20 to 35 below zero across the southern Plains.

A strong cold front associated with the storm will surge eastward across the lower Mississippi Valley on Tuesday. The cold Arctic air will clash with warm, moist air from the Gulf and severe thunderstorms will be possible across the lower Mississippi River Valley and parts of the Deep South. The storms will be capable of producing damaging winds and isolated tornadoes.

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