The Fate of the Dark – Part 3/4

Black Ops

What will happen to the Dark?

I sincerely hope that everyone connected with the following crimes, acts of persecution, and black operations reads this article and ponders its implications: honor killings, bride burnings, acid attacks, wife abuse, persecution, racism, human trafficking, sex slavery, pedophilia, religious deception, derivatives, foreclosuregate, financial treason, financial warfare, theft of aid funds,  judicial corruption, police brutality, agent provocateurs, election rigging, mind control, torture, assassination, false-flag operations/state terrorism, the international drug trade,  the military-industrial complex, the prison-industrial complex, chemtrails, HAARP, ULF, weather warfare, codex alimentarius, pandemics, tainted vaccines,  depopulation, genocide, warmongering, depleted-uranium weaponry, war crimes, Satanism, etc.

What will be the fate of these dark souls? SaLuSa begins by reminding us generally that, like all of us, “their future will be in accordance with their beliefs.” (1) The year 2013, he says, will see “the commencement of another cycle, but this time of Light without the interference of the dark Ones. They will have moved on to what is appropriate to their present vibration.” (2)

“For eons of time you have been under [the Illuminati’s] influence, and in consequence Beings of low vibration have infiltrated your Earth. Now the vibrations have risen considerably, and your Earth is no longer a suitable place for them. As it continues to rise, so their influence is weakened and they lose their power over you. Eventually they will have no option but to leave the Earth, and that time rapidly approaches.” (3)

According to Diane of Sirius:“If you cannot assimilate [the Light] into your being you will eventually leave the new Earth that is emerging.” (4)

The final fate of the dark is to be sent to an alternate destination consistent with their registration of light. Before looking at that final destination, let’s consider the process whereby people either absorb or fail to absorb light. Matthew explains that the light being beamed to Earth changes the cells of our body from a carbon to a crystalline base. Only the latter is capable of surviving in the higher vibrations.

“The light that is absorbed by receptive souls is changing their cells into a crystalline structure for physical survival in the higher vibrational levels as well as increasing spiritual clarity and thus soul evolution.

“Those who refuse the light will not have survival capability, and when Earth reaches the higher levels, their bodies will die and their souls automatically will go to stations where their lifetime free will choices have energetically registered them.” (5)

Having failed to absorb the light, members of the cabal will go to alternate locations than the Fifth Dimension, Matthew tells us.

“Their energy levels are too dense to absorb the light that bodies require to survive in those lighter frequencies, and the souls will automatically be drawn to dense areas that are compatible with their lifetime energy registration and where remedial lessons will be offered along with light continuously beamed to them.” (6)

“When the bodies of those who refuse the light no longer can sustain viability, the souls will go to worlds where the energy matches their lifetime energy and where they will have other opportunities to raise their consciousness and evolve spiritually.” (7)

“The souls who choose to remain dark will be led automatically to energy realms aligned with their lifetime energetic registration, and those will be areas of primitive intelligence with opportunities to learn anew the need for balanced experiencing.” (8)

In 2009, he elaborated on the dark’s future:

“As Earth enters higher and still higher frequencies along her ascension pathway, individuals with dark proclivity—the unconscionably brutal, greedy and abusive of power, some in ruling positions but many others controlling behind the public scene—will leave the planet.

“Without light except the spark that is the soul’s very life force, those persons’ bodies will die and their souls automatically will go to the very dense energy planes that correspond with their lifetime energy registration. In those placements, they will be offered a constant beam of light, and if they respond, their consciousness levels will rise.” (9)

The worst of the dark ones will regress to first and second density placements, Matthew tells us, where further contact with us will not be possible.

“Reunions are not possible with the souls that are consigned by their lifetime energy to first or second density worlds, where intelligence is almost nonexistent and no memories or feelings exist. That is not punishment — it offers those souls a new beginning free of the negativity they created that automatically led them to those lowest levels of existence.” (10)

Earlier that year, Matthew gave more details on these lower dimensions. (11)

“Where will the souls of all the various densities now living on the planet go if they do not accompany Earth, and will they remember why they did not or will the veil of forgetting fall?

“The souls whose lifetime energy registration was of the basest density—what some would call pure evil—automatically will be drawn to the only part of Nirvana that is separate from the flexible layers, the tiny orb near your moon where the density is so great that it holds those souls captive. They are aware of where they are and what they did that led them to that densest part of Earth’s spirit world because it is there that they review their entire past lifetime moment by moment and feel their every emotion along with the emotions of everyone whose lives they touched in any way. This review process is the hell of some religious concepts.

“Light is constantly beamed to those souls, and if they choose to accept the light, they will embody in a first density placement in primitive forms that have no memories or intelligence, but only an instinctive existence. This allows those souls to start with a clean slate, unencumbered by memories of the dark behavior that led them to that densest of placements in your part of this universe. 

