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Zeitgeist: Moving Forward


“The Zeitgeist Movement is formed.”

The Zeitgist Movement holds out a picture of a future society that is more fairly organized than the present one and which draws on appropriate, advanced technology.  The Zeitgeist picture of the “wisdom economy” was said to be close to NESARA.

Here is the long trailer to the new, third film, Zeitgeist: Moving Forward, expected out soon.

YouTube Preview Image
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  1. I was at the Austin, TX premiere of this film last week, and let me say that the Zeitgeist films are a powerfully galvanizing force, especially for the younger generation. While “Moving Forward” does not go into ET’s or explicitly spiritual matters, its message is exactly in sync with all that we lightworkers stand for. I can definitely see Jacque Fresco as being one of the “Earth allies” that we so often read about, as his visions for equanimity, city planning, and intelligent use of technology are very much in alignment with our coming Golden Age. Highly recommended! <3

  2. Last reports says:
    “What started as a thought of having maybe 30 total theaters screening the film instead turned into 30 languages alone with a total count of 335 theaters in 60 countries, and still growing daily! With multiple screenings at most of the 335 theaters, our total number of screenings is well over 1,000 world-wide. This has developed to possibly be the largest independent global theatrical premiere, covering the most languages, countries and locations. The movie and the movement are on the global radar now and your efforts are a huge part of this success!”
    People are really waking up… We had huge media coverage in our Country, and as we go deeper and deeper into this recession, people are joining massively :) I’m glad to be part of this movement and one of the organizers of the movie :)