Persons whose lifetime energy was of very low density—those who ignored their soul contracts and whose deliberately ruthless actions prevented others from fulfilling their own contracts, but were not as tyrannical or diabolical as the souls consigned to that tiny orb—automatically are drawn to a first-density world and start over from scratch.

“When they accept the light that is beamed continuously into the placement, they can incarnate in a second-density world where they will have no memory of other lifetimes but do gain a conscience, a capacity for reasoning, and free will choices. With this greater degree of innate abilities comes the option to act within the light or the darkness, thus they can have many lifetimes in second density, relapse into first, or progress into a third-density world.

” (12)

Insert: For those who would like to know more about the First and Second Densities, here is more from Matthew on the subject.

“But first to answer your question, will those souls who knowingly refuse the light go to first or second-density placements?  Yes.  In accordance with the cosmic law of like attracts like, the energy of their lifetime free will choices will draw them to the placement where the energy is in accordance with that which they have generated and is automatically registered in their lifeprints.

“So you can see that this is purely scientific and neither an arbitrary judgment nor a punishment.  In fact, it is the opposite—it is an opportunity for these souls to break free of the spell of darkness by starting over with a fresh slate and with light constantly beamed to them.  And yes, life in those lower densities is in physical form as that is the only mode that can provide the kind of learning the souls require.

“Now then, in the lowest order of inhabitants in second density there is the merest spark of reasoning processes, so reactions to any stimuli are primarily intuitive at a primitive level.  The purpose of this nearly tabula rasa mind is to offer the choice of growth steps free from the malice of prejudice or any false preconceptions.

“So not only is there no memory of previous incarnations where the elements that formed negative emotions and inclinations were a part of life, but there is no reproduction, thus no orientation from parents to children that could include those.  The beings in second density are in ageless forms, you could say.  As the intelligence level slowly evolves, free will choices become correspondingly wider in scope, and eventually the souls who “see the light” evolve and incarnate in third-density realms.  If they don’t, they remain in the virtual unawareness of second, and if their choices become heinous, they regress to first density.

“First density is not a place you would want to look upon.  The life forms could rightfully be called beastly appearing creatures rather than people.  Just as the souls who evolve into the densities higher than third incarnate in beautiful forms, however differently they may appear from you, souls in the lowest density can only be in forms that befit their free-will choices that pulled them into those lowest frequencies.

“Since the darkness in their souls steadfastly refused the light, they literally choose their living atmosphere to be with barely perceptible visibility, so it is the dimmest and bleakest imaginable environment and the permeating energy is the negativity that they themselves created in previous physical lifetimes.  Once again incarnate after a life in spirit, their resolve in that spirit realm to stay within the light when they embody again catapulted back into free will choices like wanton killing, cruelty, hatred, greed and willfully causing others to suffer.

“Light energy is constantly beamed to these creatures just as it is to all souls in second density, and even with their sub-intelligence level, there is that instinct that has the choice of moving toward the light or withdrawing from it. Those who respond by moving toward the light acquire that spark of reasoning that enables them to ascend into the lowest order in a second-density realm.” (13)

Matthew tells us that they won’t leave en masse. He explains:

“Since there are varying light frequencies in individuals, there can be no mass exodus of those who are darkly-inclined at some specific point in Earth’s ascension. Each such person will transition from this lifetime when Earth reaches an energy plane that exceeds that individual’s frequency and physical death will come from any of the same causes that exist now.

” (14)

“The time of physical death will be in accordance with the amount of light in each body, and dying can be the result of any of the current causes such as disease, drowning, vehicle crashes, suicide, fires, and earthquakes.” (15)

“Regardless of the reason a soul leaves this lifetime, physical death will come from any of the many causes that exist now. There will be no mass departure of darkly inclined persons when Earth reaches some specific vibratory level because the amount of light within bodies varies.” (16)

We often think that we must remain within this universe. But SaLuSa tells us it isn’t necessary: “Bear in mind Dear Ones, that there are other Universes that souls can move to it if is beneficial to their evolution.” (17)

On another occasion, he goes farther and explains that the whole of this universe will ascend. Therefore, darkworkers will remain in the Third Dimension or go lower but will not remain in this universe.

“Those who are unready for Ascension will proceed onto a different path, to continue their experiences according to their preference. Many will stay in this present dimension, but not in this Universe which is ascending in its totality. … No souls are lost or destined to remain in the lowest dimensions, as evolution is a continual process.” (18)

Finally, in the next instalment, I’d like to review what methods the Light is using to subdue the dark and how the Light looks upon them.


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For a complete discussion of the Dark Planes of the Astral Plane, see

